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  1. RoboRay

    Why make this move?

    <citation needed> Seriously, what are you talking about? I haven't had a single CTD yet in v4.
  2. RoboRay

    trees/Ground too Green

    If I'm low enough to see trees moving, I'm too busy to look at the trees.
  3. RoboRay

    Is it still possible to download P3D v 3.3 ?

    You used to be able to delete your own posts if you realized it was redundant or otherwise useless after posting. Then, the button to do that was removed. So, now, all you can do is edit the content out and leave an empty post cluttering up the thread. I haven't been around here much for a couple of years, and was just surprised that this feature was never put back in.
  4. RoboRay

    Is it still possible to download P3D v 3.3 ?

    (Years have gone by and I see we're still waiting for the "Delete Post" button to be put back in the editor.)
  5. RoboRay

    trees/Ground too Green

    Do you have the vegetation receiving shadows turned off while the ground is set to receive shadows? That would do that.
  6. RoboRay

    trees/Ground too Green

    Do you find the textures to be "too green" when you are outside the coverage area of the ORBX North America packages you have?
  7. These problems only exist if you choose to set up your profile that way.
  8. RoboRay

    Beautiful areas to fly VFR with GA planes?

    Alaska... Merrill Pass and Lake Clark Pass are fantastic routes into bush-country:
  9. So, if you're slipping, you have to look sideways instead of straight ahead where you are actually going and need to look? This is silly... use head-tracking and just look wherever you want to look anytime you want to look.
  10. I agree with the TrackIR or other head-tracking suggestions. Any kind of automatic head movements are frequently going to end up not looking exactly where you want to look, based on what you're doing. Meanwhile, with head-tracking, you can effortlessly and naturally shift your viewpoint and angle just as you do in the real world. There's a tiny learning curve due to the way head-tracking amplifies your movements, but you should be able to adapt to it in just minutes. TrackIR has been the #1 add-on of my entire flight-sim experience for making simulation more like reality.
  11. RoboRay

    No OM, MM, IM OMI Sounds in P3Dv4

    I did until I hit the button on the audio panel to turn them off. Too loud.
  12. RoboRay

    FSUIPC for V4. Do I really need it?

    Really, just having it autosave my last aircraft and panel switchology settings when I quit the sim so I get dropped right back into the same situation on the next sim-start is worth it.
  13. RoboRay

    P3D - BUGS with Avionics etc

    Complains about numerous, serious problems... refuses to say what they are. If you tell LM what the problem is, they may be able to do something about it. Saying nothing but "xxxxxx broke!" doesn't get you anywhere.
  14. RoboRay

    Add-ons at risk

    I had just been thinking about trying to decipher the transponder code myself, hoping it might be a simple and obvious problem. I don't know a thing about LUA, though, unfortunately.
  15. RoboRay

    Add-ons at risk

    I've got wings. I haven't "fixed" mine and they are right there on the fuselage where they should be.