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  1. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    I have offered a lot of insightful information regarding the performance of this plane. I have no interest in continuing with this thread now. Obviously I am wasting my time. Way to go PMDG. I wont buy any more products.
  2. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    Not trying to sound like an A. I just have been using it for about 450 hours. If you want my assessment or maybe you could offer me a beta team access. I have references for beta and alpha(even pre-alpha) testing. I have disconnected the XBOX controller and used only my joystick, I still get the same problems(But i can use reversers!) Maybe something in my system specs. I5-2500K @ 4.5ghz, Asus 970GTX overclocked, 16GB ram, also overclocked. 2 monitors, one 60 inch vizio for the flight sim and my aux monitor for watching hulu. This problem existed when I had my 570gtx and upgraded it. Only plugins are FSeconomy, Xsquawkbox, CIVA and Ground services I just installed the HD meshes for north america(But this has no effecf, the problem was prior) I am running the latest version of Nvidia drivers. in fact all drivers are up to date. I have taken my own mearsures to cease this problem, but nothing has effected it other then turning weather off and reducing graphics. I notice it jumps the most in areas with lots of buildings. My system can handle x-plane @ moderate high setttings for about 40 - 60 fps in normal areas and about 25 fps in areas like new york or atlanta
  3. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    I am guessing this will never get looked at fixed, it has been almost a month since I posted the proof of the MAJOR bugs here. I am getting sick and tired of ENGINE DAMAGE DUE TO OVERBOOSTING on takeoff This is not realistic, and obviously PMDG cares not about updating these major bugs.
  4. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    I published a video in the other thread. My video clearly shows the gauges and their actions. Please feel free to watch this video.
  5. Here is the flight deck tutorial, going over usable switches and locations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pStXECjUcB0 All three segments of the flight are available now.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Ch6g3dqX0
  7. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    I'm running an system overclocked to 4.5ghz. 16gb ram 2133 and a 970gtx graphics card. The sim runs capped at 60 fps
  8. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    Quantum physics dictates that anything observed can change its state(Like observed particles, are they waves or not). Other then that I can not explain it. The zoom used it the mouse scroll zoom.
  9. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    The only two axis assigned are triggers to rudders(not the bumpers) and the left stick is assigned to the yoke. Left and right bumpers are assigned to differential brakes. Start button is assigned to landing gear. Directional pad is assigned to flaps on right/left and trim on up/down.
  10. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    None. Keyboard is assigned to throttles. I only use the controller for the yoke and rudders. everything else is keyboard flown
  11. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    My hardware is a xbox controller. No reverse on those. I have unplugged it to see if it was the cause, no dice. For about 50 hours it was reduced(on and off, not completely) and I forgot about it. Then it came back. It was one of the first bugs I noticed, but there was also a mention of gauges in the patches so i thought it was also an issue that was being worked out.
  12. darqen27

    Engine gauges constantly bouncing around

    No addon's. No hardware. I checked everywhere. I have 300 hours. I have tried and checked everything. I waited this long to make sure it wasnt anything else. With X-plane, I am confident I have checked everything else. This is a bug with your plane. Not with the user.
  13. I have had this constant problem. The BMEP and MAP gauges all bouce around. If you zoom in and directly observe them, they stop boucing around and read one number, then when you zoom out they start boucing around and read another number. This effects the flight and fuel of the plane. It also causes sudden surges and engine damage. This is the most intrusive bug there is. I would like to know if others have this bug. It is not an engine problem. There are no measures that fix it.
  14. darqen27

    DC-6 update

    I have this bug also, I am at 182 hours recorded through other means(FSE) My meter stopped at 28.7
  15. darqen27

    Cowl Flaps

    I do have to say, on a positive note. I love the vibration effect.