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  1. DWadsworth

    No Acceleration above 200 KIAS

    On the CDU takeoff page, do you see Flaps 5 CLB2? Try to leave Flaps 5 until above 10k. You are probably very heavy and require additional lift at low altitudes. Purely empirical solution. Dave
  2. There response was that they are not supporting Insider previews. Although the responder did mention that he was successfully running the 1703 Creators Update. I'm running one version beyond that release currently and having no problems. All I was trying to do is give them an early update on a problem that they, Microsoft, or LM have Now if I could keep my USB 3 hub plugged in properly, my yoke and quadrant would work well. So it goes... Dave
  3. Thanks, I was aware of that and confirmed that I had the latest GSX. The behavior happened without GSX (and everything else. This version of Windows had changes to the core, and probably broke something subtle. The rollback version of Windows allows PMDG planes to work.
  4. PMDG 737NGX, 777, and 747V3 aircraft cause "Error creating child Window" in P3D 3.4.22 after loading. This prevents the green window containing status, GSX, AS16, ProATCX, and other data to be displayed and the add-ons from functioning. I removed all add-ons and reinstalled PMDG products to test. In all cases, the error occurred for PMDG aircraft. The default F-22 did not show this behavior. I rolled back to Win 10 16170 and the error did not appear and P3D behaved normally. I have submitted a PMDG support ticket.
  5. DWadsworth

    P3D 3.3.5 777 CTDs on Final using joystick/throttle

    My bad - FSUIPC was processing joystick inputs.
  6. DWadsworth

    P3D 3.3.5 777 CTDs on Final using joystick/throttle

    I'm running MT at 30% commercial, and 5% general. The problem has occurred with traffic set to 0%.
  7. Since updating to P3D 3.3.5, 777 CTD on final approach and landing whenever A/T or A/P are disabled and inputs are made on the joystick or throttle. 737NGX works correctly and 777 autoland works as well. Manual inputs from takeoff up to final approach are not a problem. All software and drivers are the latest available. System: i7-5930K 4.1GHz, 32 G memory, 2x GTX 980 in single GPU mode on two monitors WIn10 14905 (although this problem does not seem to be Win10 version specific - has occurred on all Win10 versions from release of P3D). Saitek X52Pro with drivers AS16 MyTraffic 6.0A ProATCX on separate computer AppCrash shows the fault modules as being either StackHash_e70a or PMDG_777X.dll. I have the detailed AppCrash dumps and a saved approach that reliably crashes during final. Thanks, Dave P.S. Can someone help me with how to paste text, etc. on AvSim? I cannot make it work. I'm using IE11.1. Must be a setting I'm missing.
  8. Elaine, Thanks for the input. I am running 2.09 for certain. Thanks to you. I looked in my event log, and found that the program was crashing with an 0xC0000005 error. I checked on the UT2 forum, and found that this has been seen since late 2015, and the only suggestion was to disconnect for the network, which does not fix the problem in my case. Continuing research... Regards, Dave
  9. Elaine, On starting P3D, music plays, P3D loads and aircraft show up. Thank you! So far so good! My user is a member of the administrator group, and both executables are set to run as administrator. All of the files including utii.dll are present in the directory. Control panel starts and then terminates after "Ready...". I initially had problems with installing utii.dll - Windows Defender flagged it as a Trojan. I have made exceptions for it and the folder. Thank you again, Dave
  10. Elaine, Thank you very much for defining this whole process and providing so much detailed help. I'm going to ask you for more help; however. I am running 3.3.5 on Win 10 14367. P3D is installed on Drive G, a non-bootable SSD, in Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. I've set security for both this folder and the AppData\Roaming\Flight One folder to allow everyone access. I have downloaded UT2 version 2.09. I have carefully (I hope) followed your process and have hit a snag trying to open the control panel. When I execute it as Admin, the splash screen comes up and cycles through its startup process, it then shows "Ready...", and then simply terminates. No error messages, AppCrash does not see it, and Resource Monitor shows it as terminated. I'm basically stuck here. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Dave
  11. DWadsworth

    Program Pin Error / Pro ATC/X

    Latest update, reinstalled P3D and PMDG 737NGX and the problem has gone away. Additionally, I ran sfc /scannow and corrected a problem with openCL.dll. Not sure which of the three things fixed the problem.
  12. DWadsworth

    Program Pin Error / Pro ATC/X

    The problem is completely reproducible for me: the ProATC route is KHOU DCT LOA DCT DONIE DCT YEAGR KDAL SID LOA9 STAR YEAGR2, no transitions. I load the CO ROUTE and the legs show up as expected. As soon as I try to add the SID, I get the Program Pin Error. Manually adding the route works correctly.
  13. DWadsworth

    Program Pin Error / Pro ATC/X

    I've reviewed the previous discussions on this, but cannot get the FMC to accept departure SID or arrival STAR without receiving this error. I have reinstalled the aircraft, and have tried long press menu button. Pro ATC/X is running on a client machine. This all works perfectly with PMDG 777. Pro ATC/X version PMDG 737NGX P3D v 1.14 P3D v.3 Flight KHOU to KDAL. Are there any particular logs or other files that might help?
  14. DWadsworth

    My Traffic 6

    You need to install all three SimConnect applications. Go to the P3D executable directory, and go down to the folder "redist". Go into "Interface", then each of the following folders: "FSX-RTM", "FSX-SP1", and "FSX-SP2-XPACK". In each of these folders, go to "retail" then "lib", and then double click on "SimConnect.msi". This installs all three versions of SimConnect. Traffic Manager appears to use one of the older versions.