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Hello! I've been using ChasePlane for a long time now but as much as I try to get used to the shaking effect on the ground as much I become disappointed. Everything with ChasePlane is perfect for me except this (little) point.

So the problem is: The camery is moving when I put the ground slider to the top. So far so good. BUT what I am missing is a real shaking effect, where the camera is moving really quick due to a shaking / vibrating of the plane (for example in real aircraft you have a slight constant vibrating when the engines are turnt on). Right now the camera slowly slides up and down but it has to be more sudden. That is was what I am missing about EZCA in retrospective (there we got really realistic enging vibrating effects). But it's the most important point for me.

Does anyone know, if ChasePlane is planning to implement that shaking / vibrating effect in the future? Otherwise I had to switch back to EZCA again although I thing the usability and -interface is disgusting.

Would be awesome to get an answer since I really like ChasePlane a lot and it's philosophy.

Kind regards


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I allow myself to let you know that in my DH8D by Majestic Software I cannot generate such shaking / vibrating effect during taxi or takeoff (P3D v3). I can only presume that I did something wrong. Can you confirm which slider is responsible for it and maybe any other DH8D user can confirm that it works fine?

The second thing - on the ground when I make a sharp turn to the right or to the left (for example starting taxi and making a turn from a stand) the cockpit view tilts considerably which looks very unrealistic (If you need, I can do the screenshot). In my DH8D by Majestic Software all turns on a ground are being done by a yoke (in control panel the options are: ailerons+mouse or spoiler axis). Do you have any suggestion or you have any idea what can be wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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