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  1. Martin_Starski

    p3d v4.1 change of view / panning is jerky

    Unfortunately it's GTX 970 Gaming - should I really have the better one to have smooth frames with 30Hz / 30 fps? I didn't know that it depends on graphic card either :( My colleague using the same monitor has got 1070 and claims that it's smooth like a silk. During a flight everything around my plane seems to be smooth, also the view seems to be smooth enough. But when I do the faster change of view Only when I move the view quickly (outside) or change the views by chaseplane, these changes are slowed / jerky.
  2. Hello, Today I chaged my monitor to the new 4k one, which allows me to set 30Hz and thus with vsync, tripple buffering, unlimited fps. Unfortnately panning in both inside and outside view is not smooth - is jerky :( When I'm flying, everything seems to work well, especially as with 30Hz I can maintain 30 fps in almost all conditions. The same in case of changing the views - it's not so smooth as before. Previously I had 50Hz with vsync and was very satisfied with smoothness, however I wasn't able to always reach 50 fps. Is it a difference between 30Hz and 50Hz or maybe something still can be changed by me? Does anyone have any ideas please? Maybe after such change something should be changed in ChasePlane (experimental mode)? My plane is Dash 8 q400 by Majestic Software.
  3. Martin_Starski

    Ground motion effect over set value

    FYI: In v0.3.120 it is said that "Issue where the ground vibration frequency would be wrong" seems to be fixed. Unfortunately the problem is still valid - during takeoff roll the ground shaking value is max and thus it doesn't adjust to the limit, which is set by me at about 3.3. During taxi this value also jumps above the limit.
  4. Martin_Starski

    Ground motion effect over set value

    Exactly - Camera > Motion Effects > Enviromental / Ground - it's set to 3.30 but on takeoff roll it's fully green
  5. Hello, Today after the last update my ground motion effects are over the value, which is set in chaseplane. In other words, during a takeoff roll the value is maximum (full green) even though it's set to 3.30. Similar problem I had with some motion effects in the past, for example acceleration but it works fine now. How can I solve this problem?
  6. Martin_Starski

    Majestic Q400 - altitude select problem

    Sorry - I found the issue not relating to Chase Plane - metric set in in P3D caused the problem. You can delete this post - sorry to boher you.
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. In my Majestic Software Q400 I try to change the altitude on the MCP altitude dial and it scrolls up to sometimes 1500 then back to zero. I cannot get it to set any higher and or stay there. I completely don't know if the problem refers to ChasePlane but the fact is that it appeared after last update of ChasePlane. Furthermore I changed nothing else in my sim since my last flight when everything works properly (a few days ago). Any ideas? Regards, Marcin
  8. Martin_Starski

    2D windows / panels closed by change of view

    Anyone? Do you have any advice?
  9. Hello, Sorry if my question is silly or not-relating to ChasePlane, but maybe someone will be able to help me. In my P3D v3 I'm using ChasePlane to fly by Dash 8 Q400 by Majestic Software. As you surely know, sometimes it's necessary to open 2D window of PFD or MFD to see the indications / parameters better. Some time ago I was able to close such 2D window by only changing the view to the other one, which means it wasn't necessary to close it by mouse clicking. But after some changes (maybe in ChasePlane, maybe in P3D...) such 2D window is already visible even if I change the view. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to get back to the previous state? As I mentioned - it was much better to me to click the change of view on my yoke to see 2D window than closing it by mouse clicking. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  10. Martin_Starski

    (Ground) shaking effect

    Hi, I allow myself to let you know that in my DH8D by Majestic Software I cannot generate such shaking / vibrating effect during taxi or takeoff (P3D v3). I can only presume that I did something wrong. Can you confirm which slider is responsible for it and maybe any other DH8D user can confirm that it works fine? The second thing - on the ground when I make a sharp turn to the right or to the left (for example starting taxi and making a turn from a stand) the cockpit view tilts considerably which looks very unrealistic (If you need, I can do the screenshot). In my DH8D by Majestic Software all turns on a ground are being done by a yoke (in control panel the options are: ailerons+mouse or spoiler axis). Do you have any suggestion or you have any idea what can be wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Martin_Starski

    FSX Majestic Q400 Experimental unusable

    I installed the last experimental version, but still no presets at all. Again I had to go back to the stable version.
  12. Martin_Starski

    FSX Majestic Q400 Experimental unusable

    I went back to the stable version and all presets have been restored again, but something is wrong with the last experimental version.
  13. Martin_Starski

    FSX Majestic Q400 Experimental unusable

    Hello, today my ChasePlane was updated to v0.2.74 and I lost all presets and settings... It looked like ChasePlane reinstalled in my PC, because I also noticed the standard windows referring to changing settings in the sim. Furthermore I only fly by DH8D by Majestic Software and thus probably it may to be related to my plane similarly as it was mentioned above. What should I do to restore my presets and settings?
  14. Probably I have the similar problem in P3D v3.4 - it seems that turbulences are not working well with the limits, which are set in chase plane control panel. For me the problem is with human anticipation. It's very annoying when I do left or right turn as camera is going up or down a lot. For sure this problem didn't exist before.
  15. For me it's already solved. Thanks a lot!