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  1. Was expecting someone saying not going to XP11 is a big mistake :P
  2. It is simply unrealistic for some destinations to be operated using widebodies. For example, KDCA, KLGA, LOWI, just to name a few.
  3. I definitely support your point that the MD-11 at its current state is not very suitable to be ported to the P3Dv4 as the code is FS9-era. It's just funny that you chose the worst analogy possible as Windows is renowned for its backward compatibility. You can even run a 16-bit Windows 95 program on Windows 10 if you enable the correct Windows features .
  4. Hi, I was playing around with the Queen after the first updates come out . Accidentally during preflight preparation, I pressed the AP DISC button (Ctrl-Shift-Z) and the EICAS AUTOPILOT DISC warning was activated even though I had just connected external power with all my engines off and, obviously, no AP nor FD turned on. Pressing it again deactivates it just like usual when in flight. I restarted the simulator and yet the same thing happened. I doubt very much that this is the intended behaviour... Can anyone enlighten me on this issue? Thanks, Edit: Version 3.00.8186, haven't had a chance to check the new version yet.
  5. Flightbeam KSFO HD, 744 V3, GSX (1.9.11), FS Real Time, AS 2016 Violent shaking in VC and of nosewheel during pushback as well. Do not see NWS disabled indication during pushback (if there is any). I use a separate axis for NWS setup through FSUIPC. The rest of taxi is smooth as well.
  6. Agreed. With the same setting in P3D in cruise, I'm geting upwards of 70 FPS in the 747V3 and between 35-40 FPS in the FSLabs A320. Have not yet compared airport performances yet since I used different origins and destinations. Definitely worth you money!
  7. If I have insight into their actual arrangement, I would not need any assumption anymore! I would also love for PMDG to provide some insights on this matter. But again, you may have a point. Your current president does like changing previous contracts like visas, green cards, and deals with Australia, but I do hope that PMDG won't hang up on me just because I asked about it
  8. 1. Licenses sold to airlines are vastly different from the type of license applied to PMDG simply because Boeing is not liable for the accuracy and currency of the manual for this recreational product. 2. I am sure that the exact licensing cost is confidential, but it is a reasonable assumption that it's at a similar proportion as the NGX (RELEASED IN 2011, i.e. merely six years ago). 3. Sorry for calling you "mate". I meant it to be a friendly gesture and clearly you saw something different in it. Cheers,
  9. As I have implied many times in this thread, I fully understand the extra cost that might incur as a result of printing rights. My comparison is simply not ignorant because NGX and 747 V3 are: Made by the same company i.e. PMDG Licensed by the same manufacturer, i.e. Boeing Priced adequately at their respective level of details and complexity This is why I cannot work out as to why 747 V3 users are not entitled to the same privilege that is entitled to NGX users. Airlines pay thousands because Boeing is liable for providing correct, up-to-date documentations and timely supports as they are instrumental to flight safety and lives of millions, which is not the case for licensing flight sim manuals. Again, I would love to hear from PMDG directly as I'm sure they had their reasons, though I am still a bit critical of it.
  10. Thanks for those helpful forum members that pointed out alternative ways to print the document. I will consider those options using my own judgement. Again, I stress that I am little disappointed on this matter, as there has been past cases (NGX) where users are allowed to print the manuals (don't know if it was legal but at least PMDG did give the permission to print on the PDF), which rules out the cost of licensing as an obstacle IMO. Since this is really a minor issue on an amazing airplane, I will rest my case and go fly that magnificent piece of machine on a short haul again. Meanwhile, I would still love to hear PMDG official response on this matter.
  11. All of my opinions on this matter is all based on the fact that NGX had printable copies (with PMDG logos on it in fact), so that the possibility of having an actual uproar in price just because of printable copies is just not that realistic.
  12. I totally understand what you are saying but I still think the unavailability of printable manuals on 747, considering that it is much more expensive than NGX (very worthy though), is a little disappointing. I would love to hear from PMDG themselves regarding their decision on this matter.
  13. I may have made a mistake on the 777 documents, but a physical copy of PMDG 737NGX FCOM, printed by myself, is still sitting on my shelf.. So I still do not get why the same thing is not allow on the 747....
  14. I have experience with 777X and NGX before so I know where to find them. It's just that the ones provided right now are not printable because they are official manuals directly from Boeing instead of PMDG custom-made ones. The official ones are password protected and cannot be printed or even copied, while PMDG custom ones in the cases of NGX and 777 can be printed because they removed the protection.
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