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  1. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that iniBuilds (and iniSimulations) are going to be having a large Black Friday sale. They've not announced what percentage it will be, but I'll update the post when the sale goes live. Starts Friday at 00:00z and it seems to be across all store products. They've called it their "biggest sale yet" so that could only mean good things! If I may say so, I currently own the A300, and A310, and they are some of the most fantastic aircraft I've flown. Great value for money and the support is truly excellent, they really seem to love what they do. There is an A300V2 coming soon free of charge to all A300 owners which will bring it up to (and by the looks of it above!) the A310 level. https://store.inibuilds.com/
  2. This is great news, nice to see something coming out of FSLabs! Hoping for the A3XX next!
  3. Agree with fluffyflops here. EGKK hasn't had a brilliant scenery. I own Gary's and I like it. I am a Londoner, so I really wanted a Gatwick scenery, and I picked Gary's because his more recent 2020 products seem nice, (He is making a Gatwick 2020) and the upgrade path to them seems very inviting. Plus, he is great with tech support, which is a big plus for me. Jennasoft is without a doubt the better scenery right now. In my opinion, certain areas look a bit odd, but it's got PBR and is up to date. However it is known to have bugs and the dev isn't very active on support I've heard. Might be wrong though. It all depends on what you want out of a scenery purchase.. Gatwick does feel a bit neglected. I would love to see someone like JetstreamDesigns or MKStudios cover it well. Same goes for Heathrow, but less so.
  4. Discount is 30% Yes, the EGKK does look outdated. But it will be more updated in the 2020 edition, as always the choice is yours. However, I do think the bland colours are more accurate. Take a look at their EGPF 2020, it's their most recent airport released, that's about where it should sit in graphics. It should also be noted Gary's philosophy: Model what you can see as a pilot's perspective. This basically means that the apron areas such as taxiways and airside gates get more attention than areas like remote car parks.. It looks different but it is unlike some other developers and does help performance..🙂 It is completely your choice. You could also just wait for the new EGKK version, and then pick, they said the new Gatwick version was coming late this year as of the May update...
  5. Yes, there is! Ther's also an upgraded path to MSFS (50% off I think) Happy to help!
  6. It really depends on personal preference. UK2000 Gatwick is a bit more bland in my opinion, and is a bit outdated. However, the Jennasoft scenery is known to have issues, and their support isn't very good I've heard. UK2000 have announced EGKK 2020, which would in my opinion be better than Jennasoft when released. It's all down to personal preference. I bought Uk2000 EGKK over Jennasoft in May. Why? Well, it's a stable scenery, it looks more true to like than Jennasoft in my opinion (I've flown out of Gatwick many times IRL) and my PC is not exactly co-operative with new software, so I'd need some solid support It's down to you, and what you value. As for other offerings, I'd say ORBX are superior when it comes to UK airports. Note ORBX . EGPH is made by Gaya Simulations, and doesn't feature the Turnhouse apron, and has pretty poor performance in v4 I've heard. I'd wait on an EGPH, unless performance isn't an issue. As for other UK Airports, take a look at Glasgow, Inverness and Luton. They're all the "2020" range which in my opinion are great. Others are also good, but may be outdated. As for Bristol, graphically it's not as good as Pilot Plus Bristol, but if you pick up other UK2000 sceneries as well then you'll get a mouth-wateringly good deal. To summarise. EGNT, EGNM, EGNX: -ORBX is the best choice by a long stretch EGGD- Solid product, if you buy other sceneries then the discount is well worth it. PilotPlus is visually better, but UK2000 is better in performance I think EGGP- Digital Design, a better product and up to date. EGKK- UK2000, especially with 2020 product coming. Do check which version you like and read about it EGPF, EGGW, EGPE - UK2000. Brilliant products, well worth the prices. EGLL- Aerosoft. Just is an overall better scenery. Hopefully that helps, all of UK2000's offerings are great, just see which fit your taste. 🙂
  7. I don't use it in v5.1, but the devs on the Discord are always active, so you'll never be left wondering for too long! It truly is a fantastic aircraft, and is and absolute steal, especially the sounds and textures are brilliant. Well worth the price
  8. I'm looking at Gaya Simulations' Vienna, it's currently £11 and seems like a brilliant price for such a large airport hub. Can anyone confirm this? I read some initial reviews of bad performance, has this been fixed?
  9. Where's the sale? I can't seem to find it...
  10. A new Paris CDG- Taxi2Gate don't seem to be very active on theirs.. A couple of good Bizjet Airports- Le Bourget, Biggin Hill, Farnborough. With the NGXu BBJ, these could be very fun airports FSLabs ACJ or EIS1- EIS1 will never happen but it's nice to speculate. ACJ would also be very fun Something like a Pilatus or TBM, these aircraft are really cool and can operate to fascinating airports, plus they are quite different. (For P3D might I add) Finally, it's a bit odd but something like a C130 or A400M. I think this would really connect the DCS and Miltary side of Flight Sim with the commercial side. Don't know for which platform though
  11. It depends for me. Unfortunately, my hardware is pretty beaten so it's difficult to say. For more modern/fly by wire aircraft I prefer the stick. It just feels right when flying, I think it's probably because I fly my Airbus with the stick so much. Anything not fly by wire, I'd take a yoke. Trimming with a joystick feels weird in my opinion, and I really enjoy "working" the yoke, I feel like it gives me more control. However, the stick's convenience is brilliant. I know this is a flightsim, but a monster yoke on my desk means a lot of back straining to get to the keyboard 😄. Also, my stick is a better quality imho. But I'm kinda split right now.
  12. Hello, ORBX appear to be having a sale (25%) on all products that will be available at launch in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Essentially you would buy it now 25% cheaper and would then only pay the 40% upgrade (40% of the original price), rather than paying full price if you didn't previously own it before MSFS launch. (They explain it a lot better than I do.) Good if you have any airports you want to nab now. Also, I've attatched a link detailing the products that will be available upon release so you don't have to browse the entire website. https://fselite.net/news/orbx-previews-products-coming-to-microsoft-flight-simulator-and-new-pricing/ Enjoy and stay safe, Canine
  13. Thanks again guys, I only hope they don't charge again for MSFS2020... 😄
  14. Cool, thanks guys. I the winner is the 747, it's a real beauty and it seems to be the superior aircraft which at the end of the day it's all about. Looking forwards to the (virtual) 5am approaches into Anchorage 🙂 plus, who doesn't like flying reto!? BA 747 ops here we come! Thanks again!
  15. Hello Everyone, I was wondering whether I could get your advice on whether to purchase the PMDG777 or 747. PMDG are currently having a 23% sale and I think this is a brilliant opporotunity to pick up a new jet. My simple question is, given the state of both aircraft and the new MSFS, which do you think is the better one to buy. I owned the PMDG747 on FSX but never got round to buying it (Or the NGX) for P3D. I've only got the FSLabs and QW787, the former is unbelivable, and the latter is quite nice (but doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy inside I am not an early adopter, so I would realistically see myself moving to the new platform around December (if even!) The end goal is to transition, but I need new harddrives, and wait for things to be converted etc. Plus it doesn't seem like it will be cheap... Essentially, my view is that the 777 is the better one in terms of routes, I'm a stickler for IRL routes (especially PAX) although I do enjoy cargo... That said, the 777 is going to have a massive update at some point, and my only concern is this will be like the NG3 (a full re-purchase) which would be a bit annoying. The 744 on the other hand is a brilliant aircraft and I have heard it is PMDG's top work yet. The only drawback is the lack of pax routes 😞 Both imho are great aircraft to fly, but if you have a favourite then shout! Given the current state of things, which would you reccomend... or at all? Thanks a lot, Canine
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