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  1. Anyone else getting rain in the cockpit when using EA? Just wondering!
  2. I run it with 2080TI to my main monitor with P3D and use the i9-9900ks video output to drive a second monitor with panels, programs, etc. No problem. Can't see why a second video card would not work. Depends on how you want to layout screens and views.
  3. David, You do realize that one of the SSDs is running at SATA speeds? Limitation of the motherboard. Respectfully, Dave
  4. Gerald, the downloaded version from your site (.3) has fixed the problem with the ERJ-175. Thank your for your efforts. Dave
  5. Gerald, Yes, I installed it into the \Prepar3D v5 Add-ons. The installer gives the choice to install it into the main P3Dv5 folder or into Add-ons. Obviously, this may be the cause of the issue. It works fine from there though. Please let me know if I can help troubleshoot this further, Be glad to help. Thanks, Dave
  6. Thanks Gerald, that's how I'm configured. Running P3DV5 and using the feelThere ERJ-175 latest, MCE will not recognize the aircraft. ChasePlane shows it as the "feelThere PIC E175". I was successful with this setup under P3DV4.5. I appreciate your patience and help. Best regards, Dave.
  7. Gerald, Where do I get the installer? The download version is Thanks!
  8. I'm terribly sorry. This is my fault. I set this up as an add-on, and pointed to the wrong fsinsider64.dll. I pointed to the one the in Multi Crew Experience, which is dated 2017. Thank you for your help, you've gone above and beyond. Be safe.
  9. No work-arounds to the .exe file. FsInsider64.dll: File version 2..8.3.8 Product version Date modified 3/17/2020 12:03 PM 569,344 bytes [OPTIONS] Debug=0 DialogReference=0 KeepLVLDcopilot=0 KeepCSDC9copilot=0 RestFocusOnJoysticZoom=0 UseAlternateDllLoad=0 MCEStartDelay=30 NoTranslateAtc=0 AtcPTT=46 VatsimPTT=0 AssumeSimVersion=0 AssumeOSversion=0 Func1Param=5 Func2Param=5 FsxPrintParam=6 NoEventForward=0 MonitorVatsimPanels=0 DisableLinkage=0 AppendVASinfo=1 CheckAdminStatus=1 ShutdownRC4OnExit=0 ShutdownPFEOnExit=0 KeepWin7AeroDisabled=0 EnableGSXsupport=0 [Other] AgreedToNGXEula=1 [Prepar3D] GBordinal=24 ReduceAtcFlicker=0 AtcWinLeft=0 AtcWinTop=60 AtcWinWidth=220 AtcWinHeight=60 [SHUTDOWN] AddonTitle1= AddonTitle2= AddonTitle3= AddonTitle4= AddonTitle5= AddonTitle6=
  10. The MCE display is now showing Bombardier CRJ-700, which is different than before. Command/VoxScript shows the expected existing scripts. Command are being understood by MCE but no actions are taken. The Safety Check Flow ran to the end, but no changes to the panels were made. Same with Set Nav Lights On or Set Dome Light On. MCE did respond if the switch was already in the commanded position. I've reproduced the problem when starting MCE using SimStarter or from the desktop. P3d and MCE are being run as administrators.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. MCE dlls folder exists and contains mcasoftCRJ.dll data 10/12/2018 107 kb, [fltsim.11] title=CRJ700 Pro United Express N770SK sim=CRJ700_AMM model= panel= sound= texture=SKW_N770SK kb_checklists=BombardierCRJ700_check kb_reference=BombardierCRJ700_ref atc_id=N770SK atc_airline=SKYWEST atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP ui_manufacturer="Bombardier" ui_type="CRJ700" ui_variation="United Express/SkyWest" ui_typerole="Regional Jet" ui_createdby="Aerosoft/Digital Aviation" description="The CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) family of aircraft was derived from the Canadair Challenger business jet, which began its operational life as the LearStar 600. The Bombardier Canadair CRJ700, which entered service in 2001, is a stretched version of the CRJ100/200 regional jet, with increased seating capacity from 50 to 70. With increased length and upgraded landing gear, the CRJ700 features a longer wing span and leading edge slats. Like other members of the CRJ family, the CRJ700 features an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) avionics suite and “glass cockpit” instrumentation." category=airplane
  12. I've just reinstalled MCE and it no longer recognizes my Aerosoft CRJ-700 Pro aircraft. It defaults to the Bombardier_CRJ_700 and of course does not execute any command. Help?
  13. HWInfo - I believe it has OSD capabilities. I use the strip charts.
  14. Sorry to reopen this issue. I just had this happen to me with 1.4. I was cleared to 380, but had had the departure page set to 360. I responded to all of the challenges, including 1000 below altitude (360), and continued on to 380. After that I had the blinking climb flow through the rest of the flight. I did however get the cabin secure intercom, and the automated GSX deboarding. Just to let you know.
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