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  1. running windows 10with FSX 10 with a Logitech extreme 3D Pro joy stick every thing working great but no rudders on any aircraft??? got every thing but no rudders?I have have FSUIPC4 in but not program to the stick I also have the software for the stick in but still no rudders?? I can not get this figure one out can anyone with ideas.....It does calibrate great the stick is only 6 mos. old any help would be appreciate......Scott
  2. thanks for all help you gave me it is working great now thanks again
  3. I get that error when it start looking on the web it says it says it needs to be activation FSX is to go the page after a flight but it is not????Any ideas how to get to activate?????
  4. Hey buddy you are the man it work great I just put in the second one and way it went Thanks but got one more problem I just got error Ox80004500 I have try some thing but no help so far. Again any ideas ????? Again thanks a lot.......Scott
  5. thanks for the reply but it did not help.... I'am lost don't know what to do ???? my screen is total black with no bar at the bottom. I did not do all the stuff you had to do to get FSX to work KB928080 did check the registry it was ok
  6. Hi guys got a new laptop by Dell it's a G7 with i7-1075@2.60 16GB memory a 2070 w/Max Q card and 1TP SSD But in FSX 10 twice now and all I get is black screen do get sound it starts when I click fly now .It lasted for over 20 mins. that when I killed it. All drivers are up to date can not figure it out??? Any help
  7. I'am having trouble getting error 1722 done after I put in cd Microsoft KB28080 I get next line "MicrsoftKB928080 under that Hresult 8007005 error.I have done every thing I can find on the web still no go any ideas?????I'am running windows 10 Pro.Thanks for any help
  8. I got it to work just wait till it loading the little whie box I just click my desktop and the FSX will go black but when comes up it is the right screen
  9. Thanks it is ok at least I can fly
  10. Yes I look and my #1 monitor is my primary #2 is extended so switch the cables all it did was change the numbers it still started in wrong one??
  11. I'am shutdown in the right monitor but when I re start FSX it goes right back to the wrong monitor...I look in CFG. file could not find any thing so I back it up and got a new int stalled but no change...
  12. When FSX starts up it always on the wrong monitor??? I have Google it with no fix.....Thanks for any help
  13. sdenton

    Serial ATA

    I got it in stalled I did use a program called Driver Update Pro it is really good and they really great customer service,they even called me and got that driver install.There is one hold up on it anti malware does not like it at all ?? I could not find any in it.......
  14. Jim went did every thing it said to do to get FSX in got that clean store message when change the registry and when I booted up got the blue screen it try to boot up but could not had to re install windows 10 .Sorry can not find any imfo why it went to blue screen..
  15. Thanks Jim I did not know that FSX is the same settings for FSX Stream Edition it did help a lot.Also I keep reading where to put FSX Steam any ideas on that .I have it at:C: /program files (x86) /steam/ appstream/ common/ FSX
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