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  1. sddjd

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    Anyone else have the SP tank their autothrottle functionality in CRZ mode? Immediately after installing the updates I'm unable to complete a flight as the autoflight system ceases to control the engines in CRZ. No help on QW forums (beyond the usual "reinstall P3d and all your add-ons" suggestions 🙄 )
  2. sddjd


    I use Airport Design Editor. My method is to load an AI aircraft into the sim as the user aircraft (copy one repaint, a panel and sound folder, then edit the config to make the "title" unique) and then slew around the airport gates while ADE is connected to the sim. Adjust the gate positions to align with the crosshairs in ADE, etc. In the case of RJBB/KIX, most of the heavy gates were too far from the jetways to activate SODE with all but the largest AI planes.
  3. sddjd


    Update- I've revised my AFCAD parking positions, adjusted for aircraft size and relative location to the terminal/jetways. The jetways are operating correctly now 👍
  4. sddjd


    F737NG- thanks, that's actually better news to me than it being a built-in issue with their jetways. I'd already started modifying my afcad for this one (adding directional pushbacks for better GSX operation). I'll play with the various parking positions this weekend and let you know if I have success with the jetways.
  5. sddjd


    Are you having any trouble with the SODE jetways and AI? I can't seem to get them to dock to AI planes- only the user aircraft. I've posted over at FSDev but haven't had any pointers yet. Thx.
  6. I'm running into an issue where many .rte files I've saved and used frequently are suddenly creating an "invalid entry" message when entered into the CO ROUTE field. This seems much more frequent after updating my product in the past two weeks. Did something internal change that might have invalidated the way my 777 is reading these previously working rte's? Thanks!
  7. sddjd

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    Based on this statement I'm looking for ideas on how to resolve the python27.dll located in the FSDT\Addon Manager\Couatl folder bringing down my sim twice in the past four hours, both times well into a flight: Couatl.exe 5b0e87ef python27.dll 2.7.13150.1013 5922d35a c0000005 000e77f0 97c 01d43bf8613490eb D:\FSDreamteam\Addon Manager\Couatl\Couatl.exe D:\FSDreamteam\Addon Manager\Couatl\python27.dll 2776f125-aca7-4667-a3f0-1945a322cac9 Is there any way to diagnose this faulting module? No other fault time stamps exist in the system event viewer, but both these entries appear at precisely the moments P3d4.3 goes down. I've had other sim crashes that pointed to other faulting items; these today only log the above.
  8. Thanks all for the tips- I've performed most of these checks already, which is my main cause for frustration. Seems like the classic causes for duplicate scenery bgl's don't yield results. SAS shows only the PHNL_ALT bgl as active, and it's alone in the correct location, but SAS also doesn't scan xml-added sceneries so it's of limited use in this case. I've combed my xml files as well as compared them to their backups (made prior to each major scenery install) to no avail, all entries are correct without duplications or ordering issues. Same for my cfg files. This has become stranger- I've been able to confirm that the PHNL visible below the add-ons is the default (via renaming the APX bgl as a test and restarting the sim). So, once back from work I'm going to start investigating all the airport related bgl's that may no longer be correctly excluding this base layer. The CVX files for PHNL appear to be in place. No idea why this came after the DD & ORBX installations- those are the sole changes to the scenery configs/xml's in quite some time but as always it could be purely coincidental. It would make zero sense that two sceneries more than 2K sim miles away would have affected PHNL. Time for mad scientist mode now 🛠️
  9. Hi cmpbellsjc, Thanks, nope, only using UT2. When I use GSX to view the airport file it's correctly pointing to the FSDT afcad, yet P3d (4.3) doesn't list these gates at all when using the go-to-airport function. Somehow the sim and the add-ons (like GSX) are reading different files concurrently. If I warp to, for example, gate 25 heavy in GSX it places me correctly. If I use the go-to-airport function and select gate 25 it shows as small and places me nearby in the FSDT terminal. The file p3d is using is clearly a default, as some of the generic jetway markings are visible along with the default buildings. Since none of the scanning utilities come up with a result, I have no more ideas on how to find out WHERE p3d is finding this trash file....
  10. I'm at wits end- I have 60+ sceneries installed, #1 on the list being FSDT PHNL. This past weekend I installed both ORBX Ketchikan/Pac Fjords and Drzw Seattle Airports. A week later I visit HNL and find my airport is somehow completely ruined. There is clearly another airport afcad for HNL active, as it's overruling my FSDT afcad (none of the parkings are correct, and default scenery buildings are visible). I've run, run again, and re-run airport scanning tools, disabled ALL scenery even remotely related to the Hawaiian islands, and still this default garbage is appearing. The scanners report that there are no other active HNL files, but the sim says otherwise. ORBX? Drzewiecki design? These are the ONLY two scenery changes made in months.... Right now I'm supremely pleased that my money was well spent adding those two products that apparently hosed my FSDT installation. Can anyone suggest another way to determine WHERE this phantom HNL afcad is sourced other than reinstalling 60+ sceneries? I cannot understand how it is overruling a scenery that is priority 1 in the xml list of add-ons.... 😡
  11. sddjd

    Level D 757 Enters beta.

    June 2017 - "EARLY beta means EARLY." followed by a lock on the thread. How DARE the community ask for additional info after the developer makes an announcement of beta status... the nerve of those people upon whom their sales depend. July 2018 - Total updates/communication, zero. At 10 years (that's being charitable) to reach 88% completion we could expect an update next year, likely in the form of another "it's coming, stop asking" post. IMO it's truly surprising that the crowd at FSCon didn't react with jeers at their "announcement". The 757 is now like the Iraqi a300's still on Airbus' order books from before Desert Storm.
  12. sddjd

    Imaginesim Charlotte

    Zimmerbz, any more info on Imaginesim's version and how you got past your problem? I'm shopping KCLT and tried out FSDT's version- beautiful, except that one needs to thoroughly search their forums to reveal the fact that they disable all AI jetway connections in the name of performance with no user option to enable SODE for AI. For me it's a deal breaker. No matter how good the airport looks it's rather silly looking IMO to have an airport full of planes without jetways connected.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, been away on biz so haven't been able to test much. I did confirm that it was only occurring with my pmdg aircraft, but also only at certain add-on locations (RJTT, EGLL for example) so it's likely that the culprit lies with the scenery instead. However, since moving to 4.3 and rebuilding the relevant files I have not seen the behavior, so it seems I just dodged the issue in another manner. Thanks.
  14. One of the P3d SDK tools that allows in-sim previewing of an effect (like a ramp light) along with a tool window for tweaking. The LM link is below, good as a starting point but FSDeveloper is also very useful for a crash course. Special Effects Tool
  15. Seeing the strange behavior described above- I configure a flight at an airport, get everything ready, and when I save the panel state the sim reloads the scenery. Often the time of day is changed as well. I just reinstalled and checked all pmdg products for updates, and am still seeing this behavior. I purged all my saved panel states, so this is purely when creating a new one. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!