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  1. The following website dedicated to abandoned and little known airfields is a gem. Thanks to its author, it could be a big well of inspiration for wonderfully scenic small aircraft flying in MSFS, and bring purpose to the flight in order to find some of these disused fields. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/index.htm
  2. In fact, this level of open communication and embracing of the entire flight sim community (and to an extent, anyone with an interest in aviation) is a veritable breath of fresh air for a project of this magnitude snd conplexity. Kudos to Asobo and Microsoft, please keep it up.
  3. I cannot help but to second this most succinct answer to the original question: yes.
  4. You just reminded me that I still have a MS FF2 in my closet somewhere. FF2 with the inexpensive FS Force module was a more realistic sim control experience. It makes me want to plug it in again and give it a go in P3Dv4 which supports force feedback if my memory serves me right. In any case I shall definitely try it in MSFS too.
  5. I think it was mentioned in the Q&A session at the Renton event. It rings a bell. It may be referred to in an FSelite article/video about the technical side of what was learnt from Asobo/MS in Renton.
  6. Received the email yesterday at 16:30 PST and for reference my system specs are: 6700K 4.0GHz, 32GB RAM, 980Ti, SSD, M.2, HDD, 4K TV as monitor, warthog HOTAS, non metered fiber internet.
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