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  1. Brandon Binder

    Smoke Lavatory alert

    I find it ironic that your banner is from UAL... "overbooked"
  2. Brandon Binder


    Called it!! Another $200CAD im sure.
  3. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D;topic=5881.0 Looks as if the issue is 7 years old!!
  4. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D

    See what I mean by distracting!!
  5. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D

    No, its fine in flight. It appears to stop when the parking break is applied! None, default views. An uneducated guess is that for some reason, the plane thinks its on a dirt surface but its actually on a concrete runway... Strange indeed!
  6. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D

    LOL - its even worse now... See here. another example (better quality) Brandon Binder
  7. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D

    1) My system specs are posted as photos from above. 2) Yes, reinstalling addons now. Nothing seemed to help. 3) Its happened for quite some time now, only realized it when I started looking closely after wondering "Why is the planes main gear shaking while the engines are on?" 4) Yes, default airports & aircraft 5) Yes.
  8. Brandon Binder

    Ground Contact Points

    Thanks for your help, Mike. Clean install didn't work... Posted in P3D forums, will see if anyone else has had the issue! All the best, Brandon Binder
  9. Brandon Binder

    Shaking in P3D

    Hi all, I originally posted in the PMDG forum thinking that it was a 777,747 and NGX specific problem, but it happens at all airports, default or scenery. Did a full reinstall, no addons, default F-18 shakes like mad. As you can add 1+1, as the wingspean gets larger, the shaking up and down becomes more evident. Its driving me bonkers. System Specs x2 Post in PMDG forum Running V3.4.22.19868 All the best, Brandon Binder
  10. Brandon Binder

    Ground Contact Points

    NGX at a UK2000 airport (engines on) 744 at same spot (engines off) 744 at same spot (engines on)
  11. Brandon Binder

    Ground Contact Points

    Hi Mike, Its happening with all aircraft in P3D after further investigation. Its also happening at default airports. I removed the content and scenery as well as the client, reinstalled and still experiencing the same issue... EDIT: It only appears to stutter while the engines are on (any aircraft)
  12. Brandon Binder

    Ground Contact Points

    Bump - please someone! I've tried reinstalling the content, scenery and client. Also, I've tried removing other scenery and using default, no luck. Also occurs with NGX and 777!
  13. Brandon Binder

    Updates and changelog information

    +1 these forums are brutal - they chew you up!!
  14. Brandon Binder

    Ground Contact Points

    Hi all, Can anyone explain this? See GIF The gear isnt making proper contact with the ground? Its causing the plane to shake and twitch around.... Tried searching but didnt see anyone else with the issue? Here for another example I am using P3D V3 and the most up to date version of the 744... It doesnt happen with the 777 or NGX, not sure why its only happening the 747. It also appears that the gear are in the ground on the 747, unlike the other two mentioned. All the best, Brandon Binder
  15. Brandon Binder

    CTD from the same .dll............

    We're in the same boat! I can't complete a flight either! I never had it with the NGX or 777 for FSX... this is all new to me. I've done a fresh P3D install, no addons but the 747 and AS16. See how far I get!