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  1. Hi Jerry, FS2Crew isn't over-riding any functions. We can't modify anything internally inside the PMDG's code. We can only control the PMDG via their SDK. If you can't close the door manually via the PMDG's door page, then you're not meeting the necessary conditions to close the door. I might suggest asking the PMDG forum as well. As far as I remember, having APU Gen 1 on-line was the only condition but there may be more. Best,
  2. MEL = minimum equipment list.. CDL = Configuration Deviation List... OBE is I think is on board equipment. Cheers,
  3. FYI, QualityWings just released an update that's relevant for FS2Crew users who had frame rates issues when using Navigraph charts. From their 1.3.1. change log: • EFB: Navigraph Chart Quality adjustable to reduce FPS impact Also, QW made this change in their latest hotfix: • FS2CREW: Enabling of FS2Crew only works on LEFT side of DU, not on right side
  4. Hi Vic, We'll see what happens in the future. It's a good idea! But much easier said than done! Cheers,
  5. Try it without SoundBlaster drivers. Try just using the sound driver that comes with Windows.
  6. Not a problem, I'll add that to the list for options to add. I didn't know Airbus bus fixed this. Cheers,
  7. Hard to say... but glad it appears you have things resolved 🙂
  8. Are you running some really heavy 3rd party scenery in London? I suspect you are. Scenery has no impact on FS2Crew directly since there is no interplay between scenery and FS2Crew, but you could be putting your computer under massive load during the scenery loading process slowing your whole sim down. That's all I can think of. As a test, try lowing your texture sliders. Some of those 3rd party scenery guys are using massively large textures that gobble up resources.
  9. It's an old option I should really remove. The option doesn't do much any more FS2Crew can detect UGCX automatically.
  10. It shouldn't, but does this happen at other locations?
  11. All I can think of is you're running really heavy scenery around LHR and it's causing your sim to bog down while it's being loaded.
  12. Only 19 Sleeps Left 🙂 Looking amazing Asobo 🙂
  13. Hi Bruno, I haven't heard any reports of issues out of a very large user base (other than what you just wrote). But try this: Go into the Mouse Macro assignment menu via the Secondary Panel. Mouse click anywhere but not on a button while pressing the CTRL key. Transfer that value into CM1 ACP PA XMIT and CM2 ACP PA XMIT. That will effectively stop those two buttons from doing anything. Let me know what happens. Best,
  14. byork

    Help needed

    Never heard of that one before in RAAS's history. If you want to isolate add-ons, go into your DLL.xml file and disable each addon one at at time and test. Set the disabled flag to true: <Disabled>False</Disabled> to <Disabled>True</Disabled> Best,
  15. Rick, Your download is corrupt. It became corrupt during the transfer. Please re-download again. The file on our server is fine. 1000s of people have downloaded it.
  16. it should...the config manager should auto detect it and show a new enable button.
  17. You mean the recording itself for on and off?
  18. Pls report it to Lockheed. Cheers,
  19. Question: I'm running Windows 10. The system is not hearing my voice. Answer: Uninstall Asus Sonic Studio, Asus Sonic Radar and Asus Studio 3 if you have them installed. You don't need their bloatware. That solved it for one user. Another user had an audio program called Nahimic running on his laptop. Exiting that software prior to loading FS solved the issue for him. If using a laptop, you may need to disable your built in mic on the laptop in order for your headset mic to be detected. In your Windows "Power Options", ensure that "USB Selective Suspend Setting" is Disabled.
  20. FS2Crew uses a gauge file to add FS2Crew to the host aircraft. That gauge file needs to go in the root Gauges folder. Cheers,
  21. If you go into the panel.cfg file for the Dash 8 (make a backup first), you can double the size values in the FS2Crew Windows. That'll make it twice as big. That'll work. Best,
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