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  1. Thanks guys. I did an IFR flight today with a distance of 200 nm. As such my cruise altitude would be about FL200. I had clouds and cold/icing type conditions through 15,000' so I didn't shut off the inertial separator and move the 850 lever up until after I broke through the top of the clouds. I know icing conditions are not simulated but I still like to fly as if it did.
  2. I was thinking of using it at some point during the climb but maybe not on early climb out. The way I understand it is that the Inertial Separator should be on for Taxi and Take-off and continue to stay on if there are icing conditions. During this time you would not want the lever in the 850 position until after the Inertial Separator has been turned off. At some point the lever should be moved up to the 850 hp position, I'm just not sure exactly when. Steveokinevo may have covered it in one of his videos, but I don't remember which one.
  3. At what point should the 850 HP lever be moved into that position? Obviously for cruise, but should it be before that on the climb out or at a certain altitude? I do a lot of shorter flights of 100 N.M. so my maximum altitude is only up to 10,000 ft for those.
  4. Great tip, thank you! My two rear landing gear tires were indeed locking up. I went into the keyboard controls and assigned CTRL + SHIFT + B = On/Off anti-skid which turns it on and now my tires don't lock up. BTW CTRL + B and Shift + B were already assigned to other things. Anyway I will add this to my pre-flight checklist now.
  5. Well my Hobbs meter shows 8 hours now with most of that today using V1.1. I'm glad they updated it so quickly as I had the day off today. :-) I certainly don't consider myself qualified for a review, but here are some early thoughts. Pros: - I've waited years for somebody to make a decent Mooney (still flew my Carenado M20J from time to time), and overall I'm very happy with this Alabeo V1.1 offering. - I love the lines of the Mooney's in general and find they look like they are going 150kts just sitting on the tarmac. Alabeo did a fantastic job both inside and outside and with the liveries. - Very happy they passed on the glass panel and used steam gauges, but I also like the modern digital/analog gauges above the six pack too. - Glad they choose the M20R with it's IO550 engine, love the additional power over my M20J for the longer missions. I have not tried it in the mountains yet, but I'm sure I will like it's climbing power. - This aircraft runs very smooth, I'm not a FPS guy (and have a very good computer), all I care about is smooth operation. - Auto pilot works great and is easy to operate. - It's a nice change from my usual A2A Pipers and Cessna's. and I don't really compare them as those aircraft were priced accordingly. - The battery selector switch at least functions now, along with the other fixes. - Night time cockpit lighting is done pretty well. - As I have read about this aircraft it's quite slippery, and I would agree, so I love the speed brakes. Cons: - I wish they had done a better job with the Taxi and Landing Lights (but very few seem to get that right, IMO). Looking from the cockpit they don't light up the area in front of the aircraft as good as I would expect. Then again I've never sat in a real one. - As somebody else mentioned the brakes seem weak after touchdown, so for short runways you really have to hit the numbers. The again never been in a real one. Anyway just my $.02
  6. Found it, it's in the control panel > programs > uninstall/change and has an uninstall option. BTW I also found this article. http://www.mooneypilots.com/mapalog/M20R Evaluation/M20R.htm
  7. In this M20R sim the speed brakes function very well. I've just used the "/" key on my keyboard for on/off, but there must be a button in the cockpit somewhere, but I have not found it, like the Hobbs meter.
  8. That was quick, great news on the new V1.1 Sorry guys but I don't think I have ever actually unistalled an aircraft in FSX. How do I do that? Windows 7 Home premium (if that matters).
  9. FWIW both my radio master switch and magneto switch work fine. STBY vac switch does not seem to do anything just like yours. Anybody see a Hobbs meter anywhere?
  10. I recently read an article on the real M20R's and it mentioned two batteries are used. As such the pilot should alternate between the two batteries with each flight. Anyway I see the two batteries are not modelled in this Alabeo offering and the switch for them is not functional. I also noticed the cold and dark shortcut button does not set the fuel selector to the off position, and that is fine as I do it manually anyway. However when you load up the aircraft the next time, the fuel selector is back to the left tank again no matter where you last left it, or if you hit the Cold and Dark at any time. I flew it for an hour today and really like it, but I'm just a simmer with no RW experience. I love the looks of the Mooney's in general and really like the included livery's this came with. Also cockpit night lighting was done fairly well for this price point, and that's important to me as I like flying at night too. I don't fly 1/2 of the planes in my hanger at night because of the poorly executed cockpit night lighting. I never compare Carenado/Alabeo to all my A2A and Real Air as it's not apples to apples. You get what you pay for and I'm pretty happy with this one, and will be even more so when a patch is issued.
  11. Great...Thanks Tim you made my day!!! I'm not a facebooker and never even thought to look there. It appears they update that more than their website as the website just had photos of the typical white fuselage exterior that has been there for months. Anyway great news as I'm looking forward to adding this aircraft to my hanger.
  12. I have been waiting for a decent Mooney in FSX for years, so was obviously pleased Alabeo was doing one. However I noticed a few days ago it was removed from their "Incomings" page on their website. Anybody know what that is all about? This project seems to have taken a while as I think I first heard about it at the beginning of 2017, and the latest pictures showed it was not anywhere close to being done.
  13. Can anybody comment on the sound improvement mentioned I their list of items for this V2, and in particular the engine sound outside and more importantly inside the cockpit? To me the engine sounds were very lame, and didn't compare to the Flight-1 version. How is it now?
  14. So if I understand correctly the 208B repaints will work fine just as they are (no mods required), but it's just the look of the de-icing boots will not be correct? Although I'd like more H.P of the EX, I also think the EX has better lighting in the cockpit for night flying. For example I don't care for the lighting in my 208 B, the panel light bulbs are not adjustable and too bright which wash out the gauges, which themselves don't light up.
  15. I'm considering the 208 EX while it's on sale, but there is not much for repaints. I have the 208B and love some of the repaints for it. Does anybody know for sure if they will work on the newer 208 EX?
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