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  1. because some people use thier computers for more than just flight simulation
  2. Flawless purchase and download experience!!! thank you already impressed, especiallly compared to recent experiences
  3. much appreciated thank you so much
  4. I cant tell if its something im just missing or if its something thats wrong. I am having a hard time mainly with the autopilot in regards to vertical navigation. my biggest issue is using VS option. When i select that mode on the autopilot nothing happens, there doesnt seem to be a default FPM setting when engaged and where do i adjust FPM? thank you for any helpful responses. I am a fan of flysimware and not bashing the work they have done here, im just looking for help
  5. Cameras on the 777-300 is awesome! thanks PMDG! and thank you for supporting P3D v3, the T7 and NGX perform better than i thought they would with this new veriosn, best of all i have done several flights with no OOMS.
  6. I flew into aerosofts EGLL today using P3D v3 and not one single OOM!!!!!
  7. never heard of real engine 1.4. until now. awseome program once configured correctly. thanks for sharing!
  8. OK, I tried deleting the proline21.cab file and did a re-install, no difference..... So i again loaded the aircraft.....fps starts dropping to 0.6, 0.3 and out of frustration, i start clicking all my mouse buttons, i start hitting the 2d pop up gauges. pressing and clicking, pressing and clicking etc. Well i pulled up the engine/navigation display 2d popup (shift+ 2) and i clicked one of the black buttons on the left side and whoa-la! The sim comes out of the funk that its in and fps return to normal parameters. I get actually very good performace. this experience has been very strange, but im glad i am now able to use the aircraft. Big thank you to those who responded. I hope this finding may help someone else. Take care
  9. i have a GTX780ti sandybridge 2600k at 4.8ghz thank you for your inputs ill give it a go
  10. Ok i am running P3d 2.4 on windows 7 64bit. I installed the hawker as Admin, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times and every time same result. The aircraft loads and then the FPS start droping gradually but at the same time quickly from 30 - 0.6 fps , I cant figure it out. No weather loaded, i am running p3d at medium graphics settings im not a big viusals junkie, it doesnt feel like the sim itself is causing the problem I have carenados previous Citation installed and that performs perfectly, Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you again
  11. I dont even know what to say....... Thank you for everything you have done for us. I have been with avsim for a really long time, almost to when it first started. Life is so precious and if someone told me i had just 90 days i wouldnt know what to do. You mean so much to us as a community. Again thank you for everything and god bless
  12. i am also a fellow 2.5 user with the 777 and i do not experience this, is there any chance your weather program could be a culprit, I use opus FSI, just a thought
  13. Im trying it now to Install on 2.5, the biggest effect on 3rd party scenery software is the relocation of the Terrian.cfg in ver 2.5. Before the Terrian.cfg was in the P3d root folder. Now it is located in C:\programData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\. My theory is I uninstall 2.4, Do a fresh clean install of 2.5 and then install FSGlobal 2010, first.... However before i install FSG2010 I am going to copy the terrian.cfg from its new location back to Prepar3d root folder. Complete the install and when FSG is done i am going to cut and past the terrian.cfg back to its new location and hope for the best. It should work.
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