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  1. I think there may be 1 to many 0's in that cost figure or it includes the building extension. I have a similar setup for my 737 but without the projection screen (I have 3 x 70" 4k TV's and my wife would kill me if it cost over half a million $. David
  2. Because of my multi-pic/Multi screen setup I have been experimenting with FSGRW and SF along with PTA. So far, pretty impressed. David
  3. I running three 4K screen at 4K with gtx1070 cards in each on high end pcs. I started with one pc running the three screens with no surround, but performance was not good.
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement for WideView/WideTraffic that will work with Prepar3d V4 64bit? I currently run a 3 screen/3 PC setup with WideView and would like to move to Prepar3d V4, but I don't think WideView will get updated to 64bit. Thanks David
  5. Part 3 just published https://youtu.be/nvbvmtvcVmQ David
  6. 4 Computers, 1 for each 4k TV and one for Sim-A. David Part 2 now published https://youtu.be/4JCND2WXp2w Please subscribe to be notified of future updates. Thanks David
  7. Just published the first part in a series of short videos covering the basic procedures I use in my Boeing 737-800 cockpit. I anticipate releasing each part on a weekly basis. Not sure how useful or interesting they are to people, but at least they give a closeup view of different areas of my simulator. Here is the link https://youtu.be/taJlfN7Ca9w David
  8. Just released another video on YouTube. This time a short hop from PHNL to PHOG. Here is the link https://youtu.be/JJCXtbXsyxA David
  9. 4 high end computers that I built, one driving the Sim-Avionics software and then one each running Prepar3D for each of the 70" 4k TV's using WideView. David Thanks guys. One of my goals for this year is to find someone local with more knowledge of flying the 737 (preferably a real 737 pilot or ex-pilot) who would be interested in flying in the FO position to extend my knowledge and also I think it would also make the video's even more interesting. I still need to install a second set of rudder pedals in the FO position, but that should happen by March. At some point I also want to make a video giving a tour of my setup. David
  10. Hi Mike, Did not really track the total cost but it has to be in $40k plus region maybe even more :wink: I built it myself but mostly from Flight Deck Solutions parts who are an awesome company to deal with. David Much appreciated Aaron - Thanks I hope to be producing videos on a regular basis. David
  11. Thought you guys might be interested in this video of me flying from Miami to Tampa in my Boeing 737-800 cockpit. I am using Prepar3D V3.4 along with Radar Contact, MCE and Ultimate Traffic. http://youtu.be/1gugqfKwUk0 David
  12. I have had two yokes from them via the EBay store and although responsiveness to emails has on occasions been on the slow or non-existent side I am very pleased with the yokes especially the last one which is an improved version over my first. I also have a set of 737 pedals on order which I paid a $150 deposit back in May or June last year and really hoping to get an update soon on when they might be available. David
  13. I am a 737-800 sim pilot only, but really enjoying the videos and a lot of the knowledge is applicable to my 737. Great job! David
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