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  1. As a VR user, it is practical to easily find all MSFS VR threads neatly collated in a sub forum. Maybe Asobo, Microsoft, and developers with a VR interest will find it useful too.
  2. A company thought about the concept and started to work on something: takeflightinteractive.com Right now, they are busy working on a product using their tech for a USAF initial training program on the T-6 Texan II. The founder worked for MS on flight sims before. Their training concept on the new FS platform (and VR while at it) could prove quite interesting for simmers. Any thoughts on it?
  3. The contrast between the occasional wittiness, interestingly varied points of view, informative posts, remarkable insights, and some plainly absurd statements and opinions expressed about the Microsoft FS project and other flight simulators brings a lot of comedic value and comic relief to what could be dry discussions. i should really consider using shorter sentences now that I think of it. In any case, keep it coming y’all, we have some popcorn left 🙂
  4. Considering the nature of the operations carried out, stress the crews were placed under (both flying and ground personnel), as well as the era and location, it does not seem too far fetched to think that a few Air America pilots ended up developing a bottle problem as a coping mechanism. That is just pure conjecture of course, I am eager to get stuck into some books about Air America in fact. Along with the Tigers (both the AVG and the Tiger Line until the FedEx acquisition) they became part of the fabric of US aviation history. Fascinating history.
  5. If there will be an avatar pilot mode, there has to be a mustached pilot avatar option.
  6. "How one uses a tool matters at least as much as the tool itself." I heard that quote from Yoda riding on a study level pink flying unicorn. Or was it somewhere else? Hmmm
  7. New products, improved products, innovative products, made possible by the capabilities offered by this new platform. A substantial increase of the flight sim user base. Talented existing and new individuals, teams, studios, companies competing for a share of the pie. The above points are common sense and obvious to the vast majority but deserve to be reiterated.
  8. Can we get a Special Edition with a Lionel Fuentes action figure wearing the FS polo shirt? I’d take pictures of it on the flight deck and on layovers around the world.
  9. Thanks for the sweet nostalgia. You reminded me of my first flight sim on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum: PSION Flight Simulation. To this day, flying for my fifth airline, I wonder why I keep enjoying PC flight simulation. I suspect it is a mix of relaxation, escapism, sand box environment, nostalgia, AND the community of aviation fanatics involved in all aspects of flight sims. I started to sim long before my airline career began, and I suspect I will be simming long after it ends. One thing is certain, I cannot remember ever being so enthusiastic about the release of a new flight simulation platform as I am for MSFS. The foundations that Asobo and Microsoft are laying herald the dawn of a new era for this noble hobby, nothing less.
  10. The following website dedicated to abandoned and little known airfields is a gem. Thanks to its author, it could be a big well of inspiration for wonderfully scenic small aircraft flying in MSFS, and bring purpose to the flight in order to find some of these disused fields. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/index.htm
  11. In fact, this level of open communication and embracing of the entire flight sim community (and to an extent, anyone with an interest in aviation) is a veritable breath of fresh air for a project of this magnitude snd conplexity. Kudos to Asobo and Microsoft, please keep it up.
  12. I cannot help but to second this most succinct answer to the original question: yes.
  13. You just reminded me that I still have a MS FF2 in my closet somewhere. FF2 with the inexpensive FS Force module was a more realistic sim control experience. It makes me want to plug it in again and give it a go in P3Dv4 which supports force feedback if my memory serves me right. In any case I shall definitely try it in MSFS too.
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