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  1. I am experiencing silent crashes in g2d.dll. I was wondering which of client/content/scenery installs restores this dll. I think that became corrupt on its own (located on SSD) due to a nefarious bit flip.
  2. Installed update today. FB KSFO jetways worked. Did see garbled text when taxing to gate.
  3. And note that this is a known bug in TC having to do with SimConnect. AIG says that they are working on it, but it has been around for a while.
  4. Michael, Use the reg edit method and install in into v5. Last PMDG I'll ever buy. I wonder what happened to GFO... Promises made and not kept...
  5. Thank you. I'm unsure on how to add that path, would you please point me to directions?
  6. Pilot2ATC is giving me a problem at FSStudio CYVR 1.11. Having seleted 08R as departure runway, P2ATC taxi direction direct me to D7 for departure. This is at the east end of the runway. It should direct me to L, L2 or L4 for departure. When I try to take off at any of the L departure points, P2ATC does not change to tower, and when I attempt to request TO clearance from tower, it switches me back to ground. I have the most recent Navigraph, have run makerwys and have imported taxiways and gates. All of my software is most recent. I can provide the .txl file for CYVR.
  7. I've moved to Pilot2ATC from Pro-ATC/X sometime ago. It has warts but seems to behave more rationally. The developer is active on line and seems to be engaged and actively maintaining and fixing the program.
  8. Probably I don't understand CP well enough, but could you please explain how to do this, please?
  9. Be sure that you loaded and activated the 737 configuration in the Honeycomb Configurator. Only one configuration is available at a time. What you're seeing is a request for a T7 variable that is not available from the 737. Every time you change aircraft type, you need to have the matching configuration loaded in the Honeycomb Configurator.
  10. I'm sure that you are using SimStarter to ensure that the other programs are assigned to cores other than core 1. That may help some.
  11. I've reported this to LM and Beau has indicated that there was a change to 5.2 that will not use an Intel Integrated Graphics Adapter if it does not detect 1.5G of video memory. I have a 3090 with a 4K HDR monitor and a 2K display, and use the IGA for a third screen. I run 2D views such as FS2Crew and other views that I use. This takes them off of the main, full screen display where they cause substantial FPS reductions. Running a 2D view on either the 4K or 2K monitor halves the FPS. Adding FS2Crew takes the FPS down to ~12 FPS. Now the IGA display will show the windows but does not update them or allow interactions. This is due to the non-detection of the IGA as a valid graphics card (Intel reports that is has 16G available!). This is a major show stopper. Other display anomalies include the pop window menu being limited to the interior of the popup window which makes it difficult to access the menu for odd shaped windows, such as FS2Crew main window. Also, for some reason TrackIR looses communications with the sim. I use the default F9 to pause stop responding to head inputs. I can get it to work briefly by killing it and restarting TrackIR, but this only last for a little while. I've checked for other assignments of F9 and there are not controls interacting with it. Worked fine in 5.1. Chaseplane sees it and works properly. Thanks for reading. Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. I recommend a powered hub. I have rudders, Track IR, headphones, power for portable monitor, etc. in that hub.
  13. I've been looking for audio control like this for a long time. Got it and it works great. Thanks.
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