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  1. I also have the UT2 client working with v4, but my issue is that I only ever see one or two UT2 aircraft. Somehow it's not populating the sim with planes even though every traffic setting is at 100% and the framerate limiters are set to unlimited/off in UT2. I have hundreds of assigned repaints to the FAIB FSX native models (and some of the newest P3D models) but none appear except for the occasional plane. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Thanks, I made the edit and it SEEMS to have a minimal effect- I was seeing one 757 at SAN; in UT2 I reassigned the 757 (stock) to one of the aircraft in my second simobjects folder. After restarting traffic the (now) 767 is visible. Unfortunately this is the ONLY aircraft visible at SAN...?????? I've check all my traffic settings are at 100% in UT2, and have no framerate target set in P3D. I'm at a loss now.
  3. Struggling with UT2 in P3Dv4 here... I have many AI planes in a folder separate from the default UT2 Aircraft simobjects subfolder. I'm at a point where I have UT2 working correctly, but none of my "nonstandard" aircraft are visible in P3D. My simobjects.cfg contains the following: [Entry.10] Path=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft Required=True Active=True I added a subsequent entry as follows: [Entry.11] Path=SimObjects\P3D Native AI Required=True Active=True No matter what I'm not seeing the many aircraft that should be in-sim from this folder. I suspect I missed something rudimentary, but can't find anything. Also, my P3D config file includes an additional Simobjects entry under the MAIN section (I see these start at .1 instead of .0 as in fsx.cfg, is this correct?).
  4. Hi Scott, thanks- been away from my sims for a LONG time (two kids will do that!). Agree, too bad!
  5. I've been having problems accessing his repaint site, anyone else getting stuck in an redirect loop when visiting?
  6. More often than not the carriers are highly sensitive to having any aircraft bearing their logo/name while on the ground, in repair following an incident. Frequently logos are painted over or otherwise covered even while AOG teams are en route, and scrap/replacements are carefully controlled. Whether it makes a difference is debatable (and no reporter would ever be fooled), but it's been an m.o. for decades presumably to reduce the reaction by the uninformed public in the area.
  7. "along with a bunch of other prep work to ensure the engine does not rotate during the flight. The lack of lubrication under pressure would be heck on the bearings, and would obviate the whole point of hauling the engine along" I understand in layman's terms why this would be the case; the question it raised in my mind is if the same is true for an engine that is shut down in flight some hours prior to arrival (ie: the BA 744 that continued onwards from LAX on 3). Is a shut-down engine still protected by other active systems/connections while it windmills in flight, or is similar damage inflicted by said windmilling at cruise (of course in addition to whatever caused the shutdown)?
  8. "And all we had left was this one bolt...." B) Thanks for posting- these incidents so often (understandably) escape public documentation.
  9. Thanks guys, will try to catch a video of the behavior as the steps to reproduce seem to be setting up for normal flight. Will post here and to a ticket once I'm able to capture it. Now what are the odds it'll be like a noise in the car- obvious until at the service drive?
  10. I've been through many trim related discussions but have not seen a report of my current issue. Frequently the Alt Trim handle will spike to the full nose-down position. This behavior occurs either during the initial takeoff roll, or (most often) during final approach; it's frequent enough that I have one of my interior views centered on the handle so that I can anticipate and correct it before digging a hole in the runway B) I've updated via ops center, have no axis assigned to trim (via sim nor via FSUIPC, I use keyboard cmd), etc. Further, I've not even found an option to shortcut an axis or command to the Alt Trim handle. It's been relatively easy to circumvent now that I watch for it at the suspect times, just wondering if this has been seen.

    Beware the specs and FAQ: In response to a question about 120hz at 1080p versus hz at 4K the response was as follows: "Hi That is correct, it runs 4K off 30HZ Regards" This puts it squarely in the realm of 30hz 4K monitors that were universally panned for their jerky/blurry mouse and window performance as pc monitors. Minimum for a smooth experience at 4K on pc is 60hz, and some newer models are now bettering that by a good margin.
  12. And we saw how that played out with Fedex/UPS and the a380F....
  13. Speculation only clouds the scenario. It's ostensibly similar to Helios 522 and that flight had no such wild circumstances; assuming no funny business with the black boxes the weather's holding and crews are on site so we'll know soon enough exactly what occurred.
  14. Hi Matias, This thread doesn't have links to the downloads, just previews. Head over to the Avsim Library ( and search for either "KLM 787" or the actual file names below. Hope this helps. Btw, I quite like the new Aerolineas livery. Would probably look good on the 787 B)
  15. Uploaded Sat 1.31.14 PST: