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  1. I was looking at my installed APP listing and saw that I have four different SimConnect versions listed. Each was installed on the same date in July: 10.0.60905.0 10.0.61242.0 10.0.61259.0 Is this normal for some reason? Should I uninstall any? Right now, I do not have a SimConnect issue that I am aware about, but I just want to be sure what is correct on this. Thanks, Fred K
  2. Yep....ViewGroups is what I am using also! Fred K
  3. Update..... Appears there is some sort of scalar problem with the FPS setting. If I set 90fps in Nvidia Control Panel it shows up as 30fps in P3D.
  4. New computer build here using P3D5.4..... If I set frames locked at 30fps in Nvidia Control Panel with "Unlocked" in P3d, my frames become locked at 10fps. If I change to "App controlled" in NCP, my frames are normal at 80fps. That happens even if FPS is the only setting activated in NCP. Using recent driver 536.40. GPU is RTX 4090 Any ideas on that? Thanks, Fred K
  5. I have experienced this issue off and on for some time now. It happens in about one of every three flights. On final approach the aircraft will suddenly do a left bank. It lasts for only a second or two. It can be severe to the extent that it is barely controllable 60 degrees or more). It happens between 0 and 3000ft AGL. It also can happen on takeoff between 0 and 3000ft AGL. It only does the left bank, never to the right. I have searched all the forums and have seen such described, but it appears not to be all that common. No solutions cited anywhere. It happens more often at airports with added scenery. I believe also it has something to do with weather, specifically winds. However I have watched closely and found that it specifically is not related to an abrupt change in wind direction or speed. In fact it can happen in very calm conditions. But if I turn wind off completely it does not seem to happen. I have tried three different weather programs....all yield the same thing. I am flying in P3Dv4.5 with a Sim-Avionics 737 aircraft. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a recommended fix. I have posted this in the P3D Forum as well. Thanks, Fred K
  6. I have run a WideView setup for over 15 years now........first with FSX and now with P3D...... Yes, maintaining 3 or 4 computers can be daunting and is expensive (I run a server plus 3 display clients), but there is no better way to max performance for a multi-display setup given the fact that P3D is CPU-limited. The issues mentioned regarding AI traffic and clouds etc. are very far in the past. All that matches 100% perfectly across displays. Likewise, blending across projection displays also works fine if setup properly. However I prefer to use a "butted" projection instead of an overlap since it maximizes the density of displayed pixels on the screen. You see only a very fine line between projected displays, and it completely avoids any overlap blurriness. That said, what I most want is a single computer multi-display capability that at least approaches what I have now.
  7. Regarding DirectX...... Over the past couple of months I had been having issues with very slow scenery loading and unexpected computer crashes (although not the DX error as far as I know). I run a WideView setup and all 3 client computers exhibited the same issue.... Then last week the latest version of DirectX auto-updated to each of my computers. The only reason I was aware of the auto-update was that the DxDiag window appeared at bootup (strange I thought since I had never experienced that before). In any event ever since that update my system has been running like a dream.....massively improved scenery loading, minimal stutters, and no crashes thus far. So I gave it my ultimate scenery stress test: KEWR (Drezweicki airport plus New York area scenery) -> CYYZ (Fly Tampa) -> KBOS (Fly Tampa), weather was conveniently heavy throughout due to the heavy storms in the NE that night. Performance was like a dream! No issues! Better then ever! Same result on each of my client computers. The new DirectX version is dated 02July 2019. So I am thinking that either my previous DirectX was corrupted some how or the new version is some kind of improvement. I never thought to look at DirectX as an issue related to performance. Perhaps that has something to do with your issue. My problems started with P3D 4.4 and continued with 4.5. Anyone have any insights on this? I posted on the P3D forum but no reponses there.
  8. On the latest versions of Windows "Superfetch" is now combined with "SysMain". Simply disable "SysMain" in Services as described previously for SuperFetch. My understanding is that "SuperFetch" was not recommended for SSD hard drives (and was supposedly disabled automatically by Windows in that event). The issue is that it would prematurely wear down an SSD with too many write operations. So the marginal benefit was not worth it. I use SSDs in my multi-computer setup. I have been plagued recently with slow scenery loading arriving at destination airports, including pauses etc. as described by many here. I found that SysMain was in fact running, and I have disabled it. However I have not really seen an appreciable improvement....maybe slightly, but too close to call.
  9. I posted this over at the LM P3D forum but no one really addressed my questions including LM...so I will try here...... Since moving to P3D v4.4 and now v4.5 I have been experiencing very long loading times for scenery. This is a minor nuisance for initial scenery loading at startup, but is more of an issue flying into very detailed add-on airports like Fly Tampa CYYZ or Drezweicki KEWR (as examples) where I am experiencing very long pauses upon approach. So I did some investigation of CPU core performance. What I found is that when a very detailed scenery area is being loaded my CPU utilization is at a full 100% with 100% loading on all 12 cores of my system. 99% of the activity shows as P3D so there are no rogue competing processes running. That kind of 100% loading across all cores I find as very surprising. It is certainly not what existed in earlier P3D versions (and FSX) where CPU performance was very constrained across cores. It is nice to see that kind of progress on CPU utilization, but I would think that scenery loading would be faster, not significantly slower. So my questions are....Is this normal? Are others seeing it? Or is it a manifestation of some strange issue I have going on? I have a multi-computer setup for my visuals using WideView, Each of my projection computers are identical (I7-8700 CPU/Ti1080 GPU). The same thing happens in each one.
  10. WideView 64 for P3Dv4 has just been released. Still waiting on WideTraffic 64. Fred K
  11. Can anyone comment on how well the V4 Professional Pro built-in multi-channel is working? Is it improved over V3 (which my understanding is did not work as well as WideView)? Thanks, Fred K
  12. Opus is updating for V4. However the issue with Opus is that you still need to use WideTraffic if you want AI traffic. Opus has indicated that they have no plans to create a WideTraffic version. Hopefully Luciano will see to it that WideView gets updated....there is still hope! Fred K
  13. It appears that memory management is significantly improved as one would expect. Is there any significant improvement in utilization of multi-CPU cores? Fred K
  14. Does anyone have anything to report yet regarding performance of P3Dv4 in a single computer multi-display setup? I am a current multi-computer WideView user (with P3Dv3) very curious about that. It would be nice to move to a single computer if I could get at least equivalent performance to what I have now. I posted the same query on the LM forum, but no responses so far. Fred K
  15. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this....It seems of late that I am experiencing more instances of issues with pauses in motion of displayed aircraft.....that is, more instances of aircraft becoming "stuck" or having significant stutter lapses or even not appearing at all. What I am seeing.... at the same time..... is some aircraft moving perfectly smoothly while others are pausing and freezing.This has always occasionally happened, but of late it seems to be much more prevalent. I have not made any other changes with added software or settings other than updating P3Dv3, FSUIPC, and vPilot to the current versions.Any ideas on this? Thanks,Fred
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