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  1. TheTGX

    Issue With Contacting Ground Crew

    I'm 100% sure I did set up everything as per the manual. I just don't know what may be going wrong. I double-checked everything loads of times and spoke the correct phrase, but nothing happens.
  2. TheTGX

    Issue With Contacting Ground Crew

    Thanks for the replies. Bryan, I did get an SDK error but it disappeared after reloading the aircraft. ailchim, I did try with teh service interphone on, and the selector on SVC yet nothing happened I'm almost 100% sure I am setting the radios right.
  3. Hello. I'm having a bit of a problem with the voice version of FS2crew. The flow procedures and checklists work perfectly but when the Start Crew/Engine start comes on and I try to contact the ground crew via "Cockpit to ground" phrase, no response is given. Things i have done are: FLT switches ON: Service Interphone is OFF: I have also tried with the SVT switches ON and Service Interphone ON and still nothing happens. The program does recognise the phrase correctly, as I trained it to do so and the green back shows "Captain: Cockpit to ground" message. I'm completely lost, so any help will be much appreciated. Jorge S.