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Hey there!


A while ago I announced Emerald Simulations, a company dedicated to developing aircraft for flight simulator x! The topic quickly grew with over 70 responses. The initial aim was to produce quality commercial aircraft though in recent times we have been developing new aircraft for our new display team! So here it is!


Emerald Display Team fly the following aircraft all provided and some even modelled by us:

• T1 Hawks (In our lovely Red Arrows Adapted Livery)

• Extra 300S's (In our own livery)

• Eurofighter Typhoons (In standard UK adapted livery)


We are composed of three different teams which all fly a specific aircraft:


- Team of 6 pilots for our T- Hawk Display team. (2 red, 2 white and 2 blue)

* And team of 3 reserves (1 white, 1 red and 1 blue)


- Team of 3 pilots for our Extra 300S Light Aircraft Display Team

* And 1 reserve


- Team of 2 pilots for our Eurofighter Typhoon display team

* And one reserve


Reserves will be swapped around with pilots and is an excellent role if your not fully dedicated or are limited for time.


• All pilots receive a high standard of Aerobatic Training for there chosen team

• There is a minimum of 2 events per year

• Reserves will get an event also


To join you need:

• A legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X

• A good internet connection

• A VATSIM account

• A team speak account

• Be above the age of 17


All pilots are able to communicate on TeamSpeak however this is optional. Other communication will be provided during training.


• All aircraft will be provided and are *Freeware* models•


/// Note to staff///

~ I'm unsure is this is the right area for this. If not please just move it. Thanks ~

//// End of note to staff ////


If you want to apply send me a private message here or reply below.

Application format:


AVISIM Username:

Contact: Skype Or Email (Optional)

VATSIM ID: (Optional at this stage)

TeamSpeak account: (Optional at this stage)

Experience you have:

What display team you want to be a part of:

How often you can spend online on the server training:

Can you attend at least 2 events a year?:

Anything else to add: (Like colour of smoke)


Thanks and good luck!


Our website: COMING SOON


Emerald Simulations is a FSX developmental group who develop a variety of aircraft. More can be found on our webpage here

Support for Emerald Simulations can be found here: "http://forum.avsim.net/topic/468437-emerald-simulations-hiring/page-5#entry3237970"

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