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  1. Please submit a Support Ticket via our Support portal and we will be happy to look into the issue for you
  2. Marco, See my reply to your support ticket
  3. Hi Paul, Normally you would be fully configured for landing well before passing through 1500' Radio altitude as that is where the Autoland Isolation occurs. Normal landing flaps are either Flaps 25 or Flaps 30. I think if you get fully configured a bit earlier it should work properly.
  4. Hi Colin, Unfortunately it;s not quite that simple. Did you by any chance try the Tutorial flight we included with the aircraft? That will show you precisely how to set up the Autoland as well as help familiarize you with the aircraft.
  5. Hey Chris, Minor correction to that statement. Hydraulic System 1 is the system that controls Body and Nose gear steering so you our procedure is Sys 4 to AUX, Sys 1 Demand to AUTO. That gives you brakes and steering. I will have the person who wrote that part of the manual reprimanded immediately
  6. Jordan, The 2/3 Crossfeeds are managed by the Fuel Management cards automatically so they remain selected ON for managed and only turned OFF if you have a problem and require manual fuel management.
  7. Hi Paul, Absolutely. Unless you require the most up to date data for the approaches you want to use there isn't any need to update the Navdata with Navigraph or Aerosoft. I seldom update mine. I don't see the hard copy manuals coming back anytime soon. Most users are running manuals on a separate tablet now for ease of use and portability just like our pilots do now.
  8. James, As has been outlined before, we don't support Direct X 10 Preview mode since it is not fully implemented.
  9. HI Ed, Well "Pilot Response" means exactly what it says. It wants you to do something so it knows your awake. This is an option in the PMDG menu and can be disabled if it becomes to annoying. No Land 3 is a bit more problematic as it means something in the autoland system is degraded. If I were to guess I would say you forgot to engage the APU or External Power and had a power interruption that causes the C IRU to go offline. Just a guess based on what others were reporting
  10. Hey Brian, OK, so since you understand the differences and where they come from, yes there will be a split between the indications and you are correct in that it varies by aircraft and increases with stage length. One of the aircraft in our current fleet suffered a 6.8K Split after arriving from a 12.5 trip and that was cause for a logbook write up. The problem then is trying to find out which of the 4 engine transmitters might be defective. I'm not exactly certain at what point it becomes alarming vs normal but I know 6K over 12 hrs was excessive with a full fuel load. From what I see, the crews I worked with were more concerned with Totalizer being on plan and the split was more to monitor for a possible fuel leak scenario. If your Totalizer fuel is on Plan or above, your probably in good shape and aren't seeing a fuel leak develop. You also correct that fuel balancing isn't rocket science but it is important. The 747-400 has a tendency to require a bit of balancing from time to time and most of the crews I flew with left the fuel page up on the lwr eicas the entire flight to keep an eye on things before they became problematic.
  11. Tom, The Fuel Synoptic shows you the breakdown by tank and pump and crossfeed status on the Lower Eicas
  12. Brian, I may be incorrect but I'm not sure your understanding the difference between a Calc/Totalizer Split and fuel imbalance. A split between Calculated and Totalizer fuel means that the fuel going though the fuel flow transmitters on the engines and being totaled fuel used by the FMC calculator disagrees with the Fuel Qty indication system. That indeed CAN indicate a fuel leak, or it could just be a bad fuel flow transmitter. In regards to fuel imbalance, you can balance fuel by turning off pumps and opening crossfeeds as necessary to burn fuel out the tanks that are high and to leave fuel in the tanks that are low until they balance.
  13. The panel in question is the used to dial the Cabin Interphone to call the various stations on the aircraft. It is installed but doesn't really do much in a simulator since there is no one to answer the phone on the other end.
  14. Tim, The Support Portal requires a completely separate account from the PMDG Ecommerce site. Did you establish a new account, it not you can't recover a password for an account that doesn't exist yet.
  15. Ed It would probably be best to submit a support ticket via the portal so we can try to track this issue a little better and figure out what might be happening.