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  1. I already set the frame limiter to Unlimited. BTW, what is NVIDIA Inspector for? What benefits are there for P3Dv4?
  2. Since the fps in P3D/FSX greatly depends on the performance(IPC*clocks with cache size problem) than any other factor, this will be great budget CPU to run P3D/FSX!
  3. Hello to all! I'm using MSI GS65(8750H@~4.1GHz+ and GTX1070 MAX-Q) for playing P3D v4.2(1920*1080, 4096*4096 Texture w/ 16x anisotropic filtering + 8x SSAA, NO Mipmap+FXAA, everything else is default setting). I'm getting 40~60fps(avg. 45~55) with PMDG 777. Although 8750H is 6-core(12-thread), P3Dv4 always utilizes 100% in #0 thread and low % in other threads. GPU usage always reaches ~100%. This is probably due to the nature of how P3D utilizes the multicore CPU. Most of code runs on the first single core, and other jobs like texture loading runs in parallel cores, which isn't too much of problem, I guess. I have run some test. If I get the AA setting lower, GPU usage drops and frame is fixed at ~75fps(avg. 55~65fps) even if I get the setting even lower. If I get the graphics setting maxed out, the fps is about ~30fps, but didn't lower the CPU usage. In usual cases, if the burden of GPU increases, that of CPU has to be decreased since CPU has to wait the each GPU's frame task. (#edit: P.S I could confirm this by lowering CPU clocks to 2.0/3.0/4.0GHz and do tests. The fps decreases very greatly, compared to the above test) So it's mean that the CPU lacks power very much. More precisely, since the cpu usage of other 5 cores is low, it's about the single core performance(IPC*clocks with cache size problem). Today I heard about Dell's new XPS 15, which can be configured to have i9-8950hk(more cache(12MB vs 9MB) and clock(4.8GHz vs 4.1GHz) and GTX1050ti(I don't know whether it's MAX-Q(lower TDP == Performance) or not). I'm considering to replace my current laptop with this. But I'm concerning the performance of poor GPU(1050TI). So my question is this... Which is the better laptop for running P3D with above in-game settings between GS65 and XPS15?
  4. Can you tell me how much fps you get in FHD resolution? Or even better, can you provide me a in-game video?
  5. I'm considering to sell the desktop computer and replace it with 8550U/16GB(DDR4-2400 Dual-ch). Also I'll buy Thunderbolt 3 eGPU kit and GTX 1080TI for desktop for connecting to that laptop. The performance of I7-8550U about the same performance as 7700HQ(=desktop 4790). The performance hit of TB3 eGPU is about 20-30% when using laptop's display and the fps is high. If using 4K external monitor, the performance hit is lower than 10% even when using GTX 1080TI. Also I think P3D doesn't really use multicore much, even V4. Also I saw 4790K(stock clock) has near fps compared to 8700k(stock clock), so even IPC/clock difference on CPU seems not to affect P3D v4 performance. So, how do you guys think about it? Can a 8550U+GTX 1080ti TB3 eGPU laptop deliver enough power to play 4K P3D v4 with rich graphic options and addons like PMDG/REX/etc.?
  6. If a program support N threads, it's best to use N-core product with maximum clock*IPC. But I don't know how much thread P3D v4 supports. Also, it seems that P3D v4 always does most jobs on 1st thread only. So my option is three. 1) 8700k 2) 7960x 3) 7980xe (All AMD products are excluded because of their low clock*IPC) If P3D v4 don't support >12 threads (well), then 8700k is the best option. But it seems many indicate that P3D v4 utilizes 32> threads. Since AffinityMask is 32-bit 1-bit flag variable, 7960x might be the best one.(since 7960x has more possibility to have more overclocked frequency then 7980xe) But! If P3D v4 actually supports more than 32 threads, or the threads are distributed on physical cores first then on virtuals, 7980xe is the best one. So, what do you think which one is the BEST cpu for P3Dv4?
  7. Jihong Min

    GLS LOC?

    With AIRAC 1710 + EDDF payware scenery, I noticed there's appr option call GLSX07L and many like this. I select that and turn on APP button, but it doesn't be localized. I searched the forum, it seems PMDG's all product(737/747/777) doesn't implement GLS capability. So why there are GLS options, just because of AIRAC updates?
  8. I edited EO ACCEL HT/ACCEL HT/THR REDUCTION to 800/3000/800 in INIT REF->TAKEOFF REF 2/2 page. But it seems that makes the airplane follows NADP 1 rule. What should I do to make the airplane follow NADP 2 rule?
  9. Thanks for the advice. You mean the forum on their site, not on Avsim right?
  10. I adjust the PFD/ND refresh rates to unlimited(--). But it's basically same.
  11. Ok. That's fine. If it desinged to be like that, I'm fine with it. But how about Q2? Any suggestion will help.
  12. If you are saying AS's Map part, in detail mode the maximum range is 90nm. I already tried this but whether it's in detail mode or not, it seems that doesn't affect the sim's radar range.
  13. I will just live with Q1 part if this simulator designed to be like this. But for Q2 I have seen many videos filming the weather radar on "PMDG 777", and those except mine works just like real planes. That says, my radar response is even slower than other's pmdg 777. In fact, other PMDGs' weather radar are just fast as real one which I saw on youtube.
  14. I have two problems with the weather radar, but I couldn't find it is malfunction or normal. 1. Range The weather radar doesn't show any information outside of 80nm perimeter. But I know the real 777's weather radar is more capable than that. Is it normal in pmdg 777's implementation? 2. Response time(Delay in between each sweep time) Previously I asked about it, but somehow that topic was removed. I uploaded this video back then. There are delays between each radar sweeps that shouldn't be there. I checked several videos recording real 777 and pmdg 777's weather radar, and there are no delays. I reinstalled everything many times, and no help. I really want to know the solution to this problem.
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