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  1. I can't get past the web verification part. Both keys are invalid. I'm sure the program works great but this one is on SimMarket. I sure wish that Alan would sell this direct as in the past. Regards bs
  2. I prefer to deal with the devs like Alan with these kind of tools. Cheers bs
  3. Great News. Always have been a UTII fan for FSX. Cheers jja
  4. I lost the jitters after excluding the P3D folder which exposes me but hey, I'm not much to look at. Regards jja
  5. I figured this one out but it required some Registry entries and stopping my virus scanner from blocking F1GTN.dll. It often happens that dlls have the same sig as a published virus. I just exclude my P3D folder from scanning. Ok hackers jump on it. Regards jja
  6. How about getting the F1 GTN750 working? I have both the FSX and P3D V3 versions. Thanks jja
  7. Are there instructions on getting the F1 GTN750 (P3D Version) working in the RealAir Legacy V2 FSX version. It's no longer an option to buy the P3D version of the Legacy. (: Thanks jja
  8. No cigar. Warning message to get P3D version then exit. Regards jja
  9. Mapping an 32bit address space is much more efficient / performant. Cheers jja
  10. Just wondering since I can't get the real thing any more. Thanks jja
  11. Had to bite the bullet and install P3D Pro after trying to get FSX Steam to behave but alas too many issues with UAC. Anyway just want to report that P3D V3 is solid on the SkyLake and 1070's in SLI. Most settings are cranked and FPS in the 100's at default KAVX. ORBX stuff is easily installed with FTXCentral 3. Big thing is to turn off HDR and also GSYNC in NVidia Inspector. Don't expect much of a 64bit version. Microsoft reports that Visual Studio performs 20% slower in 64 bit mode due to the extra work of mapping 64bit memory addresses. Anyway a good move if you are in the same boat. Cheers jja
  12. Removing the existing factory adhesive from the spreader ONLY. You are asking for a world of hurt if you try to remove it from the die. The risk doesn't support the benefit. Cheers jja
  13. The other reason is that glue can prevent the spreader from seating correctly. regards jja
  14. Just apply paste, drop the spreader and clamp centering the spreader as needed. Anything else is like inviting your mother in law to stay for 2 weeks God forbid. Cheers jja
  15. Leave well enough alone. You want to avoid any extra contact with the circuit board. Kind of like a friend with herpes. Don't even glue it back on the circuit board. Just slap some thermal paste on the die, drop the spreader and clamp shifting the spreader slightly as needed to center. Cheers jja
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