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  1. Would I get decent frames with an i7-7700 and 980, with aircraft addons like PMDG and Aerosoft? Also, what’s this about the 980 and not supporting FSX’s game engine?
  2. O..M..F..G , it's working! I've made FIVE, yes FIVE, threads on this, and you're the only person who could fix. I could legit come round to your house and hug you right now. :D Thanks so much, Jacob
  3. Shouldn't it be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fsx In where you said, I opened it, and I had: [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE [Area.001] Local=C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Real Time\TzFiles04 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=102 Texture_ID=1 Title=World Timezones
  4. I've reinstalled FSX FULLY 5 times, not worked. And I've deleted the shader cache loads of times.
  5. @cmpbellsjc My windows wouldn't have updated in the night, as when I turned on my PC in the morning, it would say like "configuring updates", and it didn't. And, my windows always says I have the most up to date drivers.
  6. I'm not using either UTX or any other scenery/texture addons. @charliearon :D It couldn't have been, there was no-one in the house that night except me and my mother, and she doesn't even know how to use a computer. (and we didn't get robbed) :D
  7. Hey! For a few weeks now, I've been having some major issues with FSX. The screenshot just explains it all: As you can see, all of my textures are black, with auto gen on top. This happens where grass and/or water is supposed to be. This screenshot was below medium settings. If I put it above medium settings, all of the black gets replaced with water. I have an AMD A6 processor, with Radeon R4 graphics. This happened when I woke up and turned on my PC. It was working fine the night before. HELP! Signed, Liovo
  8. I've already reinstalled FSX three times. And, how would the tweak make things worse? I have a quad core, so it would use four instead of one.
  9. Shouldn't I put on the AffinityMask=14 tweak? Anyway, back to the topic of this post. Do you know any reason why I am getting the textures? I'll try malware bytes in a minute. - Jacob
  10. They are already both off, so it can't be them causing it.
  11. I've now loaded with the new settings. The black is still there, and my FPS is now A LOT worse. - Jacob
  12. My notepad++ keeps saying (when I launch FSX) that the file has been modified by another program? Is this right? And, just another thing I'd like to say: It's taking an enormous amount of time to load into a flight, it used to take about 10 seconds, but now it's taking at least 2 minutes.
  13. I've just realized. You could also call it missing grass textures. - Jacob
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