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  1. Hi i have p3Dv3.4 I used Migration tool to install piper cub and it works fine. Danny
  2. Yes I would agree totally with this. I have 7hrs of PPL training in PA28 and the effect is to great. i have read somewhere that p3d/fsx has a default setting for this and when you install advanced payware that has this feature it adds to the default setting. (Hope that makes sense) I sure their is away maybe of tinkering with airplane.cfg to reduce this feature?
  3. Hi, i use the advanced spyware aircraft such as A2A. The fuel was 25gallons on right and 30gallons on the left. I also had the pilot at 175 pounds on the left. Hence this at certain speeds gave me a hard bank to the left. Dan
  4. Guys many thanks, it is now resolved. I didn't realise that aircraft have specific speeds at which the p factor no longer exsists or is compensated for. I had become tunnelled vision regarding this issue. Happy Simming
  5. Hi buddy, as it's happening in both FSX and P3D I didn't think it would matter. No I'm not using mouse as Yoke. I'm using saitek rudder pedals, yoke etc. also that would not explain why my stock aircraft are fine but the pay ware planes are effected Dan
  6. Hi everyone, I currently have P3D v3. I have purchased the following planes and have a problem that all my payware planes are banking hard left through all stages of flight. A2A Cessna 172 A2A Cherokee Carenado Cessna Caravan Carenado P28 Just flight Piper Arrow 2 Now please bare in mind I had no problems before. It quite literally happened over night. (Although I think it was a similar time to when I purchased justflight piper arrow 2) Now I fully appreciate that the P factor comes in to play to model real flight etc. But this is too strong for that. Please see below what I have tried to rectify this but to no avail. All different stages of flight at various power settings Full re calibration of yoke etc (remember its fine with stock aircraft) All realism settings to easy full uninstall and re install of p3d and all addons so (I know 😔) Assigned rudder centre trim button fuel and balance settings checked all weather reduced and / or switched off (fair weather) no wind Now here's the strange thing, I downloaded FSX SE to see if it did it there. It does! How strange eh? If it was a hardware problem it would surely have an effect on the stock aircraft also? Simmers around the world, from reading the above do you have any advice that I haven't already tried? cheers Dan
  7. I have did have steam? Does it capture that?
  8. Guys, I'm new to simming, 30mins ago I downloaded the piper archer from carenado. I didn't think to check if it was compatible with P3D in clearly says FSX. Is there any way I can get this plane in to P3D? Cheers Danny
  9. Guys, fantastic feedback. Your right I find a very slight trim up is best for a steady climb. I don't mind trimming the cub to how I feel it should be. I'm trying to read this book and do things properly, rather than making it up as I go along. Thanks for the replies guys 😊
  10. Thanks for reply guys, reading them maybe it wasn't such a daft question. My concern is when I pitch down " to help bring the tail up " I fighting the plane in its initial climb 50ft to say 400ft.
  11. Hi All, Sorry if I'm wrong section but couldn't see anywhere that I thought was apropriate than here. I am currently reading FSX Real world training. In here it's says that the trim should be set forward (noose down). Is that right? I would have thought noose up to help the climb. i am using the piper cub to learn. any advice is welcome. Please see attached a picture from the book if you can read it.
  12. Thanks for your responses, it has now been fixed by Nick from orbx, I didn't realise I had to configure vector which was causing problems and also had some settings issues etc.
  13. Guys I'm currently speaking to Nick on orbx support but thought there might be someone out there that already knows the answer to this? I have a brand new copy of FSX-SE no previous versions of FSX etc. As soon as it finished downloaded I went and downloaded orbx global orbx vector orbx library's orbx Europe orbx england I did this through FTX centralv3. Once those downloads where done and installed I loaded the sim. Here's the problem. The sim loads its default scenery. I have not messed with cfg file or anything and the priority order seems correct. I have, to try and fix this uninstalled and reinstalled everything but still no joy. Please help?? Scenery.CFG
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