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  1. I just copied the dll gauge to my external gauges folder I named "AddonGauges_P5", then reference that path in add-on.xml. It works fine for me. Bruce L
  2. Hi Roland, I left you a reply over at the HiFi forums...didn't want to double post. Worked fine for me except seemed to freeze after a few turns. P3D v5 HF1 with Carenado PC12 VC only. Win10 64, AS P3D beta ver7434 Thank you for working on this! Bruce L.
  3. It does have a bypass pin....and even when not using pushback, but just the ramp start (no pushback) option, it shouldn't be doing this. Does anybody else with a PMDG NGXu 700 have this issue? Anybody?...
  4. Okay, so I just tried again, after editing the aircraft profile and selecting the "crouching" agent option. and it had no effect on the ground agent walking into the nose of the aircraft. When I try either pushback or Ramp Start (no pushback) the ramp guy walks up (into the nose) and says "Flight deck, ground..." and just stands inside the model. He doesn't crouch etc. Any other ideas? Thanks, Bruce Leehan
  5. Did not see that option...I will look when I get home. Thank you! Bruce Leehan
  6. It's -700 that I made a BBJ livery for. I couldn't wait for the BBJ model, lol. It's in the library here if anyone wants it. Bruce Leehan
  7. Good evening, I am having issues with the Bypass Pin Agent walking into the nose of the aircraft during push-back and starting at a parking spot. (PMDG 737NGXu) I am using P3D v4.5, and have a clean install of UGCX v 1.8. I have tried adjusting the aircraft profile and saving the agent positions on the runway, as well as adjusting and saving the marshaller position in the parking spot. Once I start either process, the agent walks up, on the right side and moves into the airplane. See screenshots. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Bruce Leehan
  8. How about this livery? A new Jet Aviation livery...
  9. Hey Frank, do you have the RXP 750 installed in the Milviz DHC--3T Turbo Otter? Thinking about buying both today and want to make sure they work together. Thanks in advance B Leehan
  10. Hey sorry to hijack this post, but I'm thinking about buying the Turbo Otter today and want to make sure that the RXP GTN 750 will work with it instead of the Flight 1 version. FPPilot, did I understand correctly that you have that 3rd party gauge installed? Thanks in advance B Leehan
  11. Do you have ORBX FTX Global Vector installed? If so, you might run your control panel and run the airport elevation corretions tool. Might fix your problem. Fingers crossed... Good luck! Bruce L.
  12. Can anyone advise if UT Live works with PF3 (OnCourse) ATC program? Thanks in advance! Bruce L
  13. Hi folks, I bought this a couple days ago and installed in in P3d v3.1 but it will not power the APU bus for start. I have reinstalled twice. I tried it after the default startup flight,etc. Still no juice when I switch the battery on. I have been through the checklist and the tutorial flight, but I dont get past the electrical issue. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Bruce L.
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