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  1. Ive switched to XP and im really missing the depiction from AS etc, SMP and RWC are OK but they just dont cut the mustard for me, weather seems to just be in square tiles around the aircraft and when you're at FL350 it can look quite poor. Having said that, at night time you really feel like you're in that cockpit, especially in the IXEG.
  2. Hello Tony, Is your tool still available to use? I'd like to try it out with all my Ortho4XP ive generated. Thanks
  3. Which versions would you recommend? The tool is no longer available is it as far as im aware?
  4. I agree that HDR lighting is where X-plane shines visually so its most definitely needed to be on.
  5. Apparently NI does not work at all with X-Plane.
  6. The devs have said that they are an improvement over default clouds etc, you also get things like landing lights shining in the clouds
  7. Agreed, default clouds are very taxing indeed! Skymaxx meant to be a lot better for that. Although Skymaxx and RWC weighs in very expensive IMO (like most products on X-Aviation).
  8. Well i have been a long time FSX flyer, After watching the A2S videos im now converted and really cant wait to get into XP, the lighting, the sounds everything is looking beautiful. Just out of curiosity will the Classic become multi crew with shared cockpit?
  9. I haven't touched the button control version, i really dont see the point in it. Its bad enough we have to press buttons already at times, the more automation and voice control i can get the better, brings the whole sim to life and gives a greater sense of immersion.
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