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  1. I recently downloaded the public Beta of the trislander but I can't seem to get the engines running. I'm sure it must be something I'm over looking but having no trouble firing up a Dash-8 or 737 I really wonder what the start up procedure is for this little funny aircraft. EDIT: Increased my screen brightness to 100% and noticed some knobs not visible before... and Eureka. Great little aircraft.
  2. My 5 year old 4670K at 4.2Ghz with GTX 1070 can not even keep up with the 7700HQ in a laptop... Did a test last week and this is the result with 3.5Ghz and a GTX 1060. This is the list of used add-ons P3Dv3.4 AFT Global, OpenLC EU, Vector Soft Clouds FlyTampa EHAM FSLabs A320
  3. Had the same issue years ago with a little unstable OC. Indeed just one notch up might do the trick.
  4. Fellow sim squad, Currently I’m running FSX SE on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (all sliders to the left) at around 25fps with UK2000 scenery and FTX global, OpenLCEU and Soft clouds with the QW757 in VC. Not bad at all considering this is a tablet PC with intel 430 graphics and 1.9Ghz on the CPU. Great for when I am away from home or in the living room and want to make a flight. (My flight sim PC is on the attic). Yet, the 3 year old SP3 has its limitations and running anything other then the QW 757 is a nightmare. And the wife needs a simple PC for herself and never bought any hardware. So I’m thinking of buying a 7700HQ cpu based lappie with a GTX1060 or 1070. Anyone here has any experience running such laptop with these kind of specs in P3D v3 / FSX se or XP11?
  5. That only took 30 minutes for a purist to step in telling laptops are not that great. Hello, wake up 2018 calling. There are better laptops these days then my gaming rig (4670k+1070). And yes, you can get 4+ GHz CPUs in laptops these days. Tell you something. I have FSX-SE running on 25fps on a 3 year old Surface Pro 3 TABLET. (1.9Ghz and intel graphics) in the QW757 VC with ORBX global and LCeurope with UK2000 scenery and soft clouds. All sliders to the left... But it works and when I’m not at home or in the living room and want to make a flight it simply works. That said, I’m looking at the 7700HQ+1070 myself.
  6. Think I’m going to buy shares in an asid manufacturing company the day before an update comes out.
  7. Depends on your CPU frequency. Anything above 4Ghz is good. I have a GTX1070 but have seen stunning results with the cheaper 1060 as well. Lockheed Martin offers a 60 day money back policy in case you don’t feel content with their offerings. I would say; just give it a try and see how it goes. I have P3D 4 installed as my main sim with legacy 2.5 for the stuff that doesn’t work in V3 or 4.
  8. Easy to say from your couch. I work in public transport and the place I don't want to see a dog is at my butcher or bakery on the places we as a customer normally do not visit either. You don't know why the dog was there and there could be a good reason for allowing the dog in the cabin. Furthermore I doubt she is "life threatening allergic" to dogs. If this is the case, she would ABSOLUTELY carry an Epi-pen with antidote to keep her alive till she is in a hospital to receive further treatment. Same as people who are allergic to nuts. They have a doctors certificate AND carry an Epi-pen to keep them alive. Hell, I had to apply it to a customer on my train once to keep him from suffocating. So this woman is claiming a lot of things I sincerely doubt she is. Maarten Otto International High Speed Train staff.
  9. Windows 7 could be the limiting factor and give you problems. Even though LM states it can run under W7, I had CTD’s on a daily basis without any logging in event viewer. My advice is to upgrade to Windows 10 and re-install P3D. Microsoft is still offering a free upgrade to W10 so it won’t cost you a thing other then 40 or so minutes. And if you don’t like it you can revert back to W7. You have nothing here to loose only gain a better performing P3D. Mine is running stable now and it was a free upgrade.
  10. I went with the 2D flight deck and it it is great. Never had an OOM on P3Dv3 on flights between FlyTampa Amsterdam and Copenhagen. With VC I did had a few OOM’s. Performance wise on a GTX970 was also no problem and I can’t wait to have it in the fleet again for P3Dv4.
  11. Got the 1070 and as I run tubesliners I do not really care for autogen buildings, but like to see loads of trees. So al sliders are maxed out except for autogen buildings. In the PMDG NGX I still get 30 locked with 100% AI traffic and ORBX Base, OpenLC, England and Vector. Add 5 cloud layers via ACA and AS16 and your PC will have a challenge. Never would have been possible with the 970 I used before.
  12. Indeed... tell you guys what. I'm a happy V2.5 user as the Q400 and the Bae 146 happily live in that platform. V3 was de-installed when V4 came around the corner and will possibly only see the light again if and when QW get their stuff working under V3. Can't wait for the FSL Bus, but that was installed in V3 and has been parked a while now. But all things come in time, and with hobby's there is one key element that always pays off..... PATIENCE.
  13. If we're able to buy the base version (FSX) and get the P3Dv4 one at an upgrade fee then I'm tempted to install it in P3Dv2.5 which currently is my QW Sim.
  14. Can you please send me the PTA preset? It looks great to me.
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