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    Ex USMCR,Navy. New Non-smoker as of 7-3-13... now a "Vaper"!
    I am an Arduino tinkerer, actor, voice,and voice over specialist, Oculus Rift backer,past javelin,scuba,tennis,baseball, football ,
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    I've been a Flight Nut most of my life.  In 1964,during the Vietnam War, vacationing at the beautiful the Parris Island, I was a day away from Marine Aviation Cadet Training at Pensacola, when a 4 hour eye test washed me out with a "Sorry Marine, under extreme tension, your eyes might tend to see double...back to boot camp"!

     Ever since then I've been a frustrated pilot. 

    Contrary to Avsim stats, I've been member of Avsim for over seven years.
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  1. And Enjoy… and never (never say never, Chas) worry about scenery_packs.ini again Chas
  2. hesynergy

    GTN 750 VR Window test

    1. How was this done? 2. Is this proprietary to any one VR headset?...I’ve seen what can be done with Rift window for Chat and other uses, but that utility is not available for us WMR users. 3.Are you involved with the RXP GTN 750 update process? thanks, chas
  3. hesynergy

    AeroFly key command list?

    No manual at that link Regards, Chas
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/ITaGv What’s new is being experimented with, with varying degrees of success. Vive and Oculus are pretty well covered. Here is a group on Aviation and the new kid on the block, Windows Mixed Reality(WMR)...hugely compatible with Rift and Vive...and...though in the growing stages, X-Plane native VR. WMR has been SteamVR COMPATIBLE since Christmas eve. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1775593632748115/ Chas
  5. I have updated my process with some success... see my posts at https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/128660-how-to-get-ortho4xp-to-show-tiles-on-another-hard-drive/ Chas
  6. I think this should be of interest http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html Cheers, Chas
  7. Yup...great idea, Sky....one that I too am pursuing... but I’d like to take it a step further and somehow be able to calculate the tiles that would need to be compiled along any particular flight route then, read that result into a batch process which would indicate on the world map, the exact tiles required for that flight route’s batch process....Then start the database generation/implementation of your idea...a companion-piece to Oscar’s magnum opus. Seasons Greetings to all Chas
  8. hesynergy

    p3d v3.4 native vr support?

    The OOMs have anything to do with FI reportedly being 32 bit? BTW anyone running Native VR on MR headsets? Seasons Greetings y’all. Chas
  9. Howdy Flyce, 1. Bought an Extra 4 port Hi-Speed SATA board...and Yes...it is highly inefficient and energy wasteful...Its an accumulation of 15 years of OS/Hardware iterations, and fear of loosing some data from previous installs, and lazyness at the notion of having to sift through all the files to see if some teeny Tiny tidbit should be retained. 2, The notion of putting all my aigs in one basket scares the shite out of me....I bought a two TB and started backing things up on it only to see it crash and become unaccessable. Slowly bringing back important data, but again...its a big PainInTheButt. 19TB?????? Dont you dare talk to me about excessive drivage!!.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!! Chas
  10. You are not entirely wrong, Glenn, but I don’t believe you can link shortcuts to other shortcuts...lemme ‘splain
  11. Me too, but it is getting ponderous....So I am trying to keep track of drive D:, J:,W:, K:. ... and actually thinking aloud as I type this... because my online search was "Organizing Ortho4Xp tiles over muiltiple drives" My current situation and rational is ; 1. I have two copies of X-Plane. One, K:\"XP11 Testbed",for testing, and One Stable copy, D:XplaneBase, using symlinks(http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html) into certain folders in Testbed such as Resources, Custom Scenery and Aircraft, thus availing me of proven resources on K: Even though I fly with "Base", I have a Symbolic link to K: Custom Scenery while maintaining Base folders that can be brought back should things on K Drive go awry. So there is on original folders D:Xplane.Base such as Aircraft.Base, CustomScenery.Base, etc etc. 2. thus I've decided( for now ) to have the XP K drive version keep All the tiles...real and symlinked from D:, J:,W:, K:.containing everything. It works, but...I can see its going to get to be a mess unless I am proactive. 3. Keeping 2 is fine, but; a. I need to know the SOURCE file locations....always....hopefully by consulting a table I've made AND something Visuallike the wonderful FREE WinDirStat https://windirstat.net/ ! ...but I need something more concrete...Perhaps a scenery organizer?...all I Know is that I need to get organized...NOW...more to come
  12. hesynergy

    Sudden Crashing

    YayyyyyyyyyDavvvvvvvve! Seasons greetings to all Chas
  13. hesynergy

    ATC Background Chatter Files

    What If pseudo code ; variables FileToPlay=Array of Chars[5]; Int NumFilesInFolder Using Integers, FolderNums are: Clearance=folder(0),DepGnd=folder(1),DepTower= folder(2),Departure=Folder(3),Tracon1=Folder(4),Tracon2=Folder(3),etc,etc,Arrival=Folder(n), ArrivTwr=Folder(n+1),ArrvalGnd=folder(n+2). FileToPlay(0)=FolderNum; FileToPlay(1)T or F to be assigned name of “ABP” (Already been played) to be converted to Bool?; FileToPlay(2-4) is int up to 999;if Len(FileToPlay(2-4)<3,pad with leading “0s” to equal 3 chars so we can use Abs(STR2NUM(Mid(FileToPlay(3,3)))) to extract proper file integer Initialization 1. For each loop counting number of ATC folders=NumFolders A.For each loop through each NumFolder counting files=NumFilesInFolder B..DO for each file in each folder assign in CHAR array( ABP, NumFolders,NumFilesInFolder); 1. ABP initially set to “F” ———- Program Run( Pilot2ATC) C. for next loop Generate rnd(NumFilesInFolder)+1 1. Check for ABP(left(FileToPlay(1); 2. playing appropriate next ATC file;if NOT ABP ; after playing, set file ABP to “T” a. Set above ABP To “T” and PlayedFiles to PlayedFiles +1 b. If PlayedFiles(in each folder) == NumFiles-1, reset PlayedFiles to 0 check for folder(n) for proper ATC folder , go to right FolderNum, and do it all again §§§§§§§§§§§ — E.G. 1.check for appropriate ATC FOLDER Example of FileToPlay(3T123)= Deptarture,“ABP” (Already been played-SKIP to file 124- If 124’s ABP NOT “T” , play it and set ABP to “T”) loop §§§§§§§§ I know there are more than several errors AND typos in my logic, but I think you get the idea; which is: maximized random play from each ATC folder without repeating until all files in each ATC folder are played, then auto-looping infinitely. Forgive my old fart faulty coding memory If it makes no sense, then as Emily Litella and APG Fak Checker, Dingus said, “Neverminnnnd!” Chas