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  1. Hello Gerard, I did the uninstall - re-install the Client but nothing happened. What I did, I went back to Manage Cameras, and deleted the original WIDEVIEW, and created a new one, using the original instructions and it did work. Thanks for your help. Regards Juan
  2. Hello, I have been using the NV Surround distortion fix for some time and it does work great. Recently I upgraded to the latest Prepar3D V4 version and when I click the "Wideview" option the screen applies the correction but it turns the image extremely dark. Does anybody know what could be happening? Thanks Juan
  3. ducaud

    Boeing 737 simulator parts

    Hello Leonig, My email is jducaud@yahoo.com. send me the information and pictures Thanks and Regards Juan
  4. ducaud

    Boeing 737 simulator parts

    Hello Leonig, I am interested in some of the parts you are selling: Boeing 737 Wet Compass Boeing 737 Map panel Boeing 737 Oxygen mask Panel Boeing 737 Chart Holder Boeing 737 Window Levers/Handles I have build the MIP, the throttle the pedestal and the forward and aft overhead. I am in the propcess of buildiing the sides, windows, eyebrows and ceiling panels. So, evbrything you have for those, I am interested. can you sen me pics, and prices? where are you located? Thanks and Regards Juan
  5. Hello, I recently purchased the commercial version of the FSPXAI Aorbus A350-900. I have Prepar3D V4 and i used the instructions for V4 for the installation. I downloaded and install some liveries and I found that all liveries look darker than they should be, It is like they are seen through a photographic neutral density filter. All other FSPXAI (A330-200/300, B787-8/9) are fine. Does anybody knows what could be happening? Thanks Juan
  6. ducaud

    Interaction with AI Traffic

    Hi Ray, I do not use a commercial package, Many come from Alpha India flight plans. I create some myself. I can understand in very light or no wind conditions, that I can get assigned a different runway than the Ai is using. But I never before had a waiting for takeoff aircraft, enter the runway when I was on very short final. or another cross the runway when I was about to touchdown. Also before when I was waiting for takeoff in a line of aircraft . The aircraft behind me, used to stop If I stopped. Now in some cases they just go through you. It seems as some of the AI aircraft does not register that your plane is there.
  7. Hello, I have read a few messages here related to strange behavior from AI aircraft, and Radar Contact. I have been using Radar Contact for over 10 years. It is recently after P3DV4 or FSUIPC 5 that Radar contact is not interfacing as it used to be with the Ai aircraft. I have had landings instructions to use runways opposite to the ones Ai aircraft are using. At least in my case, Radar Contact is no longer detecting when there is traffic crossing, or in the runway, as there are not instructions to go around. Besides that, taxing Ai aircraft are no longer detecting your own aircraft. They just keep on moving and crash into you or go rightn through you if you have the ignore crashes option checked. As Radar Contact has not been changed, there is something different in the code of either P3DV4 or FSUIPC5 thaast is causing this. Does anybody has more info on this, or is experiencing the same? Regards, Juan
  8. ducaud

    Flight instruments running on 2nd PC

    Hi Steve, have you heard, been there done that? I have build my own 737 cockpit. In the past I have used PMDG, Ifly737 pro, Project Magenta. After all of that, I bit the bullet and I got Prosim 737. I know that is not the cheapest alternative. But its currently, by far the best available in the market. Assign some value to the countless hours that you will spent trying to configure your home cockpit using the universe of different hardware manufacturers, to work with any of the other programs. In my setup I have hardware from FDS, Cpflight, FlyEngravity, Flight Illusion, Pokeys, Pololou, Leo Bodnar, Open Cockpits plus a scratch build Forward and Aft Overhead panels with electrical displays and working gauges. And all of them work seamlessly, with virtually no need for code writing. Try that with any of the other ones. Project Magenta, is outdated and not easy to configure, Ifly is not bad, but you will soon outgrow if you want to build a 737 home cockpit. Air manager is a great alternative if you are into general aviation aircraft. As a matter of fact I might use their gauges to display in my MIP screens, when I want to fly smaller aircraft and enjoy the scenery. My five cents, or better said euro 1,250. Let me know if I can be of help to you. I am not wisest, but the oldest. I have been doing this ever since the days when the flight simulator was made by Sublogic. that was over 30 years ago. Regards, Juan
  9. Hello, I have just started the process of gathering information for building a Boeing 737 cockpit. Due to space constraints I am building a full scale desktop version I will be using Prosim737. I already have a CPFlight MCP and two EFIS modules. I am getting a Flight Deck Solutions CDU. I will be using a Large size monitor for the forward and aft overheads. I need some help regarding the three monitors to be used behind the MIP for the Captain FO and Center Eicas. Everything I have read points to two 18,.5 wide monitors for the Captain and FO dsiplays and a 10.4" for center display. I have seen many pictures on which the monitors protrude below the base of the MIP panel. that is not my case as it is sitting on to of a desk. I do not have much space above as I have switches and displays. I would also like for the center panel to extend to the left in order to use at least the two low standby instrument positions using someof the Prosim wages. Does anybody know what alternatives do I have? Thanks Juan G. Ducaud
  10. ducaud

    Problem with click points in Virtual Cockpit

    Thanks Kyle, I did search, but I probably did not use the right words. I tried virtual cockpit issues, clickable points but did no get any returns. Thanks and Regards Juan G. Ducaud
  11. I am having problems with some of the click points in virtual cockpit. cockpit mode The center button to change to Standard pressure, the Nav switch button and others sometime do not work. It gets fixed by re booting Prepar3D. Does anybody knows what it is due to? Thanks Juan G. Ducaud
  12. ducaud

    Rudder hard deflect to the right

    Thanks Matt, That was exactly what was happening. I was not disconnecting the autopilot during the autoland and when I turned off to the taxiway, the rudder was ting to get me back to centerline. Thanks so much. Regards Juan G. Ducaud
  13. Hello, I have been flying the B737 for a number of years. First with the PMDG 737 for FS9, Then Ifly B737 NG for FS9 and Prepar3d V2.5 and lately the PMDG 737NG for Prepar3d V3. The planes flies incredible, what a difference from the old FS9 version. One problem that I am having is that right after landing when I am taxing out of the runway and using the pedals. The rudder get a full deflection to the right without input on any of the pedals. The left pedal works and turns the rudder to the center and left, but the off position always comes back to a full right rudder. It only does this right after landing. It I start a new flight, is perfect while taxing for takeoff. The rudder issue is not random, it happens each and every time right after landing. Juan G. Ducaud
  14. I have been installing some AI aircraft and converting FS9 flight plans. They do work fine, however I am experiencing a problem with some of them. Some you can see their liveries from really far away. Some others look completely white until you are right next to them. Does anybody know if this is a graphics configuration issue and how to solve it? Thanks Juan
  15. Hello Glynn, Thanks for your reply. Of course I read the information you are sending me. It would have been virtually impossible for me to get this far without yours and Ray's help. I did miss the reference that Ray sent me on the display issue, I went back and found it. I also have to say that in all my years using flight simulators, you guys are the very best in terms of being receptive,helpful, and also patient. Thanks again Juan