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This is for those of you who fly GA aircraft and find trimming an absolute pain, like I did. Back in the FSX days there was a tiny little program, Realtrim. It was free. You set the pitch attitude (actually the airspeed) you wanted, pressed a button, released pressure on the yoke, released the button, and violard - the aircraft was in trim. To me it was one of the best addons in history. The original designer updated it for XP11, but he said the coding was too laborious for P3D. 

If you fly GA aircraft in P3D, you know what a pain trimming is (unless you have the Saitek panel with trim I suppose, or the Cessna trim wheel). Otherwise it's an exercise in futility. I came up with what I thought was a pretty bright solution: since I don't use a controllable pitch prop, I don't need the blue lever on my Saitek throttle quadrant. So I set that as my trim. Which works okay, but it's still not ideal. 

Just yesterday I was using the google machine and I checked again on Realtrim for P3D. I found Realtrim professional on one of the payware sites. I did some reading on various forums, and found that some people who had tried it with A2A aircraft in P3D said it didn't work. There's even a video on YouTube of an A2A Comanche going inverted using Realtrim Pro. But given its price, I decided to give it a try. It works slightly different than the original in that you click whichever button you set and release it, then release pressure on your yoke and the trim is then set, but essentially it's the same thing and is just as delightful. No fussing with the trim, no clicking the electric trim 800 times on an ILS approach, just click, set, and forget. 


I know this was a huge issue for me, and I'm guessing for others, so I wanted to take the time and let everyone know. If trimming is a pain for you, get Realtrim Pro. And I have no association with it at all. It's just a wonderful product. 

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