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  1. Veay simple question. KevinAU, do fly the 737? Yes or No?
  2. hmmm.... The "one up me game". Assumptions often bite people in the "seat of your pants". That statement comes across as arrogant, and I think, was used to intimidate and demean. Pilots that intimidate and demean in the cockpit are individuals that are very dangerous. It's like a doctor (GP) that claims he knows everything. You can't know everything unless you specialize in that field. KevinAU, do fly the 737max? I never have, The "one up me game" is how wars start, either individually or with other countries. It's all about ego, or as I can call it, "chest thumping". When one feels threatened, they often up the ante, usually with demeaning words, threats or sanctions. As you put it, they start "babbling" and then all hell breaks loose. People should show more respect towards the pilots that perished. Individualists that claim they know everything, may one day have "Mr Karma" knocking at their cockpit door. KevinAU, don't let "Mr Karma" in...... How can you learn and understand MCAS software, and "what's going on", if the aircraft pitches downward and kills you? Reincarnation? That statement was valid, but not today.. I goes like this now: "Automation is only as good as the person who codes the software". Who commanded the aircraft to pitch downward and fly into the ground? Well, I've arrived at my gate, time to disembark.... I know, don't let the cabin door hit me on the way out.... Update: The better half cleaned my keyboard before I managed to read through the qrh procedures. Looks like I failed that emergency situation. The first officer saved my butt. Work as a team, and don't think you know everything..... Because, one day, you may not..
  3. LMAO... I'm "offended". That's wiping cream from my coffee that dripped onto the keyboard. Better get the qrh procedures out and see how I clean this up. (Can't think for myself). We're all sitting here in a nice cozy arm chair, sun shining outside, saying I could have prevented that. We’re great judges aren’t we? Put yourself in a situation where your aircraft is in an emergency, alarms going off and multiple messages display. Only a few minutes to understand what's going on and then react. We all react differently, and yes training helps pilots overcome how we react. A simulator used to train and test you're emergency skills and follow procedures is a great tool. But it’s not real life. When it hits the fan, the pilot’s goal WAS, fly the airplane, turn OFF the autopilot and don’t let the airplane fly you. Sadly, the pilot no longer flies the airplane, software flies it. Swissair flight 111, smoke in the cockpit, crew followed qrm procedures and they all died because of it. Not only are pilots losing their ability to fly an aircraft, some might be more worried about following qrh procedures, then thinking for themselves. Anyways, I found the qrh procedure to clean my keyboard.. RJ
  4. You don't "Understand"? You're a pilot correct? Learn, and ask questions and understand. Or, stay home and play it safe. Here is the problem about "Understanding". How can a pilot "understand" what some software guru programmed?.. You can't "understand". The hypocrisy of "understanding"... You're comment is very lame, which makes me see you as a very "dangerous" pilot to trust my life with... RJ Yes automation is there to make life easier.... How can you take control, if some human programmed another scenario? Sorry Bert, you lost me. Example.. Driver-less cars. Would you purposely program a controlled crash?. RJ
  5. That's a "catch 22", isn't it? The goal with automation is to remove the "human" factor to prevent crashes. Question.... Who wrote the software to remove the human factor? Answer: A human, who's never piloted an aircraft. How can a pilot, "break the link" if software (which a human wrote) takes control of your aircraft? Riddle me that one.. RJ
  6. I'm using my rented fingers again. Maybe I should return my rented brain, and buy something better too.. I think I just offended myself... LMAO
  7. Hey HighBypass Sorry for the harsh words I typed last night. I was under the influence, but that is still no excuse for the rubbish I typed. I have to follow this rule more often... If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything. Looks like I "Offended" SKEWR, so he "Off" "Ended" me back.. LMAO. The only person that can "Offend" me, is me. Only you can allow someone to "offend" you, no one else. I'm a left or right wing, deep state conspiracy nut...I have two wings, one body and a rudder and I fly my own airplane. No autopilot, I use stick and rudder and make my own decisions based on multiple sources of information. I've watched CNN and FOX news and realize I can't trust that information. Faulty information (MCAS), you may crash your airplane one day. Everyone uses autopilot, and the one guy still flying with stick and rudder is a conspiracy nut and can't critical think. Turn off the autopilot (CNN/FOX) and think for yourself. Don't let the airplane fly you, you fly the airplane. This world of political correctness or "that's offensive" is being used for one reason: To remove your right to freedom of speech. RJ
  8. You have to be kidding me... "Political liveries in the library"... They "Offend" ME. When you’re “Offended” do you get gangrene and does your arm fall off? People like this push one agenda, “Permitted” speech, not free speech. He must work for CNN, or is controlled by $$$ via government, or just completely miss-informed. RJ
  9. This is my point..... a) Watch your MSM media (don't care where you live). b) Drink the cool-aid MSM media has poured into your glass. (Don't swallow it). c) Spit that cool-aid back into the glass. d) Search for the same cool-aid and taste it using books or the internet that offer a different flavor. e) Swallow cool-aid that tastes the best (makes the most sense). f) If all cool-aid tastes the same, pour it out and go have a beer. History - "His" "Story", who's story? The victor writes history and those who write the history control the future. Relaying on historic events as fact and truth, is flawed thinking. Wipe your slate clean, pour the cool-air out, and start unlearning everything you've been thought or trusted as truth and research it yourself. Is Capitalism is the greatest? I haven't found one "ism" that works the "best". Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism are all plutocracies (society ruled by the wealthy) and all share collectivism (the group is more important than the individual). All Capitalist societies turn Fascistic over time. G Edward Griffin - author of "The creature from Jekyll Island" talks about Collectivism Greg Hunter who worked for CNN, was fired when he wanted to report on the housing bubble BEFORE the 2007/2008 financial crisis. Journalists don't have free speech who are employed by these corporations. Is risking you're job worth spreading the truth? Most don't. Those who control the "money" control you. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/usawatchdog/videos USAWatchdog website: https://usawatchdog.com/ RJ
  10. "So your counteroffer is a Russian propaganda network and a conspiracy website?" Michael Rivero lives in Hawaii, is an American, searching for truth and enjoys flight simulators like all of us. Quoting false information about Michael, without knowing or talking with him is rather shallow, let's use the new term, fake news. Call into his live radio show or visit WRH and get to know him....He has a wealth of information. Youtube Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDSG_1QnuaJ5c3zBoXijM0g/videos Bambuser videos: (older shows): https://bambuser.com/channel/WRH+radio+show Website: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#axzz5CkvXkdHy Michael Rivero on "All wars are Banker wars". OK, so the CIA started using the word "conspiracy theories" after the JFK assassination to sway the public from thinking critically. Name calling like "Tin Foil hat" also works well to discredit other viewpoints. People that parrot such words, are often victims of their Governments propaganda and don't even know it. The German people in WWII were propagandized by Government and media. Didn't work out so well.... All media are biased to their home country, no surprise there. Governments use media to control their narrative, to create your perception of reality of the world. If the people of a nation don't support the Governments narrative, they've got big problem.... RT.com is funded by Russia, CNN is funded by US corporations (influenced by the CIA), your point being what? They're biased in their reporting? Of course they are, but that should not stop you from reading their viewpoint. It's a shame Ron Paul or Senator Richard Black can't speak with the "free press" about Syria on CNN, CBC or the BBC. Maybe it doesn't fit the Governments narrative? "I guess if one throws around enough allegations, tailored with omissions of relevant details and leavened with a barbs of truth, somebody will eventually swallow the whole thing". I agree, be skeptical of all media, always read both sides of a story and think for yourself. To be afraid of reading the other "bogie man's" news (RT.com) or views is simply ridiculous. Media hides topics they don't want people to know about by omission or never talking about it. False Flags is one such topic that is never talked about in Western Media, which is why people don't understand what they are and how they're used. False flags are real - US has a long history of lying to start wars. The False Flag article at RT.com will be biased, but media sharing such a concept makes you think, What false flags did Russia ever use? One can read articles such as "False Flags" or 911 and can do one of the following: a) Sit there and scream "Russian collusion", "Conspiracy Theories" or "Tin Foil Hat". b) Read up on the subject, search for more information and then accept or reject it. c) Find it so disturbing that it can't be true, just do nothing or turn it off. (cognitive dissonance). More and more people are waking up to the fact their media and Government are lying to them. Listen to Christian Pastor Rick Wiles on the Syrian False flag. https://www.trunews.com/stream/when-will-russia-and-iran-retaliate-for-the-attack-on-syria Creatures from Jekyll island is an excellent book to read. The Federal Reserve is a private bank which controls the US economy. In 1913 the bankers created the Federal Reserve, naming it "Federal" to fool the people into thinking it's part of the Government. The Federal Reserve is no more "federal" than Federal Express (FedEx). The Federal Reserve and how all Western Nations are kept in perpetual debt based on this ponzi scheme. Ron Paul speaks at the very end of the documentary who wanted to audit the Federal Reserve, but couldn't, because it's a private bank. "Federal" means what? "Social media" which is making people less social, should really be labled "Unsocial media". "National Defense" is now actually "National offence". Get the idea, words are often used to fool you. When words such as "Conspiracy Theories", "Tin Foil Hat" or "Russian collusion" are used to mock others, it simply means, their reality of the world is different than yours. Who has created your reality? You or the Media? Live in the reality that makes you comfortable, but you may be living in a delusion......but aren't we all? RJ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Da3N_SeWsAUIBTe.jpg
  11. The current Middle East wars are about saving the US dollar (Petrodollar/Reserve Currency) from collapse. US General Wesley Clark explained the plan years ago in this video. It's all about the Reserve Currency... The attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise nor was 911. A deal was made, let the attack happen on Pearl Harbor, the USA would enter warII, and the UK would hand over the Reserve Currency to the USA. Today, if the USA loses the Petrodollar/Reserve currency status, the US economy may fail. The nation controlling the world Currency, controls all other nations. If you're not compliant, economic sanctions will follow. USA is losing the Reserve currency/Petrodollar battle and is now using the military, to enforce it. If a oil rich nation turns away from using US dollars to trade its oil, it's sanctioned, regime changed, or attacked. Ex; Iraq, Libya, Syria (in progress), Venezuela (in progress) and then Iran. The Petro-yuan just started (late March 2018) and this is a game changer. Other nations can now trade oil using the Petro-yuan, bypassing the US Petrodollar. The Petro-yuan is the newest weapon for the China-Russia-Iran anti-USD alliance. John Kerry Predicts Death of US Dollar as World's Reserve Currency Those who control the "money", control you. All Western nations economies are controlled by Central banks, and governments have very little control over them. The Federal Reserve is a private bank. So who controls the Western Politicians? Then Banking cabal (The Money Masters). The chemical attack in Syria (Douma) was a false flag staged by the white helmets (Al Qaeda). ISIS and Al Qaeda are a creation of the Mossad and CIA and the white helmets work for the them. The "evidence" largely relied on video clips and photos shared on social media, provided by the Western-funded White Helmets. The Mossad/CIA's 911 false flag was used to sway public opinion to fight terrorism and justify these perpetual wars. Purpose: a). To regime change any elected government, failing to sell their oil for US dollars. b). To assist Israel's interestes in the area by removing Israel's perceived enemies. Russia and the CIA/MI6/Mossad have been fighting a proxy war through "ISIS" for years now. Russia and the Syrian Army fight "ISIS", while the CIA/MI6/Mossad fund "ISIS" to topple Assad. Why would Assad gas children and women when he's almost won the war? To stir international outrage and risk being bombed yet again? Why not use chemical weapons on "ISIS", his enemy? No, Assad uses chemical weapons on women and children. <---Fake news. Israel and USA benefit from these Chemical attacks, not Assad. MUST WATCH Here's a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist on the subject. Virginia State Senator Richard Black discusses the latest "chemical attack" in Syria as a false flag. Here's another tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. Assad had no reason to launch chem attack, unlike those who want US involvement - Ron Paul Free press in the West is long gone, and is truly fake news (Propaganda). Western media is an extension of the CIA used to sway public opinion (Operation Mockingbird). The truth is....all governments use propaganda on their people. In the Western media, China, Russia, Iran, are always made out to be the bogie man. It's no coincidence that all Hollywood movies always portray Russia and China as evil. Why? It's programming at an early age to hate these nations. Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA.....Really? Question everything you read, see or hear and do your own research. Don't trust one word I said here today. The truth will not come to you, you must search for it yourself. The Brain is a decoder of information and data. The information you read, hear, see forms your perception of reality. Your reality of the world and history is based on information your brain has decoded. Those who control information, control your perception of reality. Anger, fear, hated are emotions that come from your perception of reality. If you control a person's emotions, and perception of the truth, you control that person. Who forms your reality? Do you accept the information you're receiving as absolute truth? Does the information you read, make sense? Searching for the truth is hard and we may never find it.... A good place to start is WhatReallyHappened. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ RJ
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