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  1. Ales-X

    FSX Stutters when textures loading

    OK, thanks. I'll try it yet somehow tweak. It seems that the biggest problems make the scenery, which were originally designed for FS2004. Scenery manufactured directly FSX seems to have no problem, or at least not so large that they are well optimized.
  2. Ales-X

    FSX Stutters when textures loading

    Highmemfix and FFTF (FFTF use because of internal fps limiter, because without this modification is an internal limiter fps killer). FPS locked at 37. I have a long time I experimented until I came to this figure. Other enhancements cfg not work for me. On the CPU I HT enabled. Without HT I have a problem with ProATCX that during communication begins simulator strongly stutter. Which is weird... HDD I defragmented by name. I have FSX installed on drive D, where nothing else, except for FSX.
  3. Hi folks, Please advice. About stuttering has been written thousands of discussions, but it did not solve my problem. FSX is running smoothly, but when I turn my camera and starts to stutter until retrieves all the textures in the visual field (the airport textures, AI traffic, etc.). This is essentially a remote object / texture that are not native FSX installation (airport scenery, AI traffic (### AI Traffic) ...) with loading, for example, ground texture is no problem. The worst is when I look long in one place,.. and then turn/panning my camera. Sorry for my bad google english Intel Core i7-4790K (4,5Ghz) GTX 780 16GB RAM
  4. Ales-X

    Traffic Optimizer for FSX/P3D

    Work with ### AI Best software for FSX B) Thank you!!!
  5. I also basically do not need vsync ^_^
  6. OK, I understand and thank you. It's tuned and it's great! But there is another problem. Line Disablepreload = 1 causes problems with the autopilot and control aircraft(BlackBox A320). Without this line does not work properly vsync. What to do? :huh:
  7. It seems that the problem also causes 1/2 vsync. If I give full vsync, sim. is much smoother... It seems that FSX will already be tuned B)
  8. It looks like a big performance problem caused by shadows in the cockpit. It seems that FSX is smooth at night, morning and evening, when the sun does not shadows. But I like shadows on the plane. They are shadows in the cockpit somehow disable? (only shadows in the cockpit)
  9. Hi friends, a few days ago I bought Scenery Fixer, great tool. But I have some problems with performance. I have compiled a new machine: Intel Core i7-4790K (4.4Ghz) EVGA GTX 780 16 gigabytes of RAM GIGABYTE Z97X-Gaming 3 When I started FSX in DX9, at Heathrow, where I always had trouble with the performance, I had 45 + fps in the cockpit (A320 BlackBox sim), 100-200 + in flight level(outside camera). Well, I liked that. A lot of years I did not go to Heathrow landing performance reasons. DX10 seemed like a good next step. But it's weird. 30fps in DX9 is not the same as 30 fps in DX10. In DX10 mode is choppy 30fps when turning the camera (panning). It's as if you're in the movie skipped frames. It does not look nice. Everything I set according pdf file (DX10_HowTo.pdf), by the way, an excellent guide. I have tried many settings, but without much success. I even re-install the entire FSX. This problem is mainly in large cities, but fps is still above 30 (at least it says FSX), so not only it looks. When I look at my workload graphics card, ranging somewhere around 32%. max. In doing so, antialiasing is in full swing, visually it looks beautiful. What could be the problem? (sorry for my google english) :rolleyes: