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  1. Hopefully I will have it uploaded today or tomorrow. It will be a complete paint with the yellow interior also painted blue. Just trying to get the interior matched closely and perfect the metallic shine. Also working on a bare metal RV-6.
  2. First Flight paint! Carbon Fiber/Metallic Blue. I will upload as soon as I put some finishing polish on it.
  3. Just for information sake, I have the exact same problem. 0.9.4 will crash anytime in try to extract any livery; 0.7.3 works great. I am running Vista 64, haven't tried it on Win 7 or 8 yet.
  4. Ahhh.. was looking in the wrong place. I was looking in the main Flight directory. Yeah, I have the toolkit, still learning how to use it. Just reinstalled Flight yesterday after a year without it. I am a bit behind and have much to learn. Thanks!
  5. I have been searching and cannot find an answer, so if it is somewhere and I overlooked it, I am sorry. I was going to mess around with Flights' paint and realized I cannot find any textures other than the ones that came with the game. Where are the other planes/textures located? I have looked through the entire Flight directory and pak files, but keep coming up empty. Thanks in advance
  6. Delta "Skyteam" fictional 787 coming soon.
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