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  1. Ive switched to XP and im really missing the depiction from AS etc, SMP and RWC are OK but they just dont cut the mustard for me, weather seems to just be in square tiles around the aircraft and when you're at FL350 it can look quite poor. Having said that, at night time you really feel like you're in that cockpit, especially in the IXEG.
  2. Not sure how 12fps is even flyable!
  3. Ive just found out about their MD82 project, i'll be buying that for sure! Used to love the Mad dog in FSX.
  4. I was lead to believe that it didnt work in NI at all for XP.
  5. I just cant run any game at anything apart from native resolution, looks terrible when looking at the monitor to me.
  6. Will give that plugin a go when i get chance, looks like could be very good.
  7. Thanks i fly from UK to EU mostly so good to know.
  8. Is NOAA weather working for the whole world then in 10.50?
  9. Looks "OK" but XP really is lacking in the weather generation / cloud rendering department, P3D with Active Sky 16 and the artwork is phenomenal from the footage i have seen, if we could get them sorts of tings in XP and the proper rendering distances then we would be laughing.
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