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  1. So randomly after a crash the elevator axis and engine one are now somehow linked. I'm using the Saitek pro flight yoke with the throttle attachment. I've double checked my joystick assignments and the elevator and and throttle are assigned to two different axis (Elevator to Y axis, throttle to X rotation). Yet when I start a flight and push the yoke forward and back to move the elevators, engine #1 throttle jump to 50% and then goes back and forth with the yoke, despite not being assinged to that axis. I tried changing the USB port it was plugged in to and deleting the yoke from the controllers and re-installing it, but the problem persists. I had a similar problem with the Y axis on my CH throttle quadrant that I cannot use anymore because of it (throttle 1 assigned to the axis jumps right to 50% the moment you move it forward). Whenever I go into the calibration everything appears normal as well.
  2. I am curious on this as well because I've had the same problem. Hoping a bump back to the top my get it noticed.
  3. Every other flight I'm getting ECU AB Failure messages but I'm not doing anything different from the flights where it isn't occurring. Anyone else having this problem? -Brad...
  4. I'm experiencing engine failures on climb out and approach that I'm pretty sure are a result of me not flying the airplane in the proper configuration and not a system bug. Torque drops to 0 but I can still hear the prop spool up when I move the throttle. First was on climb out where I failed to put my condition levers to full before takeoff (lost #2, crashed on final trying to return to field on 1 engine), second time today while on final approach, condition levers at full but I forgot to start up the APU and switch the a/c to bleed air from engines 1&2 (lost both and crashed short of the runway). Is that what did it in both cases or is there something else I'm not doing right? -Brad...
  5. It helps as something to try, but I'm really illiterate when it comes to things like game drivers (where to find/how to install or uninstall). Can you walk me through the process?
  6. So ended up getting a new CH quadrant and it's made no difference. Same problem with the new controller.
  7. Controller is probably 9 or 10 years old. Also my son dropped a dime inside it when he was about 1 1/2 that I've never been able to remove from it.
  8. So I've installed FSUIPC and done the control assignments but I'm still having the same problem. There seems to be a dead zone that FS is reading between the full back and halfway point on the Y-axis that is also showing on FSUIPC but the CH control manager does not. Also pushing the Y-axis forward is still causing the flaps to engage, which is assigned to something else completely. I thought maybe the USB connection was bad, but the two different readings from the FSX/FSUIPC calibration and the CH manager calibration have me totally befuddled. EDIT: Some more useful information. All axis EXCEPT for the Y-axis shows an "In" at -16384 full back, 16838 full forward with a Delta of 256, and go negative to positive roughly midway up. The Y-axis shows the same "In" at full back but instantly goes positive when you just push it forward to the stop. The Delta was reading something completely different that I don't remember what the number was, but it was definitely not the same.
  9. I've been having the exact same problem. Only difference is that my V-axis is jumping around also. I'm not all that system savy, so can you walk me thru it?
  10. Just started inexplicably today: Assignments X axis - Spoilers (reverse) / Y axis - Engine 1 / Z axis - Engine 2 / R axis - Engine 3 / U axis - Engine 4 / V axis - Flaps (reverse) Calibrates fine with the control manager, but when I open up FSX and run a flight, the moment I touch any of the controls engine 1 goes to 70% and the spoilers to about 15% without me having touched either of those controls. If I push the Y axis forward the flaps will engage the first available position, and then if I pull it all the way back engine 1 will not cut back to idle and won't go back lower than 70%. The flaps will jump around as well without me moving the V axis. Is there some corrupted file in there that may be causing this? I thought maybe it was a connection issue, but the fact that everything looks normal in the CH control manager leads me to believe this is a FSX problem. -Brad...
  11. Recently bought the WS Simulation version of the DA42 and I've really enjoyed it so far. But I've been eyeing the Eaglesoft and Alabeo versions online and thinking of trading up. Anyone have any suggestions as to which version they prefer? -Brad
  12. Hello, I have 5 aircraft I painted on POSKY templates that I want to move over to PMDG aircraft. The design has a crossover from body to tail and I just don't have the time or the skill to do it right where it would blend correctly. In total this would be 5 B737s and 1 B777. I can provide the necessary tail art as well as screenshots of the current POSKY versions for reference. It's a simple single body color with a single logo. It's just the body/tail blend that is the challenging part. Thank you for your consideration. -Brad F.
  13. I've had a bit of an unfortunate run of late and could use some help. Bought a new machine and installed FSX just fine. Things were good but not perfect. I couldn't get most of the JustFlight add-ons to install. The installation wizard would start and then crash for most except for the Wilco 777, and the JustFlight Traffic X and C-130. I would asso get the occasional crash in flight, and then when I finally got the PMDG 772 I read the note about installing outside the program files folder getting better performance. So I uninstalled the product no problem and did a re-install but not in the location I meant. Tried to uninstall again and didn't do it correctly, couldn't re-install and had to reset the PC to wipe it clean. Managed to get the computer back up and running but now every time I go to install I get the following two errors: Error 1722 and Error 1603 I've been thru and made sure all my permissions are set correctly and they are. Windows 10 Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Any help also with the JustFlight add-ons would be appreciated, too. -Brad...
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