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  1. Should have read the forums first :( Problem solved. It was a sound bug in the .ini file. My bad Lon Duncombe
  2. Hi folks: I bought and installed the 747 a few days ago. Today I did a general navigraph update to 0217. Now when I try to load the 747 the screen stays black for a long time, then the graphics loads very slowly and the initialization begins, only to freeze at "initialization all systems...1". I uninstalled and uninstalled the 747 thinking the original navigraph data would load, however the 747 freezes as above. PMDG 737 loads fine. Any ideas? Lon Duncombe
  3. Crosswinds. They are pricey but are beautifully crafted from composites, durable and customizable for foot placement and tension. They use hall sensors for precision flying and will last forever. I had Saitek before, and went through 2 sets in 5 years.
  4. Lon David

    C-47 V3 Bliss

    Finally, after all these years, a c-47 that is not only free but blows the payware version out of the water! Congrats on a fine job and thank you for all your hard work. It's a beauty. Lon Duncombe
  5. Lon David

    Activation Code Problems 737NGX P3D V3

    And there it is! Many thanks. I should have dug deeper :wink:
  6. Hi Guys: I just bought the PMDG 737 base package for P3D V3 and every time I try to activate it rejects the code I was given. I am assuming the activation code is the serial number found just below the order. The other weird thing is that, although the order appears in my download page I never received a confirmation email. I sent off a ticket and am just assuming they have some sort of backlog at HQ. Or am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks for your help. Lon Duncombe
  7. Lon David

    My decision to fly as few airplanes as practical

    I just fly p3d now. I fly the A2A Cessna 182, Realair Turbo Duke, both with the GTN 650, the magnificent Q400 PRO edition, oh, and also the Aerowinx 747 with p3d scenery. That's it. I find these aircraft challenging and systems deep enough to keep me happy. I may get the PMDG V2 when it comes out, depending on price, and eventually will rebuy the PMDG 737 (I have the FSX version) when the Canadian dollar strengthens. The triple 7 is too pricey for my blood :( Hats off to Majestic for making the Q400 available in both FSX and P3D for one price. It is probably my favourite single aircraft bar none.
  8. Lon David

    P3d Regrets

    Rien de rien, je ne regrette rien!
  9. Lon David

    What is Aerowinx PSX....

    The video above doesn't really do it justice. Since buying Aerowinx PSX a year ago I rarely fly anything else. I run it on 3 27' monitors and one 40" 4K at 72 fps with FSX providing the visuals. I am able to expand the visuals over all 4 monitors with no loss of detail running 3 separate networked instances of the program. The experience is totally immersive in a way that FSX can never be. Every single breaker of the 747 is present and operative, and there are failure option combinations that no other simulation has. ATC is accurately modelled, along with a functioning copilot. A recent Mutley's Hangar review explains this much better than I could. The way I see it, I have saved a ton of money by not bothering to buy, indeed not being interested in, the latest & greatest FSX/P#D add ons. Aerowinx will keep me busy for years to come
  10. Lon David

    In search for a complex aircraft

    The Majestic q400 PRO for superb graphics, high FPS and system fidelity (you can even pop the breakers which I have done on occasion). In its class (twin prop or jet) it blows everything else out of the water, PMDG included (and PMDG aircraft are excellent, I own them all). I have never tired of it. The FSlabs Concorde for steam gauge era complexity and system fidelity (graphics are a bit dated). Seasoned pilots who qualified for training spent months mastering this baby, and you will too. Nothing compares to the thrill of flying at 60,000 feet, Mach 2.2 once you have learned how to handle this very complex, demanding aircraft. Lon Duncombe
  11. Lon David

    Starting to get bored..

    Try flying Majestic's wonderful q400, fully loaded, from Kathmandu to Paro, with the Paro addon. Using ASN, Kathmandu is often fogged in and the approach to Paro is hairy regardless of the weather. Never a dull moment
  12. I have a 40" LG 4K monitor I picked up last fall for about $800 CDN. I'm running a 4790K with a 780 GTX in 4K mode and frame rates are tolerable. What advantage would a 34" curved screen have, other than perhaps improved FPS ? Lon Duncombe
  13. Lon David

    747-400, wait for PMDG or go iFly?

    Or for something completely different try the Aerowinx 747 (PSX). It's a standalone with unbelievable systems depth, ATC, ACARS, its own weather system and world modelling. It runs on Java and is OS independent (I have it running simultaneously on my mac and PC) and fires up in about 10 seconds. Never crashes. If you're into eye candy this one is not for you. Also very expensive, flight schools use it, but if you want the ultimate in 747 training, take a look. Lon Duncombe
  14. Be careful about Asus MOBOs. Some of them have a defective bios clock. I know - I have a Z97 deluxe with a defective clock. In which case if you are using PMDG add ons (737 & 777) they will malfunction. PMDG does not recommend Asus MOBOs. Asus has been working on finding a fix but to my knowledge have been unable to do so. Lon Duncombe
  15. The same thing happened to me - I had 3 monitors and one went dead. Replaced them with a 40" 4K monitor running at 2440 x 1600 and I would never go back. I can sit close to the monitor, very immersive, and get better fps than I had with the old ones. (I'm running a i7-4970K @ 4.5 with a gtx 780) Lon Duncombe BTW, cost of the LG 4k 40" was only $700.