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  1. I've had a similar experience with a Logitech X3D. The twist rudder works fine, but the pitch/roll axes basically show up as binary -512 to 512 both in joy.cpl and FSUIPC. It appears to be a matter of drivers, and I have been unable to find Win 11 drivers.
  2. My experience with multiple monitors (and view groups) is that using NVP to limit frame rate will give no more than rate setting/# monitors at best. I've just let it do its thing. With sufficient power, it should provide reasonable rates (25+) most of the time.
  3. Note that there is a documented way to use Orbx in both 5 and 6 from a single library. Search the Obrx forums. I put 6 on a separate SSD and simply copied scenery and other addons into the 6 addon folder. I did install PMDG 737 using the 4->6 method. It and the other addons seem to work. I'm mostly using 5.4 with Concorde at the moment, so I haven't spent any real time with 6 other to see that it works.
  4. Unless you are low on drive space, why not both? They coexist nicely. All of the files are in version specific folders. What am I missing?
  5. Agreed to all the above. One thing to keep in mind is that many of these vendors have provided free updates for years. I see no reason for them not to charge a reasonable (in my mind) price at this time.
  6. I have not spent a lot of time in V6 yet, but I just copied viewgroups.cfg into V6 and it works. Frame rates are comparable to V5.4. I have not done any tuning or other tweaking just yet.
  7. When I use viewgroups for multiple windows, that is the behavior I saw. I've found that if you don't control at all, it seems to run smoothly from 20-40s, ever at KLAX with Orbx SoCal and AIG planes....
  8. Note that you need to install .27 version of AS6 now after the update.
  9. I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled all FSL A3XX aircraft on 7/4/23 and have had CTDs continuously. Running Win 11 latest updates. Two events occur in sequence at the crash: 1) .NET Runtime Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. 2) P3D fault in FSL_A32XX.dll, version: Faults have all occurred during MCDU inputs in random places. I've posted in FSL CTD forum with no response. I've completely uninstalled (including all files/folders) and reinstalled the latest experimental versions of the A3XX, including spotlight and libraries. I installed spotlights after all other installs. V5.4 had been working fine. .Net Framework 4.8 is installed. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. I've watched these discussions and am amused that people keep implying that it is either 5 or 6. P3D has always allowed for more than one version to coexist. The limitation is space, but I should think for most, that is not a major issue. I don't know if the other sims allow different versions being coexisting. One of the major things that Chris said was that the update process was going to be much more modern and that would allow bug fixes and changes to be slip streamed. This seemed to indicate that P3D would check for updates.
  11. I am experiencing silent crashes in g2d.dll. I was wondering which of client/content/scenery installs restores this dll. I think that became corrupt on its own (located on SSD) due to a nefarious bit flip.
  12. Installed update today. FB KSFO jetways worked. Did see garbled text when taxing to gate.
  13. And note that this is a known bug in TC having to do with SimConnect. AIG says that they are working on it, but it has been around for a while.
  14. Michael, Use the reg edit method and install in into v5. Last PMDG I'll ever buy. I wonder what happened to GFO... Promises made and not kept...
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