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    Ex USMCR,Navy. New Non-smoker as of 7-3-13... now a 2+ year X-"Vaper".
    I am an Arduino tinkerer, actor, voice,and voice over specialist, Oculus Rift backer,past javelin,scuba,tennis,baseball, football ,
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    I've been a Flight Nut most of my life.  In 1964,during the Vietnam War, vacationing at the beautiful the Parris Island, I was a day away from Marine Aviation Cadet Training at Pensacola, when a 4 hour eye test washed me out with a "Sorry Marine, under extreme tension, your eyes might tend to see double...back to boot camp"!

     Ever since then I've been a frustrated pilot. 

    Contrary to Avsim stats, I've been member of Avsim for over seven years.
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  1. I’ve been sim flyer for over forty years, a VR flyer since the first Oculus came out, and to be frank I’d forgotten about my son’s buttkicker present for a good six years….butt…after seeing all the VR guys extolling the virtues of the buttkicker….I remembered …the reason why I forsook the BK; When my and If my wife is sleeping…in the next room To the sim, …I get hollered on with the rattling sounds of my office/cockpit chair…it’s the height adjustment lever, and for more complicated chairs, you are going to get even more rattle. Solution/hypothesis?…install surgical tubing to insulate the metal on metal rattle…maybe some heat shrink….butt…forsake my ten year old BK +, NOmore….I will solve this; I want my butt kicked again WITH VR!!! …and; I just saw this on YouTube…and I’m stealing the idea, copying and… …contriving/fabricating/ putting up a 3/4-way tripod and harness for an MSFS VR hang-glider RIDE…howzat for immersion?…dunno where the BK is going to fit into that scenario….maybe…when I crash? i’m sending protective and healing vibes to you and your loved ones…and simulator brothers and sisters…especially AvAngel…I think I am in love! Chas
  2. I must strongly disagree… There is no way that the G1000 is anywhere near ; 1. As fully featured, nor; 2. as ergonomic, and; 3. easy to use, AND; 4. ESPECIALLY in a sim! ...as your GTN 750!!! what say you readers? ...dropping the mic. Sending protective and healing vibes to y’all and your loved ones. Do you are fellow Americans a solid and Mask up! Chas
  3. Absolutely! The RXP GTN 750 nearest airport vor waypoint NDB THE GTN750 is worth its weight in Paladium Sending protective and healing vibes to y’all and your loved ones! Do your fellow American brothers and sisters a patriotic solid, and mask up! Chas!
  4. I cannot believe there is not more buzz in this topic!!! I GOTTA have missed something...though Avsim’s search is still as lame as ever. I had to find this topic with Msfs2020 PMDG 737 NG site:avsim.com, though strictly speaking, the MSFS 2020 version is not NG, rather, NG3? A total 64 bit rewrite of the venerable and much beloved 32 bit NGX. Fond regards to all, Chas
  5. a P2A..our .physical extension in an egg. Every thing and need less than 3/4 arms reach away? And to all, Happy and safe holidays! Chas ....
  6. Dave, ive been almost a plank owner of Pilot2ATC, and the longer I’ve owned it, the more impressed I become. Especially appreciated and admired is your ability to remain unruffled through the myriad of questions and answers over the period of inception to the present time of P2A. I don’t know how you do it, but kudos, congratulations and I’ll throw in a Namaste with it! We all appreciate your efforts both in coding and debugging… Just so you know. Chas
  7. That was my first appellation, which I had my mother agree to. Since I was the third living “Charles”, (dad and grandpa), I wanted at a very early age to be unique. I could well have told you that when we chatted, since Chas, and Charlie(as my wife knows me) signaled transitions in my life. Hope you and your partner...sorry forgot his name, are safe and healthy. I’m looking forward to our flight tomorrow! Chas
  8. Hey Andy, you can always import your select/copy any part of your route generated in SkyVector , then paste the text from SV’s route map into LilNavMap’s import text feature... and when we get our GTN 650/750s back into MSFS, LNM will export your whole or any part of your SouthAmerica or any part of it into our aforesaid GTNs in their own format. That’s how I did my PilotEdge skywriting of “Trump Sucks” from Santa Catalina to KSNA., and much earlier my YT tutorial on creating a unique PMDG 737-800 RNP approach into PAPG, using my GTN 750 equipped Beach Royal. Hope this helps, chas
  9. That’s why I asked the question...per You and Dave, the SIM FLYING PC if also runs P2ATC, will Experience insignificant FPS hit...so I will bow to y’all’s knowledge and experience and have Dave switch(release?) my License Key . Where is it? I cannot find it, where P2ATC.exe currently resides. thanks chas
  10. Before I RE-Switch back to my flying machine from my laptop in the other room, and send you my license key, (again...yes it’s my doing, not yours),what kind of FPS HIT are your P2ATC clients Who have both P2ATC and their flight simulator on the same machine experiencing? Is there a step-by-step on remote (logically AND physically) configuration, that makes practical, FPS gained sense? I thought so when I moved my license key to my laptop. Please advise. Thanks Dave, sending you and everybody vibes of protection and healing. Chas
  11. How the hell did ... https://imgur.com/gallery/Ab3YGLB ? I searched and somehow ended up on the MELEXIS site...but absolutely no correspondence betwixt 90333 and what I have in my hand...how’ you find it? see also the next shot..extracted from my stick...Minus the screw Chas sending preventive and healing vibes to you, y’all and yours
  12. That may not be the only casualty...anyone else had problems with their HOTAS Warthog? Sending protective and healing vibes to all! Chas
  13. It’s not Just the throttle Sergey, It’s both throttle & Stick. I’ve tried out the WH software on my game machine and laptop. Nada ...neither device seen in X-Plane or device Mgr. One day...no problems...next day..BOTH...GONE. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s coincident with the Win10 update. thanks for your input buddy! Chas
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