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  1. Had to do just this to accommodate my -400. BA272/3 is again being operated by a 744. Couple days back I was lucky enough to be turning the corner on at W Laurel at the 27 end when 273 took off over the city (we've had some, for SAN, rough weather lately). Quite a sight!
  2. sddjd

    FTG Closes Doors

    "Fellow tigers, I've come to the hard decision to shut down FTG. As many of you know we have been in a slow death spiral for quite some time. In short I prefer to shut it down now than just watch this die slowly. Apparently what we offer is pretty garbage compared to what else is out there so continuing this effort is dumb. With all your guys help we tried to keep this alive but alas here we are. Thanks a lot Flightstats. I want to thank everyone for all the years, time and effort to keep this up and running. To all of our managers you guys are awesome. I can imagine many may be shocked by this announcement, but better to shut down that watch this swirl down the toilet. All the sites will be gone in a few days, the domain will expire on the 24th. I will keep the forum on for another month. I want to make the database available somehow so you have access to your flights and schedules if anyone is interested. We had a good run and it was fun. Blue skies and take care tigers!"
  3. Posted on FTG's news page:
  4. sddjd

    How to uninstall KMIA (LVFR)?

    Further to this, since it's a mixed bag in terms of whether Devs create a clean folder named for their software or not I will usually run the installer to a phony folder first. After seeing the folder structures created I'll take a screen grab of the files added (ie .fx files added) in the event I ever want to hunt down all the various files that may not be grabbed by an uninstall utility.
  5. To add to this, the GSX2 tool is very well done for replacing jetways. However, be "warned" that GSX2 installs jetways that won't function/dock to AI aircraft. Technically it's in the documentation but it is, IMO, rather too deeply buried behind the "easily update all your jetways" PR and has resulted in much frustration from users. For this reason I used SODE Placer as jabloom noted. Good luck with the install however, the download and 12bpilot's site has ZERO guidance on installing (I haven't yet reinstalled it since moving systems) 🙄
  6. sddjd

    Lights while on APU power?

    Yep, been there- what is strange to me is the different lights behavior under EXACTLY the same configuration at different airports.... just curiosity at least.
  7. sddjd

    In 1984.....

    Just came across this post, but have to thank the author. The above statement is something I think is lost today for the most part. It seems more and more often I hear even documentary figures blur the line between soldiers and the darker true believers. I had two grandfathers and an in-law grandfather all of whom served for their respective countries. All three shared their harrowing experiences openly and always without malice for their opponents; the common thread was as it was for almost all soldiers- a desire to get their jobs done for their homelands and find a way home to their families. It was truly something to see these three together - Wehrmacht, Marine, and Imperial Japanese Army trading jokes and jabs while watching their grand and great-grandchildren enjoy life without (hopefully) ever truly understanding what they had experienced.
  8. sddjd

    Lights while on APU power?

    Just a question more out of curiosity than any problem. I've been flying quite a bit using the Etihad Cargo version from the Ops Center. I've noticed that usually the automatic systems disable exterior lights while on APU power (logo, wing, etc), and understand the reasoning behind this. However, fairly frequently I'm able to turn on the logo and wing lights during pushback while still only on APU. The only correlating detail I can find is that it seems like the lights work on APU power when I'm at a hot location (GOOY for example). Leaving much colder locales (HKJK at 00:45 in Dec for example) seems to never provide exterior lights until engine start. Am I crazy (very possible) in seeing this connection? 😎
  9. Sorry, yes, seems that the stuck key is registering in all modes when p3d is running....
  10. Thanks Vic, been going through those and don't see any conflict/assignment mapped to the 8 key. Cleared all slew commands from both the keyboard and throttle, same result. Seems I have an uninvited mystery here.... I'd planned to hold off on 4.4. Perhaps I'll bite the bullet and go full reinstall 😎
  11. Fired up P3d 4.3 today. Noticed my trim was runway into nose down position (mapped to up arrow/num pad 8). As soon as I'm in a flight in P3d my entire system is highjacked by what behaves like a stuck key. All windows constantly scroll to the top, and the menus in any application scroll wildly as if I'm holding down either the up arrow or the 8 key. Through a dozen tests I've confirmed that this only occurs once P3d launches a flight. Killing the program eliminates the problem. It manifests itself in ANY aircraft. How on earth is such a thing even possible? I've confirmed the program seems to think the 8 numpad key is stuck by deleting it in the slew mode control assignments. Renabling it immediately sends me around the globe. I really have no idea how to resolve this... it's not a Windows issue or hardware since it's only active when p3d is running. Thoughts or suggestions welcome!
  12. sddjd


    Got here via a search as I had the same question/comment. Understanding that the original LCF release was a model-only add-on with no dynamics changes, I've gotten well used to flying my -LR all around the globe in place of an -ER; would love to revisit the LCF routes in v4 😎 If this departs from PMDG's true-to-life approach, understood, but if the LCF model add-on ever appears I'd immediately support it with my wallet!
  13. sddjd

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    Lol, AA is giving them a run for their money by hanging on to theirs while constantly stating their intentions to retire them. Can't wait to be able to fly JFK-ZRH in something that's not almost as old as I am. Still, for simming there are close to 700 767's still flying, and more cargo variants appearing so I hold out hope for Level D to beat the odds and release an updated version. Note, I also hold out hope to hit a lottery win - not sure which presents better odds...
  14. Been searching this and the FSX forum but not finding anything- has anyone found a workaround to the ATC issue at UUEE? I'm referring to the behavior where ATC does not read back / respond though the prompts appear correctly as if they did. Thanks!
  15. sddjd

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    One thing missing from contributors who own the FSL product is their feedback on frame rates. There's no doubt FSL is the more accurate in terms of just about everything, but it would be helpful in a decision to know if that comes at the cost of sim performance for the OP.