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  1. I have the black screen when I toggle to full screen too so I press "S" to go to an outside view, toggle it to full screen, then press Shift+"S" return to cockpit view. See if that works for you. I have no idea why it does this, but it has been that way for years on my system. I suspect it's something Nvidia related but I'm not sure, and does it on two different video cards (both Nvidia).. You have an Nvidia too so maybe it will work for you. The minimize issue - what I do is press the icon on the taskbar and hold the mouse button down. It will eventually return to full screen (3 or 4 seconds later). Strange, no? Been living with it for years as I said.
  2. Any application that pops up messages will do this. The term is "focus stealing." For instance the bubble that appears when u get a new email in Outlook will do it. Kill all background tasks. I have an App killer I run b4 starting FSX.
  3. Huh. I went to 2.15 this morning before I saw this. Rebuilt my database and everything seems fine, no crashes yet. Will fly it later today. Maybe I should save the agony and wait for a patch-patch...
  4. Penz, that's what the original .dds looked like (somewhat), although it didn't look anything like that within FSX. Like I said, I tried high and low graphics settings and got only a funky cloud texture either way - does someone know a trick to make it look better or is blackening the dds the only way to 'fix' it? My night clouds suck anyway. Maybe there's a fix out there for that too.
  5. Well, you made me look. I tried at low graphics and at extreme high graphics (never minding the slideshow maxed sliders gives me) and the Milky Way only looks like a strange cloud, a blotchy and rather badly rendered cloud at that, stretching across the sky. So I did as the OP said and edited it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Actually didn't really notice it till now. Sort of like that other thread "Don't push this red button, no matter what" in today's forum. I had to look and edit it out.
  6. PFE does control ground. But better yet, it controls you - PFE GC gives you clearance to cross a runway if applicable. I own both PFE and RC. I also have EditVoicePack to make the default ATC speak faster and have extended airline names, etc. My preferences are 1) Default since less hassle 2) PFE then 3) RC4. I have not tried either RC or PFE with SIDs/STARs but I know PFE has the option. PFE does a better job with smaller aircraft and VFR than RC4 does (IMHO). PFE is the most difficult to set up for a flight but it's well worth it, the voices sound natural and even accents follow the country you are flying over. Nice touch.
  7. I wonder if it's possible to model a Synthetic Visual System (SVS)that is being developed by Honeywell Aerospace? Is it possible in FS9 or perhaps FSX to use a windowed view without the cockpit? I don't see a front view available and if it was, it would probably have weather on it still obstructing the runway, eh?http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/news/2006/07/71495This would be a cool page to flip to on the PFD when the weather is bad.
  8. Haha, sometimes I drink a sixer or more of Bud lite and fly. Like tonight. I also don't pay attention to ground control if he doesn't let me taxi across the rwy when there is incoming traffic. Hold short? I hold it all the time...
  9. Yessir! And now, how about the future bizjet too? hehe.Do you know if it will support both FS9 and FSX? Just curious as I now am an FS9 user but have been toying with FSX now and then. Also, what about a 2D panel? Will it be widescreen or will I need to modify it for my 1900x1280 monitor? Thanks for the link. I will watch the development of this bird.dolph
  10. I wondered if anyone has built or planning to build any of the Epic aircraft? I think they are georgeous and would love to fly one. Here's a link...http://www.epicaircraft.com/home_flash.htmldolph
  11. Interesting you should say that. How come the default FS9.cfg had a number in the hundreds of thousands for TEL?Heres my config if you are interested. I run an 8600GTS 256MB and I have zero blurries at FL300 out as far as I can see.[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS.0]Mode=1920x1200x32TriLinear=1MipBias=8[DISPLAY]UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=100TextureMaxLoad=10//RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.5//RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.5//RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.5//RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.5[TERRAIN]TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=100.000000TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=20TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.500000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=4.500000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=3
  12. Yes, there is a slight learning curve to this method. But the end certainly justifies the means in this case.You have to edit your fs9.cfg to remove the default situation before doing this. And/or you have to be careful not to hangar the jet you last flew if you saved the situation with it. Especially true if you like cold and dark startups as I do. And I already mentioned not to remove the defaults because that's what MS uses for AI for the shipped trafficxxxxxx.bgl file. It took a while for me to notice that there were no 737s in the air with me. I have so much custom traffic it didn't show up easily... dolph
  13. I used this utility and it cleaned up my AI showing on the aircraft selection menu. But to speed up loading, I moved all my unused add-on aircraft to another folder and only put the one I am going to fly in the FS9aircraft folder for each flight. I didn't move any of the default aircraft because they are used for AI. I am at the create flight screen in less than 10 seconds now and the actual flight loads in about 15 seconds. dolph
  14. I have been collecting business jets lately. I now have 20 including the Lear 45. I will eventually move on to WWI aircraft and will get tired of that (Not a whole lot of free WWI) then will graduate to WWII birds (there are some real nice ones freeware). Then maybe some weird stuff. I already have cars and motorcycles and boats (kinda dumb). Use your imagination. What we need is some animals, haha.
  15. Mesh - http://www.simviation.com/fsdterrainsrtm.htm (free)Terrain - lcus_09b6 landclass from FSG (free), NURoadsEnvironment - AEU7, AEU_mx and AEU8 (free), reality pack 1.2 (free), korbygen lite (free), a few addon airports like Deer Valley, AZ and KPHX and KABQ, ones I frequent.Weather - AS6 (purchased)dolph
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