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A few issues Bryan

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Hi Bryan,


just to advise that I've been experiencing a few issues with the new program - some of which have been noted/reported here by other users (to which you will be resolving in V1.1), and a few others that at this point seem isolated to me. I'll just raise the isolated ones here.


I have tested these several times over with the same conclusion. (I do not use the FO's FMC/CDU at all - it is powered up and ready for use)


1. Arriving at gate the L2 Door is opened automatically by FS2Crew well before the Jetway arrives. (I have these options ON in the cfg panel incl GPU and AIR CON)


2. BRIEF Panel: after setting up landing variables - commencing the Approach brief via button (despite the fact that I am using Voice Control for the vast majority of the flight end to end) - once the brief is complete and the PM commences his DESCENT FLOW - the DISP CTRL on the right FMC is switched from OFF to ON and the EICAS displays the appropriate message in yellow. I then have to manually go into the right FMC and take it back to the MENU and engage DISP CTRL back to OFF.


As a side note, I wanted to ask you whether the PM during checklist invocations is supposed to read them out line by line? (nb: I'm electing to use ECL in the cfg).


eg: Landing Checklist


1. Speedbrake - Armed 

2. Flaps  - 30

3. Gear - Down

4. Checklist Complete


Or, does he just confirm that the "Checklist is Complete" as all lines have a green tick?


UAC is disabled, and ADMIN rights are established for all software on my rig. Not using any saved situations etc.


If there are any other details required, just let me know. 


Much appreciated.

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Hi Steve,


1. Will check door L2 and fix in V1.1 as required.


2. I know what's happening I think.  The FMC is on the 1st main menu page.  Normally the FMC woudn't be on that page.  It'll be on the Legs page or some other page in the FMC.


The FS2Crew FO is actually pressing buttons on the FMC during his descent flow, but it's assumed you're in the FMC sub-section, not the main page.


I'll tighten this in V1.1 in case a user is on the Main FMC page for some reason.



3. Correct.  If using the ECL, the FO will not read items ticked in Green.


For the before takeoff and landing checklists, he'll just say: "Landing Checklist" complete.

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As usual Bryan,


many thanks for the speedy and efficient response!


Always appreciated!

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