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  1. max_schuster

    Display graphical problem

    Ok, finally I found the solution, which is described here: I had to set up my graphic card to 8xSQ and now I don't get any artiifacts. :smile: Thanks for you help!
  2. max_schuster

    Display graphical problem

    Thanks for your answer. Then I have a very dumb question. Whats the proper way for zooming out and in. I always hit space and then zoom with the mouse wheel.
  3. max_schuster

    Display graphical problem

    Hey, I have the problem, that when I zoom out in the virtual cockpit I get points and stripes on the displays (see the attached photo). If I zoom in everything is perfect. But when i set COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=0 I don't have this problem in any case, but then the resolution of the displays is low and the plane doesn't look that amazing. My graphic card is the NVIDIA GTX 760 and I use Windows 8 - 64bit. I installed the newest drivers and patches, but that doesn't help. Thanks for your help!