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  1. Dear Simmers, Vatsim pilots! I am looking for a new headset for my Vatsim flights. I accept every reccomendation in 60-70 USD bugdet. My only request is, that the headset should have a popfilter (the black fury thing in front of your mouth, on the mic), and I do not want to buy a giant, flashing gaming headset. I better have some simple design like this: https://mikrofonos-fejhallgato.arukereso.hu/jabra/uc-voice-750-duo-7599-829-209-p189757641/ (do not mind about the language of this page) I originaly wanted this Jabra headset, but it is not available in my region. If you know a place that this one is available please notify me! Thanks in advance for everyone, Take care and stay safe, Gabor
  2. Dear People! i reegistered to Alpha testing back in june, since that I did not got any emails regarding news for insiders and oher stuff! (I'm not complaining about that I am not being chosen, it is just wierd for me that I did not get any emails. I assume I messed something up at registration) Or if this is normal please let me know, because I think everyojne hwo signed up properly, got some news emals from the MSFS team. I only got an email about the first alpha round start and since then my letterbox is empty. is this normal, or is there a problem? Thanks in advance, Gabor from Budapest
  3. Dear Everyone! This is my firsrt post here, so very sorry if I this is the wrong place to discuss this. In the first place I'm asking if anyone has a used Saitek yoke (I don't need the throttle) because the original price is unaffordable for me. So if anyone wants to get rid of his saitek yoke please notify me. The same goes for the (saitek) rudder. The other thing is that my current Thrustmaster T flight hotas X is not working properly, because it was slammed to the ground and as a result all planes in P3dV4 and XP11 are ruddering themselves to and fro in the air and on the ground, does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Many thanks for the replies in advance! Best wishes, Gabor (from Budapest)
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