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  1. They're apart of the PMDG ops centre when you buy the 777...
  2. oooh! This looks GOOD! I've always wanted a metroliner, first aircraft I witnessed operating a commercial flight into my local airport..... Anyone have any experience with Razbam?
  3. Wow. It appears my break from Avsim may have been a stupid idea. Wahey! Looking forward to it!
  4. I BELEIVE Reverse needs to be engaged....
  5. PMDG 777 with a STOL Function?! :lol: PMDG Beech 1900? (I am not familiar with the spec, so I don't know if that's eligible-but the RW A/C IS INSANE!)
  6. Tell us, do you prefer the new or the old? And what do WE get!?* ^_^ *DISCLAIMER: if we're not allowed to know, please tell us all the same
  7. ZZZB will be painted by PMDG for BAV ( See pictures from Mr Pabari) of the 200LR.
  8. G-ZZZB in its current scheme without the crest....
  9. They would never add the 200er/300er/300/200 into the base pack, they've already made that clear and they will get the base pack out, then work on other things, like, also the EFB MAYBE (don't quote me on that I have no idea what the current situation is)
  10. I still feel a Virgin Atlantic/Little red fictional would be great....
  11. Anyone up for Virgin Atlantic Little Red on a 700WL? Fictional Of course! ^_^
  12. Is it me, or does the Maersk Livery resemble some components of the default airlines in FS9? ( think it was pacifica?) :huh: :lol: :rolleyes:
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