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    Early days: Microsoft FS2.1 > FS4 > FS5.1 > FS98 > FS2002 > FS2004

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  1. Bartbear

    Your age?

    I am a 57 year young simmer, but i started 'playing' FS2 somewhere in the eighties on a IBM compatible with a 4.75 Mhz (!) 8088 processor, 360 Kilobyte floppy drives and a 4 colour screen ...... But it had a great framerate: almost 2-3 fps !! :hi:
  2. Jetblst, i just saw that you have a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Quad Core at 3.4 Ghz. In that case NickN's tuning is probably the best you can do, since Word Not Allowed's tuning is more for the latest 2 CPU generations. And of course there's also the Bojote's Automatic Tuning Tool: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html FSX will always have stutters, even with the latest Intel I7 Ivy Bridge processor overclocked to 4.5 Ghz or more and a Nvidia GTX-680 videocard, FSX Word Not Allowed-tuned to perfection, NvidiaInspector with the best settings, small microstutters are reported. Laminar's P3D gives the same framerate but is smoother: look for tests at Word Not Allowed's site. PS: what i said about sliders and settings was also for a more highend PC, so you have to experiment and have your settings lower.
  3. Have you ever tried Word Not Allowed's Tuning Guide ? http://#####...hardware-guide/ About sliders and settings : I take scenery complexity and autogen density: Very Dense Water : High 2x NO Light Bloom or Scenery Shadows ! Road Traffic: 25% or less ! Jets: 30% and GA: 40% Mostly 29-30 frames and very bad weather: 24-29 only minor stutters. Minimum: runway KLAX or KJFK in stormy weather, virtual cockpit of the 737 NG : 16
  4. Thank you Gerard. I had already installed the file over my original install of Belgium 2012, the result is great! But to be sure i did download your latest files to, so i can try those to see if there are differences. So nice to fly above Gent at 1000 feet and see my house at the river the Leie! :yahoo:
  5. I don't know if autogen buildings are included in this files Gerard kindly made available. ( I use the original versions ) If not: look at Avsim.com file downloads for this: Filename:belgium_autogen_v1.zip License:Freeware, limited distribution Added:28th July Author:Dominique Dziedziczak Size:31889kb File Description: V1 Autogen buildings and vegetation 19432 AGN s New technology For stage picture of BELGIUM "Belgium 2012" Or, Use FsEarthTiles.
  6. I use this settings for realism: RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.7 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.5 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.8 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.4 Is there a real world pilot who can say what settings are the most realistic ?
  7. Yes you must put everything in the textures folder. For me you get the nicest result with: 1. Belgium 2012 (autogen packages included) and Brussels HD 2 .Add the files from Pinguin_be to BOTH ( i did NOT let overwrite ) : Yes there are trees in Brussels then ! 3. Add the file belgium-the-west-flanders_-autogen-v1.zip (avsim.com library) from Dominique DZIEDZICZAK only to Belgium 2012 ( and LET overwrite !! ) Somebody another/better combination?
  8. That's ok coolP, thank you for answering. Maybe sombody else has still the "fix files"? Or maybe the master himself, Gerard?
  9. CoolP thank you very much for the link, i hadn't realised this was done yet. >>> Is it possible to make a link also to a seperate "Belgium 2012 fix file: repairs textures not showing up in the Limburg area)" So i don't have to download all the files again. >>> Where do i place the seperate afcad files? Can i just mix them with the other Belgium 2012 (1 en 2) and Brussels HD \ scenery .bgl files ? Thank you in advance! Bart
  10. Hi Gerard, Just to ask about the status of the additional Tree autogen package you are developping. It looks like (part of?) this package is already included in the torrent downloads Kevinfirth provides, but since this download is so huge and i have already downloaded the photoscenery from your first release in may, i wanted to ask you if you are still planning to release the Tree autogen package as a separate update file? greetings, Bart
  11. I just found this file at avsim.com: belgium-the-west-flanders_-autogen-v1.zip " V1 Belgium. The West Flanders. For scenery photo of BELGIUM. The entire Belgian coast. From Courtrai to Bruges, included Oostende, De Panne. surrounding EBFN, EBOS, EBZU, EBUL EBMO, EBKT. Autogen vegetation 80%.And, the largest buildings of its surrounds. (2181 agn) With FsEarthTiles and AgenT. Thanks auteurs. have a good Flight. Dominique DZIEDZICZAK " Just place the TEXTURE files of this zip file in the beautifull Belgian Photo Scenery 2012 made by Gerard (GSalden) to have the whole province of West-Vlaanderen covered and the surrounding of the 6 airports. Very nice alternative addition to the great work of Gerard!
  12. Ok Gerard, i can understand and respect that. Thanks for all the great work. :Hug:
  13. Great news, looking forward to it. Thanks Gerard !
  14. Gerard thank you so much ! I had been looking for months to find a download location for your fantastic project. I am sure you made lots of Belgian flightsimmers very happy ! :yahoo: PS: If you can find a solution for North-East of France, please let us know.
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