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    Aerosoft Robin DR400 FSX+Prepar3d RELEASED

    If my memory serves me correctly there is a very nice freeware DR400 available for FS2004 and FSX. I used to fly it in FS2004. And the best thing is - the flight dynamics were by Rob Young from Real Air Simulations! Worth a search if you don't want to splash out on the payware version just yet.. I'm going to reinstall it tonight.

    Aerosoft Robin DR400 FSX+Prepar3d RELEASED

    The DR400 is still a popular touring aircraft here in the U.K. I used to have a share in one. Lovely to fly, very forgiving with good low speed handling characteristics and four "proper" seats. The only issue as you mentioned is the fact that it's constructed of wood which means it must be kept "indoors" - an expensive option here in the UK with the very limited hanger space at most airfields. Am quite tempted by this FSX version!

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    Think I'm still using version 3.2.1 will check from home this weekend. I see what you mean re aero's Keith. I haven't really tried much in the FSX Chippie. I tend to use the Real Air SF-260 for those I'll swap the air/aircraft cfg's around and see if it makes it any better for me. PS: Hope I didn't send u to sleep with my traffic reports

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    I tried the v3 chippie with DDS textures but for some reason the aeroplane appears semi transparent in DX10. Also those alternative sounds are awful. Much prefer the original IMHO.

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    Excellent thanks Keith. At the moment I'm doing the travel news every afternoon and evening on LBC in London and BBC 3CR in Beds/Bucks/Herts (from the safety of a studio..weather is too bad for any flying..!) Cheers, Adam

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    My first Chippie flight was with the ATC at North Weald age 15, I daren't say the year.. That's interesting! Is the above link with the updated cfg air files? If so I'll give it a try again. Adam

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    I've had the same problems so bought addonconverter x and all shows up fine now on the Chippie. It's one of my favourite addons for FSX and the first "real" aircraft I ever flew solo. I wouldn't recommend the updated airfile or aircraft.cfg. IMO the original is perfectly realistic. But seeing you're also an ex chippie flyer see what you think! Regards, Adam

    DX10 Rain Fix Shader (Surround Too!)

    Great fix. Thanks very much for this! Adam

    RealAir C172

    Wheel-panted version as well please-they look much nicer (see my profile pic). Ours have lasted ages. Just make sure you keep them clean and don't land on bumpy grass airstrips too often Oh and +1 for steam gauges!

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Exactly what I'm spending this coming weekend doing! I'm actually rather enjoying trying to optimize everything now I've got the basic DX10 tweaking done. The dreaded "texture bandwidth multi" thing is next. But at least now I can fly around the Orbx scenery with everything (nearly) cranked to max and still get it locked at 30fps for most of the flight. Woot! Thanks again for all the help and advice from you, Steve and others on this forum. Adam


    I tried this software but it just froze once I'd asked it to fix so I have removed it. Hope it hasn't done any permanent damage to my setup!

    FSX Bush Planes

    I've been watching all the "Fly Wild Alaska" series here! Fantastic documentary. So good is it I've started populating my Alaska scenery with new airports and am back to flying the old PMDG Beech 1900C and my RealAIr Scout with Tundra tyres. Bliss :)

    Any Piper Warrior's?

    You did say... How did you find the flight model?

    Any Piper Warrior's?

    As suggested above... Get the JustFlight Flying Club X Warrior. Flight dynamics by Rob Young from RealAir Simulations. Need I say more? VC and 2D panel are a bit dated but the handling qualities are absolutely spot-on and make up for the lack of eye-candy. Cheers, Adam

    who has the best 767 payware out there?

    Definitely Level-D. No bugs, great realistic handling. 2D and VC are a bit dated but they do the job. Exterior model looks great if you use one of the FSX specific repaints. If you want to replicate flight and systems accurately go with Level-D.