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  1. I have the black screen when I toggle to full screen too so I press "S" to go to an outside view, toggle it to full screen, then press Shift+"S" return to cockpit view. See if that works for you. I have no idea why it does this, but it has been that way for years on my system. I suspect it's something Nvidia related but I'm not sure, and does it on two different video cards (both Nvidia).. You have an Nvidia too so maybe it will work for you. The minimize issue - what I do is press the icon on the taskbar and hold the mouse button down. It will eventually return to full screen (3 or 4 seconds later). Strange, no? Been living with it for years as I said.
  2. You might try this site - it has tons of scenery worldwide. Thinkin' of doin' some Suzi Air flights are ya? Edit: That site is first hit with Google, which as everyone knows, is your friend. (I didn't know it would be top of the list. It's top of MY list for sure).
  3. Try pressing 'h' for carb heat. This works for me depending on the weather...
  4. dolph98

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    I obviously didn't check their forum first. Not one of my frequent destinations. Thanks RudiJG1 for the heads up.
  5. dolph98

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    I got 1.3, Installed and tested briefly. I noticed that while FA says it says AGL on all buttons and the description in the manual (and in my mind's eye), it actually seems to work per MSL instead. I would prefer AGL but see no way to change it. Scenario - Locked 30, Mid 24@10000, Low 18@2000. Sitting at KABQ I am at 2ft AGL but ~5300ft MSL. I want the lower frame rate but it's at my mid setting. Is this just me? Do I not understand the AGL/MSL concept? Edit: It's real. I also get a system error when closing FSX after forgetting to close FA 1st. Some error accessing something I've never seen before, closed it before I wrote it down. Anyways, went back to 1.2 for right now until others chime in. My system is overclocked and there's no telling what sort of timing or memory access methods could have changed, therefore I won't judge yet. Time for a new thread, hey?
  6. dolph98

    Aerosoft Airbus X American Voice Pack

    I think separate files is the way to go. I'll take it any which way but separate allows a mix to break it up a bit. FWIW - I have been using Q400_Flyer's voice pack and have enjoyed it very much. It's British but I like it much better than default voices, no offense to the original guy. There is also a Canadian pack out there - by Julian Roschlau - which is good but not quite complete.
  7. dolph98

    Lowering Track IR5 centre

    Yup. I have spare buttons on my CH throttle programmed for set center, pause and precision toggles. I use center whenever I want to shift positions. Do like Robert said above, and don't forget you have to move the opposite way you think you do to get the proper center. This way if you squirm a lot during a long flight, center won't be affected if you recenter after each squirm.
  8. dolph98

    Aerosoft Airbus X American Voice Pack

    Cool. I will be excited to get this voicepack. I started to do it myself and had my wife lined up to do the FO. We started but got interrupted and never finished. I looked to see when we last worked on it and it was November, 2013. It's tedious work and I salute you for doing it, sir.
  9. dolph98

    Question and/or Program Idea

    Thanks for the reply. What you say makes sense. So I guess I will be making some .bgl files to see what it takes but I will probably give up on it pretty quickly.
  10. dolph98

    64-bit Conversion

    I bought. I installed. I am pleased. No FRAPS comparison results to report but my fps is up where I need it to be and I no longer see the triangle scenery in the distance. I also run Fiber Accelerator at 30 locked/ 24 Mid 20 min and I leave it at mid all the time. Very smooth so far in the NGX. When I first downloaded, I turned on the CPU overclock (3.2GHz to 4.2GHz) just to see if I can run everything maxxed out. I was still in the 15fps range at KJFK but that's about 7 to 10fps higher than without this converter, that is about as scientific as I will get right now. I have turned off the OC and reverted to mid-range settings and I will leave it that way for now. Time to fly some more.
  11. Hi all, Is there a tool available which would automatically place static aircraft on the ramp of whatever airport I'm flying near without the need for enabling air traffic at a high level? I use myTrafficX 5.4 currently, with all default traffic removed. My traffic settings are currently 21% for both GA and commercial planes, and the boat stuff is at 4% and cars are at 0%. This combination gives me a solid 24fps almost everywhere in CONUS where I fly, with the use of Fiber Accelerator. I have some planes in the sky to keep me company, and a few on the ground. But I would like to see the ramp have more parked planes (mid- to low-complexity models for ambiance is all I desire) and a tool to do that would be nice without me having to edit each airport to add them. This would be very time consuming but is one method and may be what I end up doing. I don't fly regular routes so there's an awful lot of airports to edit. Thanks for any consideration of my question.
  12. dolph98

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Still searching for the sweet spot in my system. I had earlier reported I was using 24/24. Well that didn't work so much with the NGX cross country so changed it up to 18/30 and have so far no blurries, no worries. I have clear ground detail as far as the eye can see and that's much better. EDIT: I know I should not care about the ground detail but there's nothing more frustrating than turning my head out the window and seeing a blurry mess. I can't take that. So being a little less hungry for FPS at the bottom end is doable. Will see when I reach KPDX (from KATL).
  13. dolph98

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Well, after trying it out, I like this program a lot and bought it. I have chosen 24/24 for fixed/FA settings and get the best all around results on my system. I appreciate the program already. For one thing, it seems to have given me the ability to fly in the KJFK area where I don't usually bother to fly due to the slide show it is. Now I can get around 15 with JFK in view, and 20+ in the general area. So thanks for that FSPS! My results around KLAX are about the same - choppy when KLAX is in view but my high traffic setting is the culprit there I already know. Oh, and KMIA? Smooth! No graphics slider changes were done here, I like what I've been seeing so no reason to try lowering the bar just to prove a program works. I learned that a hardware fps limit is indeed present, seems I can stay away from it by not being so hoggish with the upper limit within FSX. I noticed it cannot seem to keep up as well if I set, for instance, 30/24 or 30/30. I rarely see "UNLIMITED" at 24/24. [DoingWithoutNewPCAsLongAsPoss] NewLeashOnFSXLife=1 The only negative I've seen when using this program is that even though no changes to the config file are made by the program, FSX does write to it if you close FSX while it is in "UNLIMITED" mode at the time. So I will try to get used to exiting FA first, then FSX. I have tested this a little, the UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=24 stayed.
  14. dolph98

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi, What version of .net FW do you have? And did you have to revert to 3.5SP1 or is that the version you had in the first place? I have found plenty of links telling how to go backward but I don't have the time to do so presently. I would like to see some reports from those who had to revert to 3.5SP1 before I try it. I'm not really chicken but I don't want to do it until I have plenty of time if it's a hassle.
  15. dolph98

    Full Screen to Windowed Mode

    Any application that pops up messages will do this. The term is "focus stealing." For instance the bubble that appears when u get a new email in Outlook will do it. Kill all background tasks. I have an App killer I run b4 starting FSX.