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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I have the problem that the LED display of my Saitek Multi Panel is not being updated on PMDG aircraft. I have the following setup: All buttons of my Saitek Multi Panel are controlled by LINDA except the rotary knob. Mapping the functions SAI_MULTI_increase_value and SAI_MULTI_decrease_value in LINDA (on Press) causes the rotary knob to be jumpy and with a lot of latency. Instead, I am using SPAD and FSUIPC which gives a much better behavior of the rotary knob. The Multi Panel display is updated and consistent with FSX on my default aircraft. However, on my PMDG aircraft the altitude, heading, etc is correct in FSX in the Virtual Cockpit, but the display of my Saitek Multi Panel is never updated. The altitude stays at 10000, the IAS and HDG at 000. I have set EnableDataBroadcast=1 in [SDK] section of my PMDG ini files, but that didn't help. The default and PMDG aircraft are handled differently by SPAD and FSUIPC in my setup: Default aircraft: SPAD : Multi Panel 1 - Setup - Rotary Knob - FSUIPC Offset Change (for ALT,VS,IA,HDG and CRS) PMDG aircraft: SPAD: Multi Panel 1 - Setup - Rotary Knob - FSUIPC Virtual Button , Virtual Joystick 64 , Virtual Button 0-9 (ALT-CRS) FSUIPC : Buttons & Switches , Profile specific, Joy# 64, Btn# 0-9 , Select for key press , keys to be sent when button pressed FSX : PMDG Aircraft - CDU/FMC - PMDG Setup - Options _ Key commands - Autoflight - keys for rotary knob functions So, on PMDG aircraft, when I turn the rotary knob, SPAD sends a virtual joystick+button command to FSUIPC, FSUIPC translates this into a key press command and sends this to FSX, and in FSX this key press is equivalent to an rotating knob function in my PMDG aircraft. It works perfectly in FSX, except that the Saitek Multi Panel display is not updated. I then decided to replace the FSUIPC key press by a LUA script because that can handle multiple commands. The initial key press in the lua script works perfectly with the ipc.keypress command. CtrlShift6.lua: ipc.keypress(54,11) -- send CTRL+SHIFT+6 --.... some function to update Multi Panel display .... CtrlShift7.lua: ipc.keypress(55,11) -- send CTRL+SHIFT+7 --.... some function to update Multi Panel display .... I have seen the function RefreshSMP() in common.lua, but that is not a global function that I can call from another lua script. Is it possible to put a command(s) in the lua script to get my Multi Panel display updated? Or is there another easy solution? CBird
  2. Using the P3D v4 NGX with latest updates through the OC. When I activate the HUD the lower right area of the display seems to be missing as if it is hidden "behind" the glare shield: see attached pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgxu79g50sil3u9/IMG_1506.jpg This is probably not correct. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Hi all, I have an issue where after a computer restart, my Saitek Radio Panel works as expected when running SPAD. However, if I quit FSX (or P3D for that matter), the display won't work again until a computer restart. That said, it's still being read, as it still changes radio frequencies (at least in the SPAD utility.) Anyone know how to fix? Thanks
  4. In December I bought the GTX970 graphics card from msi. Ever since I bought it after a while my monitor would go black and then come back with a message saying display driver has stopped responding and successfully recovered causing my fsx to black screen then crash. I have downloaded all the correct and up to date drivers for the graphics card from the Nvidia website. It keeps happening, please help!
  5. Hope someone can help me out. I'm running FSX with SP2 on a Windows 7 machine with five monitors configured as follows: GTX 660 graphics card monitor 1 dvi 1920x1080x32 monitor 2 dvi 1920x1080x32 monitor 3 vga/dvi 1920x1080x32 GT 520 graphics card monitor 4 vga 1024x768x32 monitor 5 hdmi 1920x1080x32 My problem is any time I undock a window and move it to monitor 4 FSX crashes to the desktop. I can move undocked windows to any of the other monitors just fine. I can also move an undocked window to monitor 4 in P3D and it works. In FSX if I try to go full screen with ALT-Enter I get a crash to desktop. Monitor 4 is set to 1024x768x32 in Windows resolution and in FSX settings. My fsx.cfg has the following entries for displays: [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 .0] Mode=1920x1080x32 TriLinear=1 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 .1] Mode=1920x1080x32 TriLinear=1 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 .2] Mode=1920x1080x32 TriLinear=1 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 .3] Mode=1920x1080x32 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 .4] Mode=1024x768x32 I've tried changing the fsx.cfg for the GT 520 to different settings with no luck. I also deleted the fsx.cfg and let a new one be created but it also crashes with the new fsx.cfg. I would sure appreciate any ideas and/or help on how to fix this. I want to use monitor 4 for my instrument gauges. Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. Hi, Do the T/C and T/D can be seen elsewhere than on the ND? My interest would be to get the estimated time of T/C and T/D that are not displayed on the ND.
  7. Hi, I don't know if this subject has already been dealt with but in the past several days I have been trying to find a way to read the display offsets from the electrical panel on the 737NG. Unlike the ALT and LAND displays, there are no offsets listed in the SDK file for the 7-segment displays in the electrical panel. Is via PMDG 737NG offsets the only way to interface LEDs? Or is there an other way to read these numbers? thanks for your help in advance! Greetings, Wout
  8. Hi everybody! This is my first post, so take it easy please... I recently bought the NGX and I am pleased to say that it is simply mind blowing!!! Every single switch and knob can be pressed and turned, the paint in the cockpit has been chipped off and dust covers the FMC, and then there's that sound.... Anyway enough stating the obvious, how do I turn on the HUD? I click it, but it just comes down, but the fighter-jet like green diagrams don't appear?.. What am I doing wrong? I certainly hope it's not an issue with the airplane...
  9. HI. I am running FSX- SP2 (Loaded on the C: drive in its own folder not in program folder.), Windows 7. FUICP. all fully updated on a brand new Alienware/Dell desktop. Loaded the dll. file recomended by PMDG to FSX to stop crahes after 10 hrs etc. PMDG MD 11 crashes or launches witha black screen. All FSX setting are set to default Any ideas? Clean installs have been executed. Registries checked/repaired and mended. I do have an older LCD monitior (1280-1050). Help! Thanks Marc
  10. Hey, I have the problem, that when I zoom out in the virtual cockpit I get points and stripes on the displays (see the attached photo). If I zoom in everything is perfect. But when i set COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=0 I don't have this problem in any case, but then the resolution of the displays is low and the plane doesn't look that amazing. My graphic card is the NVIDIA GTX 760 and I use Windows 8 - 64bit. I installed the newest drivers and patches, but that doesn't help. Thanks for your help!
  11. I'm looking for a new 1440p display for flightsim use - DCS2.5 and X-Plane11. Budget is up to £400, only considering 16:9 displays, assuming at this price range IPS are less suitable (???), and not convinced curved displays are worthwhile for 16:9. Here are some panels, all VA other than the 1st one... no manufacturer info on input lag: Acer EB321QUR 75Hz 1ms £250 Acer B326HUL 60Hz 5ms £315 AOC Q3277PQ 60Hz 4ms £200 AOC Q3279VWF 75Hz 5ms £385 BenQ EW3270ZL 60Hz 4ms £270 BenQ PD3200Q 60Hz 4ms £420 HP Omen 32" 75Hz 5ms £320 Have any suggestions of your own? Or can you convince me tom spend more for higher refresh rate? Most people I've asked have suggested that a lower refresh rate - 60Hz - is compensated by higher LOD in flightsims.
  12. G'day, Hello! I'm embarking on a fun little adventure with a simulator for a local aero club. I need a little help, advice, admonishing for my goal of running the P3D terrain view across 5 large Plasma displays. I need to be able to do it with one mean mother of a PC and 2 graphics cards (preferably nVidia). The stick paty here is that it needs to be 5 REAL, and separate views that combined will give me 220° FOV forwards and to the sides. I need to know that it can be done, and maybe a nudge in the right direction to get me started. Cheers and thanks for the help! :) Dave
  13. Shortly after installing a new display driver, I opened FSX to find that the default resolution was set to 1024x768x32 instead of 1920x1080x16. When I checked the fsx.cfg file, I saw that there were two DISPLAY.Device entries, one towards the top and one towards the bottom. I check the "mode" variable for each and, sure enough, one was set to the lower resolution. I've tried deleting the new entry, setting the new entry to the higher res and deleting the old one, etc... but nothing seems to work, even deleting the .cfg file and letting FSX create a new one. Anybody know what's doing on?Edit: Also, the [Multiplayer] field keeps appearing beneath the new entry for whatever reason...
  14. Glass display panels in cockpit go black after a while. Using P3D, have latest GeForce drivers installed. Does anybody know why this is happening?
  15. Hi everybody out there, ​ First of all: I`m very happy that there is such a perfekt pogramm like LINDA published - just awesome I bouhgt Aerosofts Airbus A318/319/320/321 because I am looking forward to build a small cockpit-simulator with that Software. So know my question: Is it possible to export variables like the AP ALT, AP HDG or the Battery-levl out of the Airbus via FSUIPC+LINDA?​ (Ofcause I know,that it is possible to conroll buttuns,... with Linda, but it is also possible to export some Variables ot of the Airbus?) And show this figures via such a device: (or simply to read them with another pogramm them?) http://simple-soluti...&products_id=62 with this software: wiki.simple-solutions.de/de/products/Arcaze/Arcaze-USB/Arcaze-FSUIPC-Connector I hope you can help - I would be very glade if you could send me a short answer. Thank you in advance, FSlikerX
  16. Hey there! A while ago I announced Emerald Simulations, a company dedicated to developing aircraft for flight simulator x! The topic quickly grew with over 70 responses. The initial aim was to produce quality commercial aircraft though in recent times we have been developing new aircraft for our new display team! So here it is! Emerald Display Team fly the following aircraft all provided and some even modelled by us: • T1 Hawks (In our lovely Red Arrows Adapted Livery) • Extra 300S's (In our own livery) • Eurofighter Typhoons (In standard UK adapted livery) We are composed of three different teams which all fly a specific aircraft: - Team of 6 pilots for our T- Hawk Display team. (2 red, 2 white and 2 blue) * And team of 3 reserves (1 white, 1 red and 1 blue) - Team of 3 pilots for our Extra 300S Light Aircraft Display Team * And 1 reserve - Team of 2 pilots for our Eurofighter Typhoon display team * And one reserve Reserves will be swapped around with pilots and is an excellent role if your not fully dedicated or are limited for time. • All pilots receive a high standard of Aerobatic Training for there chosen team • There is a minimum of 2 events per year • Reserves will get an event also To join you need: • A legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X • A good internet connection • A VATSIM account • A team speak account • Be above the age of 17 All pilots are able to communicate on TeamSpeak however this is optional. Other communication will be provided during training. • All aircraft will be provided and are *Freeware* models• /// Note to staff/// ~ I'm unsure is this is the right area for this. If not please just move it. Thanks ~ //// End of note to staff //// If you want to apply send me a private message here or reply below. Application format: AVISIM Username: Contact: Skype Or Email (Optional) VATSIM ID: (Optional at this stage) TeamSpeak account: (Optional at this stage) Experience you have: What display team you want to be a part of: How often you can spend online on the server training: Can you attend at least 2 events a year?: Anything else to add: (Like colour of smoke) Thanks and good luck! Our website: COMING SOON
  17. HI i need help with some lines on my displays, do you know what it is or how i can solve it? thanks in advance BTW loving this bird
  18. Hi! There are NO 4-corners stars on the flightpath on ND display (P3D v 4.5 HF2, WIN 10 x64 PRO 2004). But as I see on Youtube videos these symbols presenyts in the FSX, Even in documentations with Carenado planes these symbols presents. The same situation also with Hawker, Cessna XLS (ProLine 21)! All fonts are installed. Please, Help! No symbols! Symbols!
  19. I've been trying to find something in the forums about this issue i'm having, so hopefully I can explain it. When using the Hat Switch on my ProFlight Yoke in the VC (PMDG 777, 737GX, or MS Stock), the movement is rather "stutterish" (not sure how else to explain it). However, if I switch tasks to something else (i.e. ASN, RC, PFPX, a Web Browser), I can still pan around using the Hat Switch on the yoke (obviously FSX-SE is behind the task i'm actively looking at) and it's super smooth. Is it possible to get that same result when in FSX-SE's task? At one point it was working this way (even with PMDG's VC) and I have no idea what could have changed. Thoughts?
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