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  1. And what's amazing is that they were able to accomplish that effort with just a few hours of time spread across a couple of days.
  2. It was the VL-3 all the way through Alpha, but the Virus has replaced it for now. I'll probably go back to the VL-3 at some point because the G3x touchscreens are easier to operate with a mouse (clicky keyboards instead of turning knobs).
  3. I'm just amused at the lamentations about people on other sites not knowing about the AVSIM library when AVSIM doesn't permit linking here to other sites... Something-something karma.
  4. Seemingly random control inputs is usually caused by a button or axis being assigned to do multiple things. Check your control assignments for duplicate functions.
  5. The buildings sizes and shapes are generated from Open Streetmaps data. That's how they have the buildings placed right in bad imagery area. If you see a building that you know is the wrong height, go check OSM... it's usually missing the height tag for that building or the height is wrong (somebody put in the number in feet when it should be meters, usually). I've fixed a few that I noticed. Hopefully the next World Update catches those.
  6. (In Morpheus voice...) What if I told you that whole purpose of FS2020 is to crowd-source error-reports for Bing Maps from the incredibly anal-retentive and vocal flight sim community?
  7. As someone who mostly flies low and slow through the mountains of Alaska in the sim, I'm thrilled by the depictions they showed of terrain influences on the airflow. Your plane should be getting pushed up on the lee side of passes and pulled down on the windward sides. Your plane should be getting abruptly sucked toward passing valleys on the lee side and pushed away from them on the windward side. We may be getting that.
  8. Lake Clark Pass and Merrill Pass are a couple of my favorite routes.
  9. Hmm... the AI cars appear to navigate traffic circles about as well as I do.
  10. Your FedEx guy is going to hate you when he drops off your package containing 2000 BD-ROMs.
  11. <citation needed> Seriously, what are you talking about? I haven't had a single CTD yet in v4.
  12. If I'm low enough to see trees moving, I'm too busy to look at the trees.
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