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  1. I'am having trouble getting error 1722 done after I put in cd Microsoft KB28080 I get next line "MicrsoftKB928080 under that Hresult 8007005 error.I have done every thing I can find on the web still no go any ideas?????I'am running windows 10 Pro.Thanks for any help
  2. I got it to work just wait till it loading the little whie box I just click my desktop and the FSX will go black but when comes up it is the right screen
  3. Thanks it is ok at least I can fly
  4. Yes I look and my #1 monitor is my primary #2 is extended so switch the cables all it did was change the numbers it still started in wrong one??
  5. I'am shutdown in the right monitor but when I re start FSX it goes right back to the wrong monitor...I look in CFG. file could not find any thing so I back it up and got a new int stalled but no change...
  6. When FSX starts up it always on the wrong monitor??? I have Google it with no fix.....Thanks for any help
  7. sdenton

    Serial ATA

    I got it in stalled I did use a program called Driver Update Pro it is really good and they really great customer service,they even called me and got that driver install.There is one hold up on it anti malware does not like it at all ?? I could not find any in it.......
  8. Jim went did every thing it said to do to get FSX in got that clean store message when change the registry and when I booted up got the blue screen it try to boot up but could not had to re install windows 10 .Sorry can not find any imfo why it went to blue screen..
  9. Thanks Jim I did not know that FSX is the same settings for FSX Stream Edition it did help a lot.Also I keep reading where to put FSX Steam any ideas on that .I have it at:C: /program files (x86) /steam/ appstream/ common/ FSX
  10. Hey gals I just started flying in steam could use a little help.I have a lot of Orbx scenery in FSX but also have addit and every thing is off except Oregon,Northern and southern Calif..I have FSX turn way down.I can not fly 5 min. and have to re set scenery and when I get to landing frame rates go by by and stalls a lot .I have it set now at 30 fps it runs right at 29.0 to 29.4 I have try unlimited no change. Thanks for any help.... my box is Alienware Area-51 it has a : i7 CPU 960 @3.20GHz 12 GB of Memory GeForce GTX 770
  11. Hi guys just got a copy of Flight Simulator Steam Edition have no idea how to set it up and start flying any help.I check on utbe all I could find was "well you know that" no I don"t Thanks for any help......Scott
  12. sdenton

    Serial ATA

    last two times I put FSX in it runs ok with disk 1 and 2 but 3rd out I have a lot of trouble and when it boots up I get the blue screen and thats is all it will do I have re in stall windows 10 about 10 times in the last few days
  13. I re installed windows 10 can't find a driver for it any where, went to Dell it said was o k ?? the guy at the store said I did not need it at all!!! Also check with alienware they scan it said every thing o k ??? Thanks for any help
  14. Jim buddy I got it to work thanks for all of your help
  15. Jim the only way I knew about DISM was getting some help from tweaking.com.I have never hear of it.I thing we are different pages I do not have and image on a thump drive or disk .That recovery is what they wanted.What would you say about a complete re -install ?? I really do not know what do,give me your ideas thanks Jim copy that file into system 32 folder.With one put in resetsldl and this what I got ." Options: LicenseStore <Apple> Cleaning up the machine license store.When Apple is spcified only remove licenses corresponding to that AppleID Trust Store. Clean up the machine trusted store. All Clean up both license and trustesd stores Success." Ran FSX got the same errors???????? Before I ran it I went an checked that the one with registry it was still o k . Found Microsoft web page try it again got to the second one "cd MicrosoftKB92808 got this " can't find the path specified
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