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I'm looking for a new 1440p display for flightsim use - DCS2.5 and X-Plane11. Budget is up to £400, only considering 16:9 displays, assuming at this price range IPS are less suitable (???), and not convinced curved displays are worthwhile for 16:9. Here are some panels, all VA other than the 1st one... no manufacturer info on input lag:

Acer EB321QUR 75Hz 1ms £250
Acer B326HUL 60Hz 5ms £315
AOC Q3277PQ 60Hz 4ms £200
AOC Q3279VWF 75Hz 5ms £385
BenQ EW3270ZL 60Hz 4ms £270
BenQ PD3200Q 60Hz 4ms £420
HP Omen 32" 75Hz 5ms £320

Have any suggestions of your own? Or can you convince me tom spend more for higher refresh rate? Most people I've asked have suggested that a lower refresh rate - 60Hz - is compensated by higher LOD in flightsims.

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I don't know how your computer will fare with a fast monitor -yours might be a lil too slow to fully appreciate the benefits,  but I'd get the highest refresh rate monitor you can afford. You should be able to get a pretty darn good 27 inch, 1440P, 144Hz monitor at the high end of you price range.

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I have an AOC Q3277PQU monitor and I'd recommend it highly. Very well built with an industrial-grade stand, no noticeable ghosting or input lag and the colours and contrast are excellent. I've never seen it for much less than £380 from a reputable online store and I'd be very suspicious of anyone selling it for £200. That said, your system will probably struggle at QHD with anything other than the lowest settings.

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