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  1. Thanks for the information Resest XPDR. This wiio be the first time I will be overclocking, so any information on how to go about it is greatly appreciated, Regards Juan
  2. Hello Bob, Thank very much for your detailed answer. I got things clear now. Regards Juan
  3. Hello. I want to start trying to overclock my system. I have a Maximus XII Apex mother board with a i9-10850K processor , I have a triple fan Corsair water cooler Supposedly my CPU runs at 3.6 with turbo mode of 5.2 I would like to get in the range of 5.0 My question is in regards to the Cores. Should I overclock all cores to the same Ghz? or Should I do cores zero and one and leave the other ones slower. I only use it with P3DV5, but I also have MSFS2020 which I will use probably later when Prosim 737 is working better with MSFS. Thanks in advance. Juan
  4. Hello, I have P3DV5 and when I start the program, it looks fine. Then I get to the page on which you select aircraft, location and time. I select any, the screen shifts to black with the progress bar moving up, when it gets to about 90% it just stops and I get back to the windows desktop. No matter which airport I choose, the same thing happens. I remember in previous versions, you could some of the cfg's o ini's and let the software rebuild them at start up. I can' remember which files it was. Thanks in advance Juan
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I have read that the SLI can be a pain. I am now using a 1080 ti with surround for three 2k monitors, and even using the wideview correction the image is quite stretched on the side monitors. I was thinking on using multi cards using viewgroups. Maybe 3 RTX 3070's which have 8 gb each connected each to a monitor. would that be better than just one 3090? Thanks Juan
  6. Hello, I have build up a new system to run P3DV5 and MSFS 2020. I have an I9-10900K, 32 GB of 4000 Mhz RAM, 3NVME's. I am planning on getting an RTX 3090 preferably one with the clock around 1800 Mhz. I have lisyed myself in all the notification emails of all the vendors to see if I could get one. Now I am reading the Nvidia is releasing the 3080 TI which will have 20 Gb of VRAM memory. for around $1,000. My system currently is using an 1080ti and I have three 2k screens, so is 7680 x 1440. I have my monitors set at 30Hz, The visuals are pretty smooth and very seldom goes down below 30 FPS. The major issues I am experiencing are while turning while taxing and panning on aircraft outside views. I would also love to increase the distance that the scenery and the vegetation pops up. What would work better specially in terms of P3DV5 one RTX 3090 or 2 RTX 3080 ti's Of course that I can get my hands on them sometime in the near future. Thanks Juan
  7. Hello, I am having quite an issue controlling the aileron, elevator and rudder. I have change the sensitivity, and the null zone, but still I cannot control the aircraft. The worst is the aileron axis. It is so sensitive, that a small touch I ended up in a 90 degree bank or more. If i play with the null zone and the sensitivity, I turn the the aileron just a bit and nothing happens, another bit and nothing happens, another bit, and I am again banking 90 degrees. I have tried to different joysticks and the result is just the same. Thanks Juan
  8. I agree with the previous comments. Each simulator has its strengths and it weaknesses. I have a Boeing 737 home cockpit which use Prosim 737 on P3DV5.1, I also purchased MSFS2020, and I enjoy both. I use P3D for the big iron flying, and I use MSFS2020 when I go down flying low and slow enjoying the beautiful scenery. I do not want to hijack this thread, but since there are plenty of people offering help, I would like to ask the experts, how in the world can you tame the controls. I am having having a terrible time specially with the ailerons. If I leave them in neutral it is quite sensitive and very hard to get back to level after a banking turn. I tried lowering the sensitivity. and the result is even worst, it barely banks through most of the stick, but when if you move it just a bit more, I ended upside down. i have two different joysticks on my cockpit. An Ace 737 on the left side and a saitek pro flight joystick in the left side. I have the same results with both, Any of you know how to configure and calibrate the sticks. Thanks and regards Juan
  9. Once the key is reset, and I want to registered my software, the menu to do that request you to enter the Activation Code, is that the same as the License Key I received when I purchased the license? Thanks Juan
  10. Great Thank you Simbol, I changed the registry entry, but I was missing the last character. I will send you an email now to the support email. Regards Juan
  11. I re install Ai lIghts reborn, and now I am stuck trying to activate it . I enter my Name, last name, email then in activation code I entered the License Key I received at purchase, the I entered a password twice. My password had more than 7 characters it has numbers a capital letter and a special character, but I still receive the message that the password must contain more than 7 characters at least one upper case character and one special character. It has all of that. Thanks Juan
  12. Hello Symbol, I do not understand why is the installation wrong? I did install outside the Program FIles in a separate SSD, with the following path P:\\Lockeed Martin\Prepar3Dv5 I have many other addons installed also in client PCs like ProATCx, Active Sky, Prosim737, Little NavMap, and any of them have any issues finding Ptrepar3Dv5. I believe that my mistake was, instead of installing a fresh copy of Ai lights reborn. I run the previous installation, on which P3dV4.5 was in different location. I remember that I got a message when installing that it had found a previous installation. Thanks Juan
  13. Thanks Simbol, I can not de-registered my serial number, can you do it for me, So I can do a fresh install? Regards Juan
  14. Hello Symbol, I upgrade my server PC to a windows 10 to be able to upgrade to P3dV5. Now when I try to run the program, I get a Microsoft.NET Framework error message. It reads UNhandled exceptiom has ocurred. I also notice the the path to the simulator is incorrect it reads: P:\Lockheed Martin\\ Prepar3D exe, where it should be: P:\Lockheed Martin \\ Prepar3Dv5 \ Prepar3D exe. In my Windows 7 PC I had AI lights in a different SSD than C, so for the new configuration, I just took that disk and plugged into the new server. Should I deactivate the license? Thanks Juan G. Ducaud
  15. Hello I was flying from LPPT to LEPA using P3Dv5 and using Prosim737. About 20 minutes into the flight I noticed that the sound of the engines was still going on,but the image was frozen. It did not continue. Afyter a while I stop the simulation. Now if I restart P3D I get the first screen with the F22 and the default airport, I just kit Ok. it starts loading and about 75% later it crashed to the desktop. I looked at Windows event viewer, and it shows a crash of P3dV5 due to fault with the file Kernel.dll. I don't think is an issue with the system, as I have a pretty decent machine I9-10850K not overclocked, ASUS Maximus X!!, 32 GB of DDR4-4000 RAM, GTX 1080TI. Thanks and regards Juan
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