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  1. Hi Andrew, I have sent you two PM's.... Please read👏🙌👏🙌 Please Please Please Please Please You are my last hope here 😥 Best regards Stephan
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope you anybody can help me or to give me a good tip? I have been using VRInsight's MCP Combo II Boeing until recently. But since I am building a homeckpit B777, I am of course trying to buy and install the hardware as realistic as possible 🙂 From www.flightsimpm.com I bought the landing gear lever + EFIS + Panelswitch for the B777 and run them all with the Linda software. Recently I bought a MCP from the company SimTek with a COM Port via RS232 to USB Connection.... As it is very close to the real MCP. Unfortunately SimTek does not offer any software to the MCP 😔and according to SimTek, users have to create their own software that communicates with the code language of the MCP. Now comes my question to you 😉. I strongly assume that the Linda software accesses your FSUIPC .Lua and thus the hardware will work in P3d V5.5 ( like the MCP from VRInsight) I have a PDF file, with the code language of the MCP...! So anybody could read the file with code and I hope anybody can help me to bring this into the P3D V5.4 via FSUIPC? Or any other idea? 1000 thanks for your answer Best regards Stephan
  3. Hello folks Sorry that I only now answer again. I had Corona... and really for 15 days :-( I could now check and try all your suggestions. And it has helped! Although I do not know exactly what was the right solution here :-) But, it worked and I have no problems now! 1000 thanks for your help!!! Best regards Stephan
  4. Hello folks Sorry I haven't replied yet.... I am sick with corona & can not take care of the flusi right now. But I will get back to you in any case Best Regrds Stephan
  5. Good morning;-) I will try everything and get back to you right away! 1000 thanks already for the help from all of you!!! Best Regrads Stephan
  6. Hey Ray, I'll report back with my results. Best Regards Stephab
  7. Hey Ray, I am of the opinion that I only use .bgl files. I forgot to mention... That this problem has arisen only recently. Did not have any other problems. Lately I have only: Windows Update Nvidia Update AIG new airlines installed AIG updated existing airlines with their flight schedules Best Regards Stephan
  8. Hello, Thank you very much for your answers! I will try them all one by one before I really do a reinstall. Best Regards Stephan
  9. Hello, I have the following problem. When I take off from an airport in my flight simulator, I have normal AI traffic from AIG. I can see all the planes and also in the sky I have lots of traffic. Now comes my problem... On the airport where I land (no matter which one)... I have then no more traffic! Nothing... no AI plane nothing. I restart the flight simulator and start from the airport where I just landed.... I have normal AI traffic again?!?! What can this be??? Can someone help me? 1. picture (KBOS) start airport with normal AI Traffic 2. picture (EIDW) after 6 hours of flight... No AI Traffic 3. picture (EIDW) after restarting the flight simulator. As I said, it doesn't matter which airport I fly to.... no more AI Traffic on landing. Best Regards Stephan 2.
  10. Hello Joe, 1000 thanks! 🙂 This is exactly what I was looking for. The setting has brought the solution! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Best Regrads Stephan
  11. Hello, I have the following problem... I can not open the "Zoomed left outboard du" in my cockpit. not even the "magnifying glass" that opens this window appears. With all the others it works Zoomed Left Inbound DU = Ok Zommed Right Inbound DU = OK Zomed Right Outboard DU = OK Zommed Upper DU = OK Zoomed Lower DU = OK all other Zommed windows work too! Only the "Zoomed Left Outboard DU" cannot be opened. Does anyone have an idea? Best Regards Stephan
  12. Hello, Here are the Driver Information for the COM3 USB-Port. My MCP2 works only with this Driver correctly! Best Regards Stephan
  13. Hello, I was able to solve my problem with the help of Andrew! It was due to the mentioned USB port (COM3) update. After trying everything with Andrew to solve my problem, we finally came to the idea to look at the update. And this was exactly right! I found my USB port (COM3) in the device manager and reset the driver to the previous version. Yes, what can I say... :-) With this driver everything works again! I will post the version that didn't work and the version I'm using now here afterwards. Now it's time to fly again ;-) Best Regards Stephan
  14. Hey erveryone, I have for a few days problem with my Vrinsight Combo Boeing II and the Linda Software. My PC had an update for my USB-Ports on the Mainboard few days ago. After the update and the Linda Software: LINDA_3_3_4_1360 The Linda Software found my Combo panel not any more! I re-install FSUIPC 6 and the Lindo software didn´t solve my problem. Only the downgrade to Version: LINDA_3_2_6_1111 Fix the Problem, that Linda find my Combo Panel. So, if I want to fly... I start the Linda Software and after my P3D. I select the PMDG 777 and load a Flight. When I sitting in the Cockpit... I res. a information-text: Linda is ready: After that: The Display in my Combo Panel change to: I can turn on the knobs here as much as i want... It is not transmitted to the Flusi 😞 BUT... If i press the Reload LUa Engine... The Display change to the normal screen: Now... here is the problem, sometime the buttons respond... sometimes they don´t Can anybody help me here? The Linda Software looks good:
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