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  1. Richard, Many thanks for this information. I wouldn't have known how to find it otherwise. Regards John
  2. Hi Brian, I have recently bought Pilot Assist pro and have it installed on my iphone & ipad. When i enter an ICAO Station Code in the weather tab it always tells me that the 'Data source unavailable'. Can you please advise how i should set it up so that i can get the METAR & TAF. Many thanks Best Regards John
  3. Thanks Omaniac, Best Regards John
  4. I can't find a way to change the altitude selector knob from 1000 FPM to 100 FPM increments. I'm sure its something simple but I can't find it. Many thanks Best Regards John
  5. I have tried Wael's suggestions but the AIRAC is still not updating. The FMC is still using the version that shipped with the plane. The Navigraph FMS Data Manager does not find the Maddog so cannot update it. Are there any other methods I can try. I have no problem updating the AIRAC with other addons, PMDG, FSLabs etc. Many thanks Best Regards John
  6. Thanks Wael, I'll try these later. Best Regards John
  7. I have tried updating the AIRAC (Navigraph) but it is not being recognized in the FMC. I have checked and the AIRAC has installed into the NavData file. I would appreciate it if someone could advise the correct path to use. Many thanks Best Regards John
  8. Hi Brian, I would definitely buy a button version if you could be persuaded....... Due to flightsim cockpit location I cannot use a voice version. Best Regards John
  9. Hi Keven, My apologies, I thought this was the support forum. What is the official route for support? I have tried the work around and I can now see, and use, the UI. But I have to do this everytime I start ChasePlane. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this has not worked. Is there a way to make the UI appear permanent? ChasePlane is a great add-on and I use it on every flight. Best Regards John
  10. Hi Keven, No response or acknowledgement of my problem? It would be good to get some assistance... John
  11. Hi Mario, I raised a topic on Friday with exactly the same issue as you have. I haven't received any replies yet, hopefully Keven can advise a solution. John
  12. Hi Keven, Have been using the experimental version on P3Dv4.1 without incident up to a few days ago. Now the UI screen does not show up anywhere. I can, however, still use my presets. I have now updated P3D to v4.2 and am still getting the same result. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ChasePlane but still get the same result. Can you kindly advise me on how to restore the UI please. Many thanks Best Regards John
  13. Peter, I had already disabled the av with no success whatsoever. So this was my last throw of the dice before submitting a support ticket. It was at about 1.30am last night and it worked. I,like Chris had spent many hours trying to get the update to work, and finally, for me it did. Best Regards John
  14. Chris, I had exactly the same issue as you. The steps I carried out were exactly as you described and always ended up with blank screens, un-clickable buttons and switches and no landing gear. As a last resort I put an exclusion, in the anti-virus software, for the folder containing the PMDG Operations Center. I then went through the whole updating process again and this time it worked. All updated OK and flew a 7 hour flight with no problems. This is on Windows 10, P3D and Windows built-in anti-virus software. Hope this assists you. Best Regards John Fairman
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