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  1. Dominguez1221986

    Engange vs speed?

    Hello all, Can someone please tell me how to engage the vs speed? Cheers, Jason
  2. Dominguez1221986


  3. Dominguez1221986

    Saab 340 exterior lighting

    Hello all, I seem to be having an issues with the exterior lights on the Saab 340. Nav, strobe, beacon light seem ok, but when I turn on the wing, landing, and logo light they are very bright to the point where I cant even see the wing or vertical stab. Can some please help trying to figure out what settings i can change to fix this? Cheers, Jason
  4. Dominguez1221986

    Frame rates

    Hello all, I'm interested in buying the dornier 228 but was wondering about frame rates. I have purchased many carenado airplanes and frame rates have made a few of them not flyable. Can anyone please provide feedback on dornier 228 frame rates? Cheers, Jason
  5. Hello All, This airplane has very bad frame rates! Are the any tips on how to improve them? Cheers, Jason
  6. Dominguez1221986

    Aero Commander Frame Rates

    Ok thanks for the feedback! Hopefully i have the same success :smile: Cheers, Jason
  7. Hello All, I am looking into buying the Aero Commander. But before I do, I wondering if someone can tell how the airplanes is in terms of frame rates? Cheers, Jason
  8. Dominguez1221986

    Chieftain 350 frame rates

    Hello All, I am looking into buying the Chieftain 350. But before I do, I wondering if someone can give some insite on how the airplane is in terms of frame rates? Cheers, Jason
  9. Dominguez1221986

    Ways to improve frame rates

    Hi Ray, Thanks for the tip! Cheers, Jason
  10. Hello All, After I made some serious adjustments to my settings in FSX to make this aircraft flyable, I was wondering if there are any tips out there to improve frame rates? On the Phenom 100 I removed the weather radar, and it improved FFS slightly, are there other files I can remove that wont compromise regular lite flying. Please let me know. Cheers, Jason
  11. Hello All, I was wondering if anybody knows a fix for the up/down action when at cruise ALT (FL370)? At normal speed everything seems to be fine, but when I speed up FSX to 8/16 x the speed, it starts up/down motion. I'm guessing that maybe what i'm seeing is the slight adjustments that are always being made by the auto pilot. When in normal time you wont really notice the minute changes that are being made to keep the heading and altitude, but speeded up they will appear magnified. Is there a fix or something I can change for the autopilot to keep everything straight? All input is greatly appreciated....... Cheers, Jason
  12. Theses look great! :Applause: Cheers, Jason
  13. Dominguez1221986

    Frame Rates?

    Hello All, How are the frame rates when flying the H850XP? I really want to buy it but I know how Carenado airplanes are frame rate hogs. Best regards, Jason
  14. Dominguez1221986

    Aircraft loads Fps drops to 0.6

    Hello All, again with FPS issues. I will definitely pass on this airplane. Thanks for the heads up! Jason
  15. Dominguez1221986

    New Transavia Livery

    Here you go....... Best Regards, Jason Dominguez