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    I'm a former supplemental airlines pilot. World wide experience. I have flown, effectively, every jet that Boeing has made except the 737. Not the 747-400, but the 747 Classic. Not the 787, but the 777. I am still humble and still learning.

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  1. OOPS! Forgot to sign. Bruce Jacobs
  2. Thanks again. Unfortunately I have to leave town before I can get the guy who knows what he's doing over. I'll give an update in a couple of weeks.
  3. OK, I have not gone into FSUIPC yet. I thought that I'd make one last desperate attempt to solve it without digging in. I am not too conversant with the bowels of the PC as in my real life I'm a mac user, but I have an expert on hand. I have all my settings so getting my few a/c back up will not be too hard. I have 737NG, the 777 and a Level D 767 all set aircraft specific and I'm working with the 777 now. I know what I'm doing with FSUIPC in programing the a/c. Thanks again for all the help and I'll give a progress report. I don't have time to work on it right now.😎 I thank everyone for their input. Bruce Jacobs
  4. No joy. I deleted all flap setting from FSUIPC and programed flaps through FSX options. worked fine mechanically, but still stalls at 0 flap man. speed. That's on all versions, all departures.
  5. I'll check the flaps first. It is logical since it does seem to happen around 1 degree flap maneuvering speed which would be just the LEDs, but the brains of the system won't let it go above that speed if it thinks they're down. Even the old 757/767 did that. Hard to believe those are "old." Of course the 727 you could keep accelerating until you tore the LEDs and trailing edge flaps off the airframe. Those were the days.
  6. Thanks to both of you. I'll get under the hood soon. I know the introduction makes the case for not using FSUIPC but rather programing everything through FSX. Is that true?
  7. I am having a perplexing problem. During departure the aircraft just kinda dies performance wise around 3400'. This happens with no altitude restrictions and 12000' or 310 in the altitude window. I have the thrust reduction altitude at 1500' and acceleration altitude at 3000' for a close in noise abatement departure procedure. The climb is normal until acceleration altitude (I'm in Climb 1 at 1500'). At 3000' I go to flaps 5, after a 15 degree flap TO at 550 thousand lbs. and it just won't accelerate the way it should and rate of climb goes down to 500'/min. It will get to 0 flap maneuvering speed (about 230Kts) after an inordinate amount of time and distance. When I get to 0 flap man spd, bring the flaps up, it's in THR REF, Roll is LNAV and Pitch is VNAV SPD as it should be. Thrust is Climb 1 at about 89%. It does the same thing at Max Climb so that isn't the issue. It will not accelerate above about 230 Kts and won't climb. By accident I discovered that opening FSUIPC and them canceling it gets rid of the issue and the aircraft starts accelerating (thrust remains the same) to 250Kts and then starts climbing at 3000+/FPM. I have checked for conflicts between FSUIPC and FSX EXTENSIVELY. I have looked at it from the external view and the flaps are physically up and indicated up. No speed or altitude restrictions in the FMC. Everything else in this simulation works perfectly except, occasionally, on a coupled ILS to 9L at Heathrow I will get a continuous GPWS pull up terrain warning. The terrain is flat on final. Any thoughts, suggestions, or solutions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks you in advance. Bruce Jacobs
  8. Well, I appreciate the depth of knowledge and adherence to the current ATC procedures as well as conscientious, safe operations in the airspace, but please remember, I'm just trying to get my virtual 777 working right. You should see me land on top of a departing jumbo if it's in my way!!! :-)
  9. Budbud, Your suggestion got me thinking mainly that what you suggested was beyond my abilities, however I decided to turn around (50 miles NW EDDF) and see how it did in the approach phase. I was already at 3600'. Keep in mind that up to this point I had only made right turns with the heading bug. As I entered downwind for 25C I commanded a left turn for a 74 degree heading and it wouldn't turn. The bug would only increase heading. To make this long story and day a little shorter I had only used the simulation once since I set it up and I had the same problem with acceleration and altitude but never tried to figure out what was wrong. Now I realized that I must have made a mistake when I programed buttons and switches through the PMDG FMC menu and fsuipc. Specifically, for decrease heading I had used shift+A and that is a preprogramed key for cockpit view change. There must have been a conflict. It's all better now. You were definitely on the right track and I lucked out and intuited the problem when it wouldn't make the left turn. Thanks for sticking with it. Best regards, Bruce Jacobs
  10. Hmmm, Just looked at it again. I tried going to FLCH, nada. I also notice that the pitch attitude is 2.5+ degrees nose down and Stabilizer trim is normal at about 2.5 units nose up. It doesn't make sense and has to be a sim issue. I ran the 737NGX yesterday with no problems and generally I know what I'm doing at least half of the time. Maybe I'll try a departure from another airport. That said, I have no add on airports or scenery.
  11. Yeah, I was blasting off on my test route to see if everything was operational; it isn't. I also just realized that if somehow this was a system issue where the aircraft thinks there are some flaps extended and it was pushing against a flap limit it would give a visual on the PFD and probably an aural warning. Bruce Jacobs
  12. Very good point, but unfortunately I am not using a SID. The MCP altitude window is set for a level off at 7000 and cruise altitude in the FMC is 310.
  13. This is interesting. Taking off from EDDF rwy 18 with a right turn to NTM destination EGLL. LNAV and VNAV engaged. Weight 543.0lbs, Climb 1 is 85% N1. Flaps are retracted after a normal clean up. Acceleration and Climb stops at Zero Flap Maneuvering Speed which is 225 Kts. at 3600'. I think that the aircraft thinks that the flaps aren't up, but they are (visual inspection and indication). The FMC is calling for VNAV to climb at 250Kts. In real life it would continue climbing even if flaps weren't fully retracted, but it would not accelerate above that flap setting maneuvering speed I believe. ANY IDEAS? Thanks, Bruce Jacobs
  14. Thank you Brian and Mike. Just as I thought. I understand that it all happens through the FMC in terms of climb power, thrust reduction (or increase). That damn N1 switch was so confusing. The light bar illuminates when it's in N1 mode, but other than that it didn't seem to have much functionality. :-)
  15. Good work. The company that makes all the components for the 747 (FMC, MCP…everything) also makes the components to build a 737. I know that the cost is astronomical and the tweaking and labor seems endless for him, but it's something else when it's all working. It's "Life Size." It sounds like you are doing it right. I'm certainly not telling you anything that you don't already know, the 737 is so much more labor intensive than the new Boeings. The 777 and 787 are "automatic." They are smart and really know what phase of flight that they are in and where they are on the approach. Boeing has done a good job on standardization with checklists and procedures though. Thanks for your help :-) PS I've flown on RyanAir and Easy Jet. My daughter is in school in Edinburgh.