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  1. What about 'FSPS FSX FIBER ACCELERATOR'? According to this test 'it works':
  2. I know this should be posted in the "Monitors, Videocards and Drivers" forum so read it here :
  3. Same problem here. Until now i NEVER had a driver issue for the last 7 years, and now the Nvidia 361.43 drivers freeze my Windows 7 computer with Nvidia Geforce 570 videocard completly! Only a hard reset did help, and now after rolling back tot the previous 359.06 drivers everything seems to be ok again. I found also several warnings about this in the Geforce forum :
  4. Read the FSX 'bible' here : #####
  5. For FSX you need a processor that you can overclock to at least 4.3 Ghz
  6. Bartbear

    xFuel - Fuel Planning app for Android

    Great news for me and my Sony Xperia P ! Can't wait to find it in the PlayStore Steve. :Hug:
  7. Bartbear

    I'm an ex X-Plane 10 convert

    I've tried the demo version of XP10 from the beginning. With several new updates some things were getting better, other were worse. Several times: two steps forward, one step back, but it has to be said, updates come at regular intervals. The "blade element theory" that XP10 uses instead of the "lookup tables" that FSX and also a lot of Level D full motion simulators uses, is very nice in theory but the question is: are there enough parameters taken into account in the XP10 implementation of this blade element theory. Some people think not, some even say that it is not possible on a modern PC at this moment to use enough parameters, so extra added "lookup tables" or other modifications should still be necessary. So i think, besides the lack of good ATC, exaggerated turbulence, missing landmarks, seasonal textures and airport buildings, the 2 biggest problems still are in the flight dynamics. In this two threads you can read all about it: 1. the exaggerated roll: http://forum.avsim.n...-aircraft-roll/ 2. the exaggerated "wind vaning" even with modest sidewinds. http://forum.avsim.n...good-after-all/ XP10 has of course great potential, and is slowly getting better, no doubt about that, but i stick to FSX, where i have the feeling of a living, breathing realistic looking world and good balanced flight dynamics. Since the ground behavior of the aircraft has been modified by Johan Dees and the implantation of this into FSUIPC (Peter Dowson) now, an important flaw in FSX (the exaggerated side slipping/skidding at correct landingspeed at dry runways) is now corrected. Let's hope P3D can make FSX better in the future, if not there's aeroflyFS with it's good modern engine, (less stress on the CPU and more on the GPU: so very good framerates and stutterfree) great graphics, and very good flight dynamics. Of course it's still limited in features at this moment, but it can become a real challenger to XP10 in the future and hopefully for P3D to ! AeroflyFs development status see:
  8. Bartbear

    My Experience with Prepar3D

    Look here to:
  9. Bartbear

    Your age?

    I am a 57 year young simmer, but i started 'playing' FS2 somewhere in the eighties on a IBM compatible with a 4.75 Mhz (!) 8088 processor, 360 Kilobyte floppy drives and a 4 colour screen ...... But it had a great framerate: almost 2-3 fps !! :hi:
  10. Johan every time i make a landing i realize how much the realism in FSX ground handling has improved since your patch. I think you deserve a kind of 2012 award for that ! Thanks again and merry Chistmas.
  11. Jetblst, i just saw that you have a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Quad Core at 3.4 Ghz. In that case NickN's tuning is probably the best you can do, since Word Not Allowed's tuning is more for the latest 2 CPU generations. And of course there's also the Bojote's Automatic Tuning Tool: FSX will always have stutters, even with the latest Intel I7 Ivy Bridge processor overclocked to 4.5 Ghz or more and a Nvidia GTX-680 videocard, FSX Word Not Allowed-tuned to perfection, NvidiaInspector with the best settings, small microstutters are reported. Laminar's P3D gives the same framerate but is smoother: look for tests at Word Not Allowed's site. PS: what i said about sliders and settings was also for a more highend PC, so you have to experiment and have your settings lower.
  12. Have you ever tried Word Not Allowed's Tuning Guide ? http://#####...hardware-guide/ About sliders and settings : I take scenery complexity and autogen density: Very Dense Water : High 2x NO Light Bloom or Scenery Shadows ! Road Traffic: 25% or less ! Jets: 30% and GA: 40% Mostly 29-30 frames and very bad weather: 24-29 only minor stutters. Minimum: runway KLAX or KJFK in stormy weather, virtual cockpit of the 737 NG : 16
  13. Many thanks Dudly, this is a nice encouragement for the FSX community !
  14. The link for (latest version: j ) is OK at You'll find everything also at the Peter Dowson support forums here : http://forum.simflig...pdated-modules/
  15. Just to mention to Pete Dowson / Johan Dees that the link for (the i - version) at doesn't work anymore. And thanks again for all the good work, FSX is much more realistic and more fun now ! :Hug:
  16. Guys aren't we sliding (or skidding) slightly off topic now? I am so happy that my favorite GA aircraft don't behave anymore like the sledge of Santa Claus during the landing. :p0504:
  17. Great ! Can't wait for an Accelerator version update ! :yahoo: Johan, yes there's something wrong at your site: with: It doesn't load.
  18. I just dowloaded the patch for my FSX Gold Edition pack and installed it. I made a dozen landings with my favorite Carenado Baron 58. One word: FANTASTIC !!! On a dry runway the aircraft doesn't skid anymore like a bad landing on skis in the snow. AMAZING ! The landing feels much more realistic and controllable. I shall test it also in rain and snow and with other planes now. Johan_Dees it looks like you have a real winner here. To me it feels like one of the most important improvements ever made to FSX in the order of SP1, 2 / Acceleration and the Word Not Allowed Tuning Guide. Thank you so much !
  19. I have the FSX Gold Edition pack. So i suppose i need the 'acceleration' patch to download?
  20. Bartbear

    Good modifications of default aircraft

    I use the OZX Grumman Goose HD Redux 1.20 to, it's a great plane. Better interior:high resolution virtual cockpits, better exterior: 4096 pixel textures, 2 different engines and much better ground handling and dynamics than the default FSX one. Download:
  21. Bartbear

    Good modifications of default aircraft

    The free RealAir air- file for use with the default FSX Cessna C172 is very good. The download page says: 'Cessna 172 for 2004' but it's compatible with FSX with no problems.
  22. Bartbear

    Belgium 2012 free photoscenery

    Thank you Gerard. I had already installed the file over my original install of Belgium 2012, the result is great! But to be sure i did download your latest files to, so i can try those to see if there are differences. So nice to fly above Gent at 1000 feet and see my house at the river the Leie! :yahoo:
  23. Bartbear

    Belgium 2012 free photoscenery

    I don't know if autogen buildings are included in this files Gerard kindly made available. ( I use the original versions ) If not: look at file downloads for this: License:Freeware, limited distribution Added:28th July Author:Dominique Dziedziczak Size:31889kb File Description: V1 Autogen buildings and vegetation 19432 AGN s New technology For stage picture of BELGIUM "Belgium 2012" Or, Use FsEarthTiles.