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  1. sddjd

    Imaginesim Charlotte

    Zimmerbz, any more info on Imaginesim's version and how you got past your problem? I'm shopping KCLT and tried out FSDT's version- beautiful, except that one needs to thoroughly search their forums to reveal the fact that they disable all AI jetway connections in the name of performance with no user option to enable SODE for AI. For me it's a deal breaker. No matter how good the airport looks it's rather silly looking IMO to have an airport full of planes without jetways connected.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, been away on biz so haven't been able to test much. I did confirm that it was only occurring with my pmdg aircraft, but also only at certain add-on locations (RJTT, EGLL for example) so it's likely that the culprit lies with the scenery instead. However, since moving to 4.3 and rebuilding the relevant files I have not seen the behavior, so it seems I just dodged the issue in another manner. Thanks.
  3. One of the P3d SDK tools that allows in-sim previewing of an effect (like a ramp light) along with a tool window for tweaking. The LM link is below, good as a starting point but FSDeveloper is also very useful for a crash course. Special Effects Tool
  4. Seeing the strange behavior described above- I configure a flight at an airport, get everything ready, and when I save the panel state the sim reloads the scenery. Often the time of day is changed as well. I just reinstalled and checked all pmdg products for updates, and am still seeing this behavior. I purged all my saved panel states, so this is purely when creating a new one. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Pacsim updated their Facebook page Mar 3rd with RKSI as their next project. Nothing on their website, but they typically only have current product-related info there.
  6. Neil, just as a quick test before you start overhauling all your settings are you using Gatwick Extreme? If so, as an experiment use the config utility to back it down one notch from "extreme" to see if that makes a material difference to your fps. This made a huge difference to me at that particular airport in spite of using other equally scenery-heavy airports with high frame rates results; seems some of the 'extreme' objects are killers and didn't miss them much visually.
  7. sddjd

    CTD's with PMDG aircraft v4.1

    Exactly- the various known issues that 4.2 has introduced for many users (simconnect window, potential GSX problems, etc) have held me off that update. LM has acknowledged some of these in their own forums, so will be waiting for 4.3 hoping it addresses more than it introduces 👍 Regardless, the referenced thread above (in which I've participated) has focused on the Labrador area and includes a wider selection of aircraft. It may be the same, but I've seen the same behavior all over the globe with only my pmdg aircraft which suggests it may not be scenery related (as with Labrador).
  8. Has anyone made any progress or even narrowed down reasoning behind this behavior? I've lost MANY recent flights to CTS's only while flying my much-loved 777 and 747 products. For the past several weeks I have been unable to make a westbound flight from the UK or from Hawaii (PHNL) without the sim vanishing roughly 100-1500 miles into the flight. This IS reproducible (today I tried three times to fly PHNL-ZBAA in the 777 to no avail). If I make the exact same flight using the QW787 I have no issues. Same goes for departing EGLL; any attempt to fly to Sao Paulo, Dulles, or Mexico City crashes the sim using the 777 or 747. Again, no problem completing the flight with the 789. Similarly had a CTD attempting Mex City > LA in the 74F. I have not made any changes to my installation in weeks, maybe months besides liveries and the QW product. The pmdg behavior began before that, and I've reinstalled them and the VC redist packages several times. I've been through the troubleshooting guides, but am not about to reinstall Windows and p3d as sometimes is suggested (too much work software and info). The sim fails consistently with a g3d.dll, sometimes a sound.dll error. Almost always they are preceded by a python service error (?). I'm out of ideas beside grounding my 74/77 fleet for now and hate to do so.
  9. sddjd

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Also using it in 4.1. Only issue for me still is the (known) weather radar CTD bug, but otherwise I've been able to complete many long flights with no issues.
  10. sddjd

    Advice on EGLL & Area

    Lol, definitely our glass is half full! Thanks for the input from all- I'm still working on finding the source of the terrible stuttering I'm seeing. I'm running a 3840 x 1600 resolution, which I know is somewhat taxing, but have no similar issues at other heavily loaded airport/scenery areas including the list of top offenders (FSDT LAX, JFK, VHHH/VHHX, TB RJAA, etc). I'd thought it was the London city area itself, but it seems that when panning the view the drops come when viewing NW, W, and S; the city being visible in the distance apparently has no impact. Similarly, between 100% AI and 0% I see 1-2 fps impact. Killing autogen down to low clawed back about 5fps. Cores and gpu aren't maxing out either. So, still hunting for the hidden fps black hole around Heathrow 😎
  11. I have a robust pc running 4.1 (4ghz x 6, 64gb RAM, 1080ti, all-ssd) and continue to have terrible performance issues at EGLL (UK2k & FTX). Autogen is set to middle setting, FXAA is off, 4x or 8x AA and other settings don't seem to affect the issue, that being I see fps in the single digits that only occasionally climb into the teens. Panning around the aircraft (QW788/9 or PMDG777) only becomes smooth if looking down at a steep angle, so it's definitely the scenery & regional/city scenery. The fps count isn't misleading either, as the sim is quite literally a slideshow in spot or cockpit views. I've done all the usual checking for extra sceneries, afcads, etc. I know plenty of users have been able to do much better than this with UK2k or Aerosoft's EGLL products, so I'm looking for advice on how to adjust to defeat what is probably the worst default scenery region since SEA....? I use UT2 at 100%, but ALL the models that appear have been updated to the P3d native models released subsequently (the others have been disabled so don't appear in-sim). Even disabling traffic only buys back a few fps. I love flying in/out of London (ex resident) but it's becoming an area I avoid. I've seen some add-on terrain and city products, do any of these suppress the default scenery around the airport for a better experience in terms of frame rates?
  12. ModelconverterX is a free scenery design tool you can find here: The FSDeveloper forum has a ton of support for questions/tips, but luckily for this process no knowledge is required (I'm certainly no expert with it). I'd advise downloading the dev version just to have the latest p3d tools, etc. Use the "import" button to open the relevant bgl's (make a backup copy first). Accept the default values in the pop-ups that appear; for some bgl's this will need many clicks as the file will contain a lot of fs9 mdl's that will be updated. Click "export scenery" and overwrite the file in the scenery folder. Hope that helps.
  13. Just an FYI update- I've been tinkering with my old 9 and X scenery add-ons and had some success with VVNB (at least enough for me to want to fly there again): Using the FX tool it was even possible to add some ramp lighting effects for more realistic splashes on the scenery and AI (late night so not much action in the pic above). There is some little flickering visible at certain places during taxi, but by far beats the default. By default if added to P3dv4 99% of the scenery doesn't display. By using MCX I opened and exported the following bgl's to native P3dv4 format. Obviously this must be done only for owners' sole use. NOTE, the remaining bgl's must remain as they are; through trial and error I found that updating the remainder, especially the ground related bgl's caused them to float/and or not display correctly. bus_3 billboard grass grass_2 animated_objects docking_system service_car car app_light_system car_parking_sportlight (yes, spelled that way) taxiway_light001 sport_light_2 sport_light gmax_autogen kruay_som jetway b737 cargo_lift_blue airport_service airport_object terminal
  14. SOLVED: Apparently PPack isn't able to resolve certain tight-turnaround flight plans and hangs on the database generation without throwing any errors. Even if other bgl compilers successfully work with a Flightplans.txt file, it's necessary to use a validation tool like AIFP's to check for warnings even with downloaded schedules from traffic specialty sites. Any legs that prompt warnings or have errors need to be tweaked or deleted. Once AIFP sees no other issues PPack will successfully complete the database.
  15. sddjd

    Ultimate Traffic 2

    I have UT2 running perfectly in P3dv4 as well. The setup is a bit more complicated (certain files must be tweaked/edited) but there are good walk-throughs here on Avsim. I've been keeping an eye on UTL and the forthcoming Traffic Global, but to be honest I'm having trouble justifying either now that UT2 isn't giving me any reason to upgrade in the way of problems** A couple notes- the majority of AI in the UT2 install were either created for FSX or recompiled versions of earlier FS9 models. I have not yet run into any that cause a P3dv4 crash due to outdated mdl formats. There are some (747's and widebody Boeing and Airbus twins) that only have single engine variants modeled, but as a jumping off point the base install is fine. For P3dv4, like others, I have been installing more current native P3d models and paints to replace the defaults. There are now P3dv4 SDK compliant mdl's of just about every Boeing and Airbus model out there that enhance the experience greatly in terms of FPS, lua scripts for lighting, etc. ** after literally a couple years I finally figured out how to defeat the Power Pack's issues with compiling user-created AI flight schedules (using AIFP tools to check/repair flightplan.txt files is critical). With that add-on it's fairly easy to update carrier schedules and fleet assignments past the most recent UT2 schedule updates.