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  1. KevinAu

    Fedex overflow aircraft? Or something else?

    Both those airports have heavy maintenance facilities.
  2. KevinAu

    Scariest commercial flight?

    There was nothing dangerous at all about that takeoff at midway you described. Most takeoffs are done using assumed temperature in order to save wear and tear on the engines. The takeoff thrust setting used is calculated to a reduced setting that will use all the runway available. What you experienced was normal procedure. Only in special situations will we use full power, such as contaminated runways, or certain mel procedures, or special local procedure takeoffs, like sna.
  3. KevinAu

    help me ID this livery (partially obscured)

    That’s from the Virgin merger.
  4. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    What does faa medicals have anything to do with this? he wasn’t even a pilot.
  5. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    I actually think not having any flight experience is an advantage to doing wild maneuvers in a plane. Because you won’t have any built in restraints with the controls. You just don’t know what you can’t do. The air combat experience places have said their customers with no flight experience tend to win more compared to customers who are pilots, since they dont have the same inhibitions to wildly throwing a stick around as the pilots do.
  6. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    This is probably the second or third attempt by an airline ground employee to steal a plane from a hangar area recently. The first successful one though. Easiest response should be to increase security and restrict access to the aircraft in these areas. When planes are parked out there and unattended, they should be rendered immovable by parking them in a manner that requires assistance to move. And if there is unauthorized aircraft movement, atc should have procedures to call on operations and airport law enforcement to immediately block the runways, instead of looking on dumbfounded.
  7. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    That discussion started with 9/11 and 767pic.
  8. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with what a belynz subsriber is. edit. googled it. Didn’t even know that was even a thing.
  9. KevinAu

    who stole the plane

    Probably a ramper rather than a mechanic. If he was a mechanic, he would have knowledge of how to operate and repair the systems of the aircraft. Or at least you would hope that a mechanic should.
  10. KevinAu

    RW Airline seniority system qustions.

    Yes, that is the case. The smaller the number, the higher the seniority. 1. You keep maintain your overall seniority no matter what base you are in. Within that base, your relative seniority depends on how you compare to others also based there. You may be very senior guy, but it you sit in a very senior base, you may still get leftover scraps for your schedule. If a more senior person transfers into the base above you, you are not going to lose your seat, because transfers can only happen if there is a vacancy. You may get bumped down in relative base seniority and be stuck with lousy schedules, but you are not going to lose your particular seat. For that to happen, it would have to be a special displacement bid where everybody in the company would be at risk for loss of seat. That kind of stuff happens during furloughs and economic hardships. This very general, and companies will have specific rules. 2. Having been bumped out of my captain seat back to fo after 9/11, I can tell you that at my particular airline at the time, we were still allowed to wear the 4 stripes, although not the ca hat, if remember correctly. However, I chose to forgo all appearance as a captain to avoid confusion during that period. This kind of stuff is company specific. 3. You do not have to have been an fo to be a ca on any particular plane. That is not to say there are no companies out there with such rules. But for all he companies that I know off, you can bid from fo of one plane to ca of another. Now, there are companies that may have issues with their pilot experience levels, so they may have more specific requirements and hurdles for someone to get into the left seat, and those places will often hire ‘street captains’ to sit in the left seat as a substitute for the lack of organic qualified captains. These are people with experience they hire directly into the left seat, but sit as new hires on the seniority list.
  11. KevinAu

    EIN 104 Vs KJFK ATC

    That exchange began with the pilot asking for direct greki, which is straight north. And it sounds like the controller was taking people east to get around the huge and dangerous looking weather to the north in order to get to greki. Why the aer lingus guy was unwilling to go east through the small rain shower but requesting to go north through the rather large, actual thunderstorm cell, I haven’t figured out.
  12. KevinAu

    EIN 104 Vs KJFK ATC

    Can’t disagree with you that they can be rude, aggressive, impatient and confrontational. But that describes pretty much anybody in new york. And they do see their fair share of dumb airplane moves. Just last week when I was taxiing out as part of one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen there (right turn on A out of T5, to go all the way around to near the approach end of 13L, to u turn onto B, to form two lines on P and Q for 13R) the ground controller went off on someone who couldn’t follow instructions and cut off somebody. Adding to his frustration was a virgin atlantic who kept missing calls and couldnt get any of the readbacks right of those that he did catch, and people who couldn’t understand the meaning of ‘monitor ground’. The controller got replaced as people made snide remarks about his attitude on the frequency. That’s just part of what you deal with flying into different parts of the world. No different than dealing with atc quirks of anywhere else. You deal with atc that will descend you into mountains in central america. You deal with total lack of standard phraseology and procedures in the caribbean. You deal with atc that yells at you in new york. That’s the world. From the looks of the weather radar in that video, I really don’t see a problem with a left turnout into the wide green portions with a right deviation if necessary to avoid the yellow spot. That just doesn’t look like anything that warranted the type of drama we got.
  13. KevinAu

    EIN 104 Vs KJFK ATC

    It is questionable because of whether the object on the radar warrants avoiding or not. Not all objects on the radar have to be avoided. A dangerous thunderstorm ‘cell’ has certain characteristics on the radar. Benign stratiform rain has its own characteristics. The key is to correctly interpret your radar to determine whether what you see warrants avoiding or not. If the departure corrider at jfk at that time was truly blocked by weather, atc would have stopped all departures and everybody would have sat on the ground. That’s just what they do. This is just a case of two obstinate people butting heads.
  14. KevinAu

    EIN 104 Vs KJFK ATC

    One time I was headed east over Canada along the great lakes above a solid undercast. A Skywest rj was behind me since we took off out of ord. He began asking for weather deviations. So this guy was definitely seeing something I wasn’t seeing. We looked high and low on our radar to figure what we were about to fly through that the guy behind us wanted to avoid. The best we can come up with was that we were passing over toronto and he thought the return of toronto was a weather cell. I suppose we should commend them too. My point was not that he was a coward, my point, is that the correct action is a narrow space bounded on both sides by the wrong action. His job was to keep it in that tiny space. Whether you fly blithely into a cell or you take a deviation around a stratiform shower, I would put both actions in the same box, the wrong thing. Just because you made a judgement call based on information isn’t good enough, the judgement call has to be correct and the information you base it on needs to be correctly interpreted. Circling around like he did for an hour before thev start of an oceanic crossing for no good reason costs a lot of money and wasted a lot of people’s time. But more importantly, it wasted a lot of fuel. Which could put you in a real bind later on. And that is why your decisions can’t just be safe, they need to be safe and correct.
  15. KevinAu

    EIN 104 Vs KJFK ATC

    I’ll have to say the ny controllers actually do a pretty good job of getting us through the wx around the terminal area. They both can share the blame. The controller for his lack of patience with the pilot and the pilot for not going through wx that he could have safely gone through. They don’t pay commercial pilots to be reckless or to be cowards. They pay them to make the right call. ‘Abundance of caution’ is not the right call. Nothing would get done if that was the case, and yes, lots of money would be lost by the company if being overly cautious was acceptable. The judgement call has to be exactly correct. That is what the big bucks are paid for. We are trained to recognize what radar returns are dangerous and which ones are not. Use all the information and resources available, like atc or other aircraft, to come up with the correct plan of action to solve a problem. Just because you held your ground does not mean it was right. A better pilot is capable of changing his decision if it becomes apparent it may not be the correct action. Having said all that, the controller completely gave in to impatience and resulting anger that day. He should have been relieved immediately. I can understand why there was no way for him to allow the shamrock to continue south into the face of three arrival stars, turn west into the landing traffic for ewr and lga, or north into the wx. But maybe he could have climbed him in a circle up to merge with the kingston arrivals and get above the south arrivals to let him continue southward until he was comfortable with going east. Or even keep him way down low below everything to escape south. But when your anger gets the better of you, then you do vindictive things instead of looking for solutions. He should have been relieved and put on break.