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  1. Hello I have a GE Force 1080 Ti connected to three identical 2k Viewsonic monitors. I have been able to set a customized resolution of 2560 x 1440 25Hz on two of the diplays. In the third one I cannot create the customized resolution it goes first into testing but then the resolution is not saved, so it cannot be changed and it reverts to 2560 x 1440 60 Hz. Aparently there is a known issue with Nvidea and three monitor setups. If anybody has any ideas, I appreciate comments. I have spent hours trying to make it work with no success. Thanks Juan
  2. Thank you for your replies guys. I am running Windows 7-64, I have a Vsync on with triple buffering already. Your advice Dylan was good, setting the frame rate inside P3D helped reduced most of the tearing. I do have a bad micro stuttering. What I just found out is, that if I am facing an object like the tower on the first video. Then if I slew left and right of the tower the movement is completely smooth. When I repeat the same but now I am panning left and right the whole movement is like tiny micro stutters. Regards Juan
  3. Hello, I have been having screen tearing and micro stutters constantly when panning at airports or just watching AI traffic. I have an I7-4790k with 32 GB of RAM, I have GE Force 1080TI card with 11 GB of Ram I only have SSD’s no hard disks. I have three 32 inch 2K View sonic Monitors stretch with surround for the view outside. I don’t run any panels on the system. All my avionics are on separate PC connected via Prosim737. In Nvidea Panel I have set my three monitors from the native 60 hz to 30 hz. I have read here that is better. I have set my frame rate to unlimited in P3DV4.5. My FPS are always between 29 and 31 FPS. In the air while flying it is very smooth. If I go to the outside view and pan around the aircraft I get tearing on the aircraft and clouds. I have a video attached, even though it does not look as bad as when looking at the screens check the control tower, where the tearing is clearly seen. As you can see neither my CPU not my GPU are operating at max. I have HT disabled my Core 0 id roughly less than 50% , the other three cores at between 5 and 10% CPU Usage for all cores is 13% GPU usage is 26 % at 1557 Mhz. My FPS do not go below 29 but still the tearing and micro stutters are really bad. Once I am flying is not noticeable except when panning outside. Does anybody know what could be causing this? Regards Juan
  4. I recently started using AIG Manager with OCI installation. I did this to be able to upgrade my FAIB models to use PBR textures. The automatic installation of the models was extremely good and simple. The installation of the models also uses an external application for the different AI aircraft sounds. The software is Aitrsp v.1.8. I am having an issue with the timing of some of the sounds, specifically the thrust reverser sounds. For example, in the case of the FAIB 320’s the reverser sound starts 7 seconds after the animation of the cowling movement starts, and continue 7 seconds after the cowling is closed. In the case of the FAIB CFM neo it is even worst, the animoation open the cowling, keepit open for about 10 seconds, then it closes, once the animation of the reversers close the cowling, then the sound starts. I am trying to find out somebody that understand the logic of the soundai.cfg files to be able to adjust the timing of the sounds to coincide with animation. here are the some examples of the areas in the soundai.cfg that deals with the reversers, If somebody is familiar with then, I appreciate the help in understanding their meaning, and see if it is possible to alter them to be able to improve the sound timing issue. [rev] filename=rev flags=8 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.00,1.00,1.00,1.00 vparams=0.0,40.0,0.150,60.0,0.250,80.0,0.550,100.0,0.650,100.0,0.750,100.0,0.850,100.0,1.00,100.0 full_Scale_Distance=80 link=xidle [revX] filename=revX flags=8 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.00,1.00,1.00,1.20 vparams=0.0,40.0,0.150,60.0,0.250,80.0,0.550,100.0,0.650,100.0,0.750,100.0,0.850,100.0,1.00,100.0 full_Scale_Distance= [revAX] filename=PowerX flags=8 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.00,1.00,1.00,1.00 vparams=0.0,40.0,0.150,40.0,0.250,60.0,0.550,80.0,0.650,100.0,0.750,100.0,0.850,100.0,1.00,100.0 insideConeAngle=80 outsideConeAngle=360 conePitch=0.0 coneHeading=180.0 outsideConeVolume=9000 full_Scale_Distance=60 link=rev Regards Juan
  5. Hello Symbol. I just saw some videos you posted on February 17, and I noticed that all of your aircraft have the strobes and the side splash light on while they are taxiing. All my aircraft have the tail light the beacon and the nav lights on while taxing. Once the aircraft lined up for takeoff is when the strobes and side splash lights turned on. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Juan
  6. Hello, I recently purchased this program, and the difference is unbelievable. I have been creating different groups. For example, I have all A-380's in one group. I have created and configure several of these groups. . All of the groups I created were working perfectly. Today I noticed while scrolling through the groups I created, that there were two groups that have no aircraft on them. AIG 757's and AIRBUS A320 Family. I thought that the aircraft got de-selected, So I went back to edit the group (AIG757) and add them back, but I could not find any B757 model on the main group. So they are nowhere to be found. The same thing happened to the A320 group. All other groups are fine. I went back and re-scanned my drives with the programs option. It did not find them. ,I went back and deleted the AIG757 Group.9So I can recreated again. But the program still does not dind any B757 or A318/19/20/21 models. They are present in my AI aircraft files, and I see them on P3Dv4. Its just that FS Reborn does not find them. What can I do? Thanks and Regards Juan
  7. Hello, I have an ASUS HERO VII motherboard with with and Intel 4790K 4.0ghz, and a 1080TI graphipcs card. Yesterday, I started the PC and I got the fan speeding up then slowed down, the speed up again, and it slowed down. It stay llike that. Nothing was displayed on the three monitors. I had a digital display on the board that shows code 00, which could be many things. One thing that I noticed the previous day, was that the PC clock time was off. I did check the CMOS battery and it showed 2.8V, so I went and bought a new battery, but nothing happened. I took the 1080 TI and used one monitor with the onboard HDMI connection. Same thing. I unplugged the Power supply (A corsair 1000) and tried a different one and the same result. I took three of the *GB Memory sticks and tried one on different sockets and same thing. I use a different memory stick, same thing. So for now I know it is not the Power supply, Graphics card, Memory or CMOS Battery. I guess I am down to the Motherboard or the CPU. I don't know what to do next. I have Build a Homecockpit B737=800, and I have two other PC's connected to my setup. I only fly the B737 from Prosim737. In the Main Server I have Prepar3DV4.5 and the Main Prosim menu and MCP, plus all add on scenery files. I am still using Windows 7 in my setup. In the case that I have to replace the motherboard and/or the CPU, I will probably go for the latest ones. Would the new system recognized my three windows 7 based SSD's? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, As I am kind of lost on what to do next. Regards Juan
  8. Thanks to both Simbol and DChokey08 for your replies. It is very likely a missing radio section in the config. I will check it when I get home. The models all have their correct parking type and parking code. I have modified the Gates and I have added plenty of parking spots at both testing airports. I have use the ADE error checker and there is no disconnect or missing links on runways, taxiways and apron. I do not use AIGM-OCI, as I have extensively changed the flightplans, to reflect different percentages of traffic activity depending on which pair of airports I am flying. I believe you are correct in the issue, because this also happens at other airports with the exact same aircraft models and different liveries. It is happening to all ATR's 42 and 72 all variants. So it must be missing in all OSP configurations. It is also happening with the TFS Dash aircraft. No other model has this problem Thanks again Juan
  9. Hello, I have about 350 airline flightplans in my P3D V4.5 system. I have installed all of those manually as well as the aircraft models and liveries. I stick only to aircraft that have the P3D update. I have created a 45 minute flight plan between two airports in the US to test the liveries and models are operating correctly. I can have up to 14 aircraft departing and arriving using the same plan. I have all of them departing at the same time, to test how well can they keep separate on take offs and landing. I programmed the departure at 12:00:00 from KGWO and the arrival at 12:45:00 at KMEM, the the return leaving KMEM at 13:00:00 arriving KGWO at 13:45 (all times GMT) The first thing I noticed is that all planes became active at 12:00:00 and start taxing to the active runway, with the exception of 3 of them. Which activated the lights but did not move at all. They just stay at the KGWO. I advanced the time to match the arrival back from KMEM to about 15 minutes before the arrival time. The three aircraft that had remained at the field disappeared. The second issue was upon arrival at KGWO back from KMEM. I can see in the LittleNavMap map display that all planes are flying back from KMEM, including the three that have not originally took off. One of them was the first to land. it landed exited to runway on a taxiway, and remained on the taxiway for a long time, until it disappeared, If I remember correctly AI aircraft automatically disappeared if static over 8 minutes at places other that their parking spots. The other aircraft started to land, but since there were many of them. Several had aborted landings while on short final, and turned around for a second landing The second issue I noticed was with the planes that originally had no issues taking off from KGWO, when arriving back at KGWO from KMEM. If those planes had to abort the landing because other aircraft was on the landing, they did not loop back to the airport but kept flying on the departure runway heading until they disappeared. The aircraft creating this issue are the OSP ATR's all models, and the TFS Q400. Does anybody has a clue, what is going on? Thanks Juan
  10. Hello, I recently discovered this great program. I am learning all of the many features. I have one question in regards to the map view. I can zoom into the map using my mouse wheel. My problem is after a few seconds the map zooms out automatically. Is there any way to keep the map from automatically adjusting the zoom rate? My specific problem is that I fly with a lot of AI aircraft, and I like to see them around in the map with their labels. That is why I liked to keep the map zoomed in. Once it zooms out automatically I see a whole lot of Ai planes and labels all on top of each other. Thanks and Regards Juan Ducaud
  11. Thanks Ray, I believe the issue with the holding is that not only the last waypont has to be a VOR, but it also has to be no more than 5 miles from the airport. In regards to the flight planner, I am also going to change to PFPX as FSCommander is having issues updating afcads for airports added using the xml way. Regards Juan
  12. Hi Ray, I am lost on your comment regarding where the NOTAMS are. I am still using FlightSim Commander 9.6 as my basic flight planner, and I have no software on which I have to enter the Gate number. Another unrelated question I have, is the fact that I have never in all the years I have been using RC, I have never been instructed to a holding pattern. I have changed the settings to Weather and On in the options menu, but still I have never gotten instructions to enter a holding pattern. How is it done. Thanks and Regards, Juan
  13. Hi Ray, Thanks for your quick reply. Before the go around I asked for the runway 7R which is the one that was being used for the takeoffs. ATC replied that could not be assigned due to traffic. So, somewhow ATC is not getting the information for the traffic departing. It does communicate correctly with the AI, as I can hear the interaction between ATC and the AI aircraft. I don't have an AI traffic package. I download the actual flightplans from Alpha India Golf, and the liveries from different sites, and I compiled them with AIFP. How do you enable the NOTAMS? Is that in the RC settings? Regards, Juan
  14. I have been using Radar Contact for over 10 years. It is recently after P3DV4 or FSUIPC 5 that Radar contact is not interfacing as it used to be with the terrain and Ai aircraft. I have had landings instructions to use runways opposite to the ones Ai aircraft are using. Yesterday I was approaching, Barcelona. The winds were calm. and Approach assign me to Rwy 25L as I was approaching the airport I could see that all traffic was departing in my direction. I requested a rwy change to Rwy 7R, and I was told by ATC that it could not be done because of traffic. I hit TOGA and requested the full ILS approach to RWY 7R. In past years RC use to detect when an aircraft entered the rwy and commanded a go around. That is no longer happening. Another issue is that in the past week I have been vectored twice to approaches that put me right into mountains. The first a flight from LSGG to LFMN, ATC commanded a descent to 7,000 feet when I still had to cross mountains that were about 10,000 in height. In yesterday's flight (LSGG-LEBL) ATC vectored me north of Barcelona heading west, just a bit north of the foothills. It commanded a descent to 4000 feet and a turn to a SE heading, which put me about 100 feet over a mountain. In over 10 years of using RC this things were not happening. I have been updating the databases, but It looks like something new in Prepar3D or FSUPIC is not flowing smoothly to RC. Is anybody experiencing this things? It would be shame, as I have been so happy with RC for such a long time. Regards Juan
  15. Thanks Jude, Yes, I know that I need a new motherboard as the I9-9900K needs an 1151 socket , so I was thinking in upgrading to the ASUX hero X1, and also DDR4 memory. In regards to the GPU, it can wait for the time being, as I have a GE Force 1080 TI with 11GB with liquid cooler. Regards, Juan
  16. Hello, I am having a real bad problem with Tearing/Ghosting (I dont know really which one is it. I have made a video at UK2000 EGKK just slowly panning that shows the issue I am having. https://youtu.be/JHEFmQr5GzQ As you can see the image is smooth until I get the terminal and planes into view. I have tried also with the AI aircraft at zero, it improves but by very little. I have a constant 30FPS unitl I start to view the terminal area, there the FPS drop to the Low 20's and high 10's. This happens mostly in airports in the southern UK areas and other large large airports such as Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt. I was told at FS EXpo that once I moved to P3D V4.5 it was going to be better, as it supposedly shares more processing with the other cores. I did upgrade to V4.5, and what I noticed, was that it was loading Prepar3D, there was a better distribuition of load among the cores, but once it was ready, it went back to mostly the first core. Sceneries I have for the area are from ORBX ARE: ORB Global, ORBX Vector, ORBX Open LC Europe, ORBX EU England.( i do not have TE Southern England) UK2000 Airports Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead. I have an I7-4790K at 4.7GHZ, 32GB of DDR Ram, GE Force 1080 TI displaying on 3 32" 2K monitors. (which are set at 30HZ in Nvidea Control Panel. I used Prosim 737, as I have a home cockpit, so my three main screens are just for displaying the world outside of my cockpit. My avionics screens are powered by another PC with also an I7 and two GE Force 970's. This second PC also has Active Sky, Radar Contac and Navigraph. The other issues I am experiencing lately are the long pauses (4 to 7 seconds) that everybody is suffering in different areas. Is there any setup that would help me with this issue, or my system/component is approaching the end of its life? Regards, Juan
  17. Hello, I am planning on upgrading my current system for Prepar3d V4.5 I currrently have a I7-4790K in an ASUS VII Hero. It has been working pretty decently and with tiple 2k, 32 inch monitors set at 30HZ. it is giving me smooth 29-32 FPS, with the exception of shearing/ghosting at major airports, and all airports in the southern UK area. My question is related to the newly announced I9-9900KS CPU. I believe that the main difference between the K and the KS is that the K can only operate one core at 5.0 GHZ while the KS can have all cores operating at 5.0 GHZ. My question is, and considering that Prepar 3d mostly uses the first core, is it worth it to wait for the KS considering that it will cost somewhat more than the K version. Will the faster speed of the other cores bring any benefit? Thanks Juan
  18. Hello Gerard, I did the uninstall - re-install the Client but nothing happened. What I did, I went back to Manage Cameras, and deleted the original WIDEVIEW, and created a new one, using the original instructions and it did work. Thanks for your help. Regards Juan
  19. Hello, I have been using the NV Surround distortion fix for some time and it does work great. Recently I upgraded to the latest Prepar3D V4 version and when I click the "Wideview" option the screen applies the correction but it turns the image extremely dark. Does anybody know what could be happening? Thanks Juan
  20. Hello Leonig, My email is jducaud@yahoo.com. send me the information and pictures Thanks and Regards Juan
  21. Hello Leonig, I am interested in some of the parts you are selling: Boeing 737 Wet Compass Boeing 737 Map panel Boeing 737 Oxygen mask Panel Boeing 737 Chart Holder Boeing 737 Window Levers/Handles I have build the MIP, the throttle the pedestal and the forward and aft overhead. I am in the propcess of buildiing the sides, windows, eyebrows and ceiling panels. So, evbrything you have for those, I am interested. can you sen me pics, and prices? where are you located? Thanks and Regards Juan
  22. Hello, I recently purchased the commercial version of the FSPXAI Aorbus A350-900. I have Prepar3D V4 and i used the instructions for V4 for the installation. I downloaded and install some liveries and I found that all liveries look darker than they should be, It is like they are seen through a photographic neutral density filter. All other FSPXAI (A330-200/300, B787-8/9) are fine. Does anybody knows what could be happening? Thanks Juan
  23. Hi Ray, I do not use a commercial package, Many come from Alpha India flight plans. I create some myself. I can understand in very light or no wind conditions, that I can get assigned a different runway than the Ai is using. But I never before had a waiting for takeoff aircraft, enter the runway when I was on very short final. or another cross the runway when I was about to touchdown. Also before when I was waiting for takeoff in a line of aircraft . The aircraft behind me, used to stop If I stopped. Now in some cases they just go through you. It seems as some of the AI aircraft does not register that your plane is there.
  24. Hello, I have read a few messages here related to strange behavior from AI aircraft, and Radar Contact. I have been using Radar Contact for over 10 years. It is recently after P3DV4 or FSUIPC 5 that Radar contact is not interfacing as it used to be with the Ai aircraft. I have had landings instructions to use runways opposite to the ones Ai aircraft are using. At least in my case, Radar Contact is no longer detecting when there is traffic crossing, or in the runway, as there are not instructions to go around. Besides that, taxing Ai aircraft are no longer detecting your own aircraft. They just keep on moving and crash into you or go rightn through you if you have the ignore crashes option checked. As Radar Contact has not been changed, there is something different in the code of either P3DV4 or FSUIPC5 thaast is causing this. Does anybody has more info on this, or is experiencing the same? Regards, Juan
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